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  1. This is what needs to be changed in the Marketplace. We should have the option to download the file version we paid for, and then if it doesn’t work or it needs updating we’ll pay for the upgrade.
  2. Could this be explored into a game situation? Say you have a custom message with a count down and that you must quickly post within 1 minute? Or maybe answering a question, etc.
  3. @Stuart Silvester Could you look into apps that have been temporally removed from IPS and then reinstated? As the app within ACP indicated that you don't own it any more and asks to be bought instead of update button showing.
  4. And I hope he purchased the copyright from Ehren!
  5. It's not even bloody funny anymore. Since this change to the Marketplace in the ACP and the rules (whatever they've changed) has screwed up 90% of my apps/plugins now. I've disabled nearly all of them and gone back to a vanilla community which has ruined the whole essence of the forums and engagement. Along with pissing a lot of money away.
  6. Exactly this... The member I mentioned above, is just auto-following everyone. That in itself is spamming as I had a whole page of activity on here of the account following others. I've mentioned this a couple of times on here now and the account is still active? https://invisioncommunity.com/profile/612858-kiwigym/
  7. I've never heard of them, so I checked it out. And now I see why I never liked the GiffGaff forums... 😆 While it does actually look nice, and I see a forum vibe. But, it still misses that 'traditional forum layout/function' which we are all so used to. Interesting though.
  8. @Michael.J Any more updates as I would like to reuse the addon in exchange for others that I've been using.
  9. So, unless I'm having the worst blonde moment of day one in 2021. I cannot find a way to report/alert staff to a member? The only way is to report via topic/post, and I think a status update. What does one do when you need to report a member (from a members point of view) on IPS? As I feel this has been overlooked. My example is 'KiwiGym' who is clearly a spam account, but I can't report it... This has what made me think about such an option. P.S. KiwiGym is just spamming the follow button on random accounts today. 😊
  10. Are IPS willing to refund this application to long-standing customers? As I really haven't been able to use this app.
  11. Are you working through any of the previous requests once you've caught up as I've still got a few that I would really like integrated. I've basically had to give up most apps now on 4.5 which is a shame as it's taken away from the experience and I'm dubious about spending more money on 3rd party apps/plugins for them not to work or be updated months/years down the line.
  12. It seems normal sign ups are working now, I’m just waiting to see if it picks up a Twitter login. These are all immediate welcome alerts.
  13. This update has caused all my 'all activity' to be hidden, despite having 'ALL CONTENT' highlighted for only Guests?
  14. Updated from 2.5.6 and the welcome post still do not work. Uninstalled and gone back to the previous version again mate.
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