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  1. Ah yes, it is fine on default theme, so ignore me.
  2. I've tried all sizes and I still get the gap, sending pm.
  3. That's ok. Quick question; for Section One (image), is there image size dimentions? As I've having issues with images not filling up the whole space? I'm not a coder and don't have a clue but I'm not sure if this is the cause; ipsColumns ipsColumns_collapsePhone ipsColumns_bothSpacing ipsColumns_halfSpacing ipsSpacer_bottom ipsSpacer_double ipsBox Cheers Edit; could you add options to center, align, the image?
  4. When do you think you'll release the update for commerce packages, etc?
  5. Are you able to see the page without making it the default app? I'd like to test everything first before setting it all live.
  6. As above, I've just purchased to support this and you. Please don't let it die and thanks for taking on the suggestions.
  7. 😍 Love it! The subscription box looks good mate, any chance of a sponsors section too? Something like Invisions front page? x10+ image uploads, etc. Are you able to do a features part too? (like above the sponsors). I see a lot of Bootstrap landing pages like this. Think it'll finish it off nicely.
  8. That’s brilliant, if I can think of a few things I want and use then I’ll probably purchase this. Cheers!
  9. Would you be able to do something like jcdesign with his landing page? Add options for sponsors (separate images), hosting packages, stats that been be changed, users, posts, memberships etc? (Just for ideas like you said as I'm sure everyone is after a landing page).
  10. Adriano, would that be a feature that you'd consider adding? If I started a 50 question quiz, and then wanted someone else to continue it, I could with such a permission. Or a group of staff members could work together to make one?
  11. We're starting to find this issue and refuse to pay £££/$$$ on a 3rd party email service provider, it's just far to expensive.
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