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  1. Wonder if you could theme it to make it look like the old and nostalgic MSN Chat Rooms 🤣 Great work Jackal, impressive. Can see this being popular!
  2. Thanks, I see that option now! Sorry about that.
  3. This is a new application I've setup, again to test. First setup (restrictions on the right) After setup, but editing (no restrictions) Thanks! 🙂
  4. Thanks, Just found out that if you convert to study mode, and then Convert back to Graded Mode, it asks for a time limit. So this is one way which will help for now But would be easier if you could edit the quiz and have the options on the right. 🙂
  5. This would be before I set it live (I like to test quizzes first, I'm not that horrible!). 🤣
  6. Hi, Adriano, I'm unable to change the restrictions a staff application. If I'd like to go back and add 'you must have at least 50 posts', I can't do this. It can only be done when you first set-up. Would be useful to change these, instead of deleting the whole thing and re-doing it. 🙂
  7. Adriano, Could you make it so we can alter the times on a quiz. I've set some to 15mins, tried it myself and I know that it could easily be completed within 7 mins. Just as a side note, this is the same for your Staff Applications, you can't edit restrictions (which I'll post now).
  8. Ah I can see how that could be a problem. I wasn't accounting for multiple secondary groups, be surprised if you need more then 1 but I guess people do. Cheers
  9. Been using this plugin for years, but quick question for 4.4. Is there a way you can choose to target secondary groups instead of the main group? This way in the settings I can choose to show the colour of the secondary group. The reason being is that I have some main groups but they also inherit a second group which is their colour. I use group promotions on a yearly basis, so year 1 is just a standard colour, but their secondary group is a set colour, and this is what I'd like to show across the forum. Is it do able?
  10. Makes sense, as my site is based on this very topic/genre and fandom. I'm going to the attraction in Watford in April, so I think I'll do this very thing and have a reviews sytem on my site. Thanks @Matt! JKR and the Potter series are not well recieved on christian forums/sites. Makes some what of an interesting read on a late night.... The Things they come out with!
  11. Hi Fosters, Wondering if version (2.0) could have the option to seperate medals into different categories on the trophies/medals page? I have different groups set up in ACP but obviously all of the medals show under the medals group. A rough example below so it makes sense as to what I'm asking. (each group in ACP would make the same on the front end) --Trophies - Trophie 1 - Trophie 2 -- Medals - Medal 1 - Medal 2 - Medal 3 - Medal 4 -- VIP Medals - VIP 1 -- Outstanding Members - OS 1 - OS 2 Thanks
  12. Dean_

    Black Friday Sale!

    Blimey, so it was! Cheers... (Teaches me for not reading correctly)
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