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  1. It would be better to use the native method everywhere and fallback to the JS-based method only when needed, so the majority of users of modern browsers won't experience problems just because of a minority of technically backward Apple browsers. It's very easy because native lazy loading works perfectly fine when used with JS-based method at the same time.
  2. OpenSearch is the Elasticsearch alternative with open source and Apache 2.0 Licence. https://opensearch.org
  3. When we paste URLs in the editor, some of them are automatically handled as a link, for example: https://www.google.com/ But it does not work if the domain is IDN, e.g.: https://xn--90adahrqfmec.xn--p1ai/ The expected behavior is conversion to link like this: https://гемоглобин.рф But it simply does not work here, even though there is a clear indication of the HTTPS protocol.
  4. @idioteque, explain your problem in more detail.
  5. For me, it is not important which editor to use, but how exactly it will be customized by IPS. The main thing I hope for is that IPS won't carry over all the same bugs that they added to the current editor and haven't been fixing for years. Such as the complete inability to delete mentions in mobile Chrome, for example: 1620649541089.mp4 As well as get rid of additional overcomplications, such as replacing existing editor functions. For example, fast and easy URL embedding on clumsy and slow: 👍 👎
  6. I wonder why image extensions are hardcoded instead of option in ACP? It would be great to have this as an option, so everyone who cares about modern image formats could add them there without any code.
  7. Some time ago, I described how I solved this problem for one of my communities.
  8. Better not just Amazon, but also (at least) FFmpeg.
  9. I also would love to see here an option to display these messages to all users but without mentioning the exact moderator, who performed the action. I.e., groups with permissions will see: %username% changed the title from "ABC" to "123" %username% moved %n% messages to the %topic% While ordinary users will see: Moderator changed the title from "ABC" to "123" Moderator moved %n% messages to the %topic% Where %username% is the username and Moderator is just text.
  10. It looks like one important question was missed in the off-topic messages flow:
  11. Check if this problem exists in the default theme. If it reproduces even there, then submit a ticket with a bug report (ticket) in your client area.
  12. You (IPS) can load polyfills only when they are needed and don't waste the traffic for the majority of browsers.
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