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  1. Thanks for the heads up, I just installed it and it appears to be working great.
  2. You rock! I've been dying for this solution.
  3. Howdy, I just purchased this. Are there plans for 4.6?
  4. Hisashi and Steph40 you're the real MVPs, thanks for the heads up on these great resources.
  5. I want to add this list of disposable email address providers to my ban filter: https://gist.github.com/michenriksen/8710649 Is this already incorporated in the spam list subscription? If not, is there an easy way to add this whole list? I didn't see a way to add a CSV to the ban list.
  6. That 100% was the issue and I solved it for anyone in the future. You need to look at constants.php in the root and remove everything but the site key to disable Redis. I disabled Redis on the server and remove those constants, the problem went away and the site loaded.
  7. How can I disable redis from the backend? Will this help with the problem so at-least I can get the sites operational?
  8. Alright after a ton of looking around we narrowed it down to Redis. We didn't change anything but Redis.php went haywire in the IPB package and made error logs so large it had a buffer underflow. Where is the option in the database under IPB_sys_conf_settings to disable all caching? Thanks for your help.
  9. Ok it gets weirder, I did a full site restore from a week ago and both sites still don't work. All the other non-ipb sites on the server work, but the two IPB sites do not work. I want to clarify I have a VPS and I control the environment, my host doesn't change anything.
  10. Hey thanks for getting back to me, nothing changed. No logs but there is some definitive weirdness going on. I need someone from the security side to get ahold of me.
  11. I have two seperate sites, https://accursedfarms.com and https://gorillagong.com Both sites have gone down and show an IPB error stating Two separate sites running two separate installations of IPB on two separate databases, no updates, no new plugins, no new themes, no edits, no server updates, no messing with folder perms, absolutely nothing at all changed and they're both down at the same time. All of my other sites work. I've literally not touched them at all, and they've both went down at the same time with the same error. Anyone have any ideas?
    This has to be one of the hands down best bang-for-your-buck plugins out there. The support is phenomenal and the plugin works great. It has everything I want built in and @onlyME has helped me with multiple setup questions. There was a small bug due to my implementation and he fixed it. This plugin should be twice the price of what they're charging.
  12. If I want to run two separate websites running IPB on the same instance of Reddis, will this cause problems?
  13. Since I can't drag and re-arrange tags, and we're going to be adding allot of them, how can I make sure they're displayed to the user in alphabetical order?
  14. Alright I figured it out, I had to go into Cloud Flare and disable "Force HTTPS".
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