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  1. Jackals Landing page does this very well.
  2. I like this idea a lot, I've been looking to do something like myself. Dave has done something similar on his StarTrekGate site. Could this be an option? I would like to upload a picture with text already on it and have the info below (as seen above).
  3. So even more money to spend? Why isn't such a feature inbuilt with having automated tasks, if someone can make an app like rules automated why can't you? I don't understand why this needs to be outsourced, I get for things like mailchimp and the like but other inbuilt actions. Absolutely no benefit to the average user/community. I wish you'd take on more ideas to what people are asking for and expanding on it. We had a previous discussion on this on a topic about not seeing features that people have been asking for years with the usual outcome of 'we can't see it being popular', yet we see new features/addons like this? Sorry for being negative, but feedback is feedback. (Sorry if I've completely missed the point in this app)
  4. Totally off topic (sorry). But can you guys make it so when you click the link to read these product updates that it doesn't go to the last comment? Everytime I have to scroll up to read the article.
  5. Please remember we’ve got the Covid-19 and we’re now in lockdown here in the UK. So real life takes priority, but I’m sure you’ll get an answer very soon!
  6. I too had this problem, over 389,000 emails... I was only notified by my host who in turn wasn’t very happy. However we disabled this function and it has obviously fixed this issue. But, now we have to find out if our server has been blacklisted.
  7. The last thing I’ll say on the site is that a lot of your content is actually redirecting users to other sites. With places like ScreenRant they just dish out so much content I can’t even keep up.. But you have a post with a paragraph of text and then you’re linking to another site to continue reading. People will not stay if you just link to other sites, as you’ll end up just being a search engine. I find creating genuinely new content hard so I get ideas from all over the web. But I try not to just link to news sources and having people leaving my site. Well done on the new changes, the site is looking really good.
  8. What I didn’t understand is with the discontinuation of chat why couldn’t it be changed to self host it? Then make it so the chat is deleted after x amount of days. You would’ve kept your add on fee that you charged and people would be happy. 😎
  9. Stay away from Europe. It's starting to get bad here in the UK. But if I was you I'd stay put until this is all under control.
  10. Why on earth do you need to change a URL every 6 months anyway?
  11. Would this be able to grab history from Fandom Wiki’s too? Or is it Wikipedia’s own API?
  12. I’ve been in talks with Adriano about this and we haven’t found a way to successfully add it with out (I think) a big change to how the quizzes work. It doesn’t also seem that popular either as I think only 3 of us have asked and it’s a lot of time to invest for such a niche feature. Of course that may change over the course of the year. I think we’re lucky to even have a quiz app as we’ve been asking for one for years!
  13. Much appreciated. I'm going through the same process myself and it's hard work with one person. I'm slowly getting somewhere but it's taking time. Especially when people don't understand the term 'forums'. So I've begun to make helpful posts, screenshots, etc. But I'm limited by coding knowledge so I have to get by with what I do know and expand on that. Wish you the very best!
  14. The only thing I'm stuggling with while viewing your forums is that it doesn't look like there is anywhere to talk? Each category is so specific to a series and an epsiode. Is it a place for discussions or is it a wiki with information about each episode? I would think that some would get lost and wouldn't know where to go and talk? Maybe a few general discussion categories / subforums may help. I like StarTrek and it's a genre that interests me as I'm a big fan of the Next Generation when I was growing up. But while the site looks bloody fantastic, I've stuggled to see what is it and it's purpose.
  15. Very nice Dave. I love how you've edited the grid layout too on the forums, looks really really good!
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