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  1. ACP > Themes > Edit Theme > Press the EDITOR tab > check ' Upload a new skin', and selec the file and upload.
  2. No this was before that. and no changes to any other template. It's only been like this since upgrading to 4.4.4, I've made a new default theme and it was still the same.
  3. I think this needs updating as the styling isn't correct for the buttons to award members point anymore. Anyone else? - On both default theme and 3rd party.
  4. Not for me on default, double checked by making a new default theme too.
  5. I think for the users, if we could have the backend copied to the front end, so if we make a category in ACP the category is shown on the front end too. This would solve the mess that it looks like now, and users would be able to easily see what can be earned. Some of us will have a lot of medals and breaking them up would be a smart move. I wouldn't want to have to scroll down for ages looking for a medal when I could find a category which they are under. If it can be done it would be highly appreciated! 😍
  6. You said this: Asking the same as what I posted in the first quote See my first quoted post that I asked over a year ago. We have two categories at the moment; Trophies and Medals. But, we should be able to make a category which replicates on the front end, instead of merging them all together.
  7. Always happy to test any app anytime Michael.
  8. @Mike John Can we disable the team selection on registration?
  9. It's set too; Send immediately after validation.
  10. @Fosters Should we be worried that this isn't available for purchase anymore? We still receiving updates?
  11. Surprised Jackal hasn't jumped on this or anyone else for that matter, could make some serious money...
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