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No emails sent since updated to latest version - 535 Incorrect authentication data (535)


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I use Mandrillapp to send emails
Emails were sending fine

I updated to latest version last week on both my forums on my server

Both sites/forums now give me an authentication error when trying to send emails or bulk emails from the forums, including things like registration confirmation emails ec

Error I'm getting (even when trying to send test emails) is 

IPS\Email\Outgoing\Exception: 535 Incorrect authentication data (535)


I've checked and re-checked the email settings with Mandrillapp and they're bang on

Any ideas anyone?

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Are you using Mandrill as an API or as an SMTP server?  

Mandrill via an API has not been supported for quite awhile.  It was removed in 4.1.11 which was released on April 23, 2016.   (Wow... 6 years is quite a bit of time!  How fast it goes!)

So if it was integrated via the API, that would make sense if it's not working.  If it's setup as an SMTP server however...  that's a different issue.  

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3 minutes ago, opentype said:

Amazon SES it getting a lot of traction here recently. Needs some sys admin knowledge though to get it all going. I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone. 

That’s the route I went after trying Sendgrid. (I found about 20-30 percent of mails bounced because of their IP space reputation and I did not want to spend nearly 100 a month to have access to a plan that included a dedicated IP.)

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