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  1. Basic Points (Support)

    Really eager to get this if I can get my suggestions implemented. Now that 4.2 is out I'm starting to move pace with my site and this would be an integral part of the site interaction.
  2. Reply to "Are forums dying a slow death? "

    Reassuring haha, I'm working on a new site to release at the end of the year. Loads of the same about but they are either using IPB v.1.3 or v.2.x.x or using PHPmyBB that does actually look 10 years old, not mobile friendly. So this is my aim, a modern and device friendly site for well known topics.
  3. Hi all, Wondering if anyone could help. I'm looking for the code to execute a sql command so I could change the date of a topic and the first post. Now I did find these OLD/OUT DATED via Google but I need the code updated for 4.2 as the last seen topic code didn't work on my dev install. UPDATE ibf_topics SET start_date = UNIX_TIMESTAMP('2004-07-04 16:15:11') WHERE tid = X This code is responsible for the sorting of your topics. UPDATE ibf_topics SET last_post = UNIX_TIMESTAMP('2004-07-04 16:15:11') WHERE tid = X This code alters the date of the last topic seen in the forums overview. UPDATE ibf_posts SET post_date = UNIX_TIMESTAMP('2004-07-04 16:15:11') WHERE pid = X This code alters the date of the first topic that opens the thread. I'd really appreciate any help, Thanks
  4. New IPS community URL

    Back to Invision Power Board days!
  5. Thanks for testing 4.2

    Download files from client area, upload files and run the upgrade process as normal.
  6. Thanks for testing 4.2

    Thank you for letting us test, provide feedback and just make us feel part of this great piece of software.
  7. Invision Community 4.2

    Ah I see, my apologies. If that is the case, I'm not sure if I see the point but they might do a couple of dummy/demo ones so people can see, or there will be unlimited clubs and be like a mad house.
  8. Invision Community 4.2

    It's part of the suite, as talked about in the article. So the answer is Yes.
  9. How to bring forums up to date

    Have a read through this topic which is a good read Another And this this too Seems there're a lot of us in this situation. I hope 4.2 address some of this.
  10. Anyone here a domain investor?

    Different names for this, one of them is Cybersquatting. Cyber squatting is the act of registering a domain name with the purpose of getting monetary benefit from the trademark belonging to someone else. Usually cyber squatter registers a domain name for a business or trademark that belongs to someone else and later on tries to sell it to the actual owner of business/trademark at hefty profit. Sometimes cyber squatter also puts up derogatory remarks to defame the business. This trend of cyber squatting started in late eighties or earlier nineties when the concept of internet was catching up and not many businesses had online presence. I like some purchase different variation of my domains, there are some however that have a .com which looks like it's just parked and doing nothing. And you just know they will try to sell it for stupid amounts of money.
  11. Will this be upgraded for 4.2? Are medials of your own criteria, not just based on forum achievements? So I could make up a random medal, and once that user has reached it, I can manually award them?
  12. Basic Points (Support)

    Hi Mike, I've been following this for some time and I'm now reaching the stage where the points system is exactly what I need for a new community I'm setting up. The whole site will be based on your basic point system. Wooo! Currently it has almost everything I need but, there just a couple of extra features I'm waiting for, then I can purchase, setup and test. Possible features: AdminCP - Assign points to usergroups (add/subtrack points) Usergroups - let's say a donation group get's more points for post, replying, etc than normal forum users. Re-naming the app (on all pages and locations, ie. Cup Points) Global points page with points displayed - I'd like to show current daily and week/month/year top USERGROUPS and underneath top MEMBERS (like the leadboard). I know I can use the sidbar widget too. Get points for buying from Commerce (paying memberships, donations etc). FA Icons, being able to change the icon used or even upload a small image. (At the moment I can see it's a +, but if we could change it to a cup or star using fa) Questions: I know you can reset points after a certain time, but can I for instance MASS reset points for everyone on a given date of the year? I'd personally like it if I can go to ACP, hit reset points for; Members, Usergroups manually. (It would reset everything back to 0, along with any logs, so I could start again for another month, year). Now the big one, I really, really need this to support 4.2 once it's released. The reason I'm posting is to check to make sure this addon isn't dead, or being abandond (as it says in your description). I'm personaly in no rush for this as it may be easier for me to install once 4.2 is out. I'm pushing/aiming for a late August to finalise my site, do you think any update/release would be out by then? Many thanks for your time!
  13. Instead of ranting and raving about your problem, why don't you take no time to explain the issue in detail. Where is it going wrong, what are there errors, explain what you're doing. The more detail the better then people and IPS can help you. As Daniel has stated, 1 hour for installation is certainly not normal. I made a new installation of on a shared hosting recently and it took no more than 3/5 minutes.
  14. Chat closes - how many of you have found a solution?

    Why can't IPS offer this as a separate package and we host it ourself with unlimited users? Why was it sold as a limited chat app and then priced to add more users? This way IPS can keep the app and change it to suit self hosted needs and keep the money from it's use. (I'm sure there must be a lot of work involved to change it, but surely that keeps everyone happy and they still make money).