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  1. We're starting to find this issue and refuse to pay £££/$$$ on a 3rd party email service provider, it's just far to expensive.
    A must-have for any community looking to monitise their site without all the hassle of finding links posted by users and editing them. I personaly got this for Amazon. Now if I or anyone else posts an Amazon link my affiliate ID will be changed/added. Also had a question which was answered and resolved very quickly. Great support for an app that should be a core feature.
  2. Because I created a new trophy which would only be given to the person in the group. But someone outside of this group got it also, and I'm not sure why. Trophy 1 > award to group 1 ONLY > group 2 member got trophy and so did the member who it was intended for in group 1. I also enabled group check on group 1. So now I need to remove the trophy awarded to the person in group 2.
  3. @Fosters Would you be able to help with my issue above please?
  4. @Fosters I have a Trophy that's been awarded to someone while not in the same group with conditions. Is there a way to remove the trophie? For some reason it's says on the members profile that I can award them? So a little confused.
  5. Adriano, On the front end, could we have the ability to remove successful/approved applications? Right now when you click applications it shows you the admin and guests who got the roles, but obviously not their application they submitted. I’ve had someone leave and I’d like to remove them from successful applications. Only way I can do this now is to delete the positions and remake it? Also some feedback; some people have said that it isn’t clear where to click to apply for the roles? I’ve had to add to the title of each position (Click here to apply). Could you add button to the application list under the title or next to it which says ‘click here to apply’.
  6. @Mike John - I really need a way to see all the house points that each group has got (not just the top member with points). This could be a widget or in ACP, it's so I can count and keep track of which group is winning! I'd really appreciate if this could be added! 🥰
  7. Just to updated, Twitter and FB are not being recognised with auto welcome on mine at all.
  8. Categories on the front end seems to be popular and would be a nice touch.
  9. Didn't see this, but hope all is ok!
  10. @Fosters Any plans for some updates or taking requests that keep getting asked? Haven't had any implementations or updates for some time now. 😞
  11. @InvisionHQ - Is it something that could be added?
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