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  1. 🥰 Are you taking feature requests yet? Been waiting for 2 years to see if some stuff can be added to expand the use of the application. 😊
  2. Wow, I haven't been on Neowin in Donkey's Years! Wonder if I still have my account... 🤔
  3. Basic Points is throwing an error with PHP8 [20-Jul-2021 18:27:29 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Declaration of IPS\forums\Topic\basicpoints_hook_postSource::removeReaction(?IPS\Member $member = null) must be compatible with IPS\forums\Topic\_Post::removeReaction(?IPS\Member $member = null, $removeNotifications = true) in /home2/<-Removec->/public_html/init.php(902) : eval()'d code on line 152
  4. Dean_


    Thank you for confirming.
  5. Dean_


    There's an issue with Quizzes and PHP 8. With the 4.5 version installed and enabled, my site doesn't load. Disabled, the site works fine. Has Quizzes been tested with the new update?
  6. Sorry 'love', take your own advice. This topic isn't helpful in the slightest, utter waste of time.
  7. So, why have you made a post then, if they're already looking at it...? 🙄
  8. Any chance this is getting updated for 4.6.x?
  9. Mod_Security on? This used to cause me the -200 error for file uploads.
  10. Dean_

    What's new in 4.6.0?

    You'll need to rebuild achievements like IPS did here. For larger communities it will take a while and be done in the background. But this is why you should be testing this first, before upgrading a live site. People are told and told again. Test, test, test...
  11. Could also run it manually in a separate browser to speed it all up, this is what I do 90% of the time so it's done and out the way.
  12. I would’ve said an extension on the iPad he doesn’t realise is on or, configured in such a way as it’s isolated to the iPad.
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