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  1. Hi Fosters, Wondering if version (2.0) could have the option to seperate medals into different categories on the trophies/medals page? I have different groups set up in ACP but obviously all of the medals show under the medals group. A rough example below so it makes sense as to what I'm asking. (each group in ACP would make the same on the front end) --Trophies - Trophie 1 - Trophie 2 -- Medals - Medal 1 - Medal 2 - Medal 3 - Medal 4 -- VIP Medals - VIP 1 -- Outstanding Members - OS 1 - OS 2 Thanks
  2. Dean_

    Black Friday Sale!

    Blimey, so it was! Cheers... (Teaches me for not reading correctly)
  3. Dean_

    Black Friday Sale!

    Am I able to purchase Pages (adding to license) out of renewal? Mine has just lapsed but I wouldn't mind taking advantage of this promo and a renewal promo too.
  4. @Adriano Faria Would you be willing to include more of your apps? Change Post Date - would be one for me!
  5. I used to be in to SimRacing but life took over and I don't get time, for me back in the day it used to be about LFS (LiveforSpeed), Sim Racing Online & iRacing (the last two I never really got into). You've got to make a list and figure out exactly what you want to do and achive. There are some apps that may help you too, there are others by Taman and TheJackel who have tournements etc but I'm not sure if that's exactly what you need. Not sure if that helps, but may incourage others to help and advise! All the best.
  6. To award members points they are all plus, e.g 10 points, 50 points, 100 points, once awarded it will turn red to revoke. You can't setup + 10 points AND - 10 points Here I've awarded someone 10 points, once awarded, the button turns red and I can revoke them. 🙂
  7. Hi Adriano, Just purchsed this, thanks very much for your continued work on the app. Quick question, is there a way to make the categories larger on the quizzes page, I've only got small boxes and would like them to stretch the across the page? I've found the percentage and changed it to 30% .ipsApp .ipsGrid > .ipsGrid_span2 { width: 30%; } Would this be correct in order not to cause any css issues? It would be better if the title stretched the box size to a certain amount, ie to the sidebar or edge of wrapper. (I use full width) Another one, would you be able to add a button to dissallow plays, so we can make them and then set to allow plays when we're ready to do so? Many thanks!
  8. Today is the day that Harry Potter receives his Nimbus 2000 from Professor Mcgonagall. And then we get a Harry Potter related blog post. Nice feautre, will be welcomed on the mobile espcecially!
  9. With the auto renewing of points, is there a way where you can add a calendar? This way we can a specific day in a month within a year. I'd like my points to reset at 00:00 on September 1st of each year for examples.
  10. Was this the same issue that I had been facing which you was trying to fix? Happy to test a pre-release too.
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