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  1. Categories on the front end seems to be popular and would be a nice touch.
  2. Didn't see this, but hope all is ok!
  3. @Fosters Any plans for some updates or taking requests that keep getting asked? Haven't had any implementations or updates for some time now. 😞
  4. @InvisionHQ - Is it something that could be added?
  5. @InvisionHQ - Is there a way in which we could re-arrange photos within an Advert? Currently members can only set a default photos, but I've recently been getting a few requests which would allow a member to organise photos.
  6. Any updates or is it just me?
  7. ACP > Themes > Edit Theme > Press the EDITOR tab > check ' Upload a new skin', and selec the file and upload.
  8. No this was before that. and no changes to any other template. It's only been like this since upgrading to 4.4.4, I've made a new default theme and it was still the same.
  9. I think this needs updating as the styling isn't correct for the buttons to award members point anymore. Anyone else? - On both default theme and 3rd party.
  10. Not for me on default, double checked by making a new default theme too.
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