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  1. That's fine, I just have to name them to remember what the blocks are haha. Still got the issue on IOS with text overlapping on titles.
  2. This might be a small thing, and maybe just me but with the new update. When using a block I liked to change the layout by editing it, but now when editing it cannot be changed.
  3. Got an issue on title text which spans more than one line on mobile devices as the text slightly overlaps.
  4. Is it possible not to have every text box as a required one, I think it was mentioned before? Sometime I would like to add text but not a heading. And not have it required to add an image too? And Happy New Year!
  5. Seems to be a bug on 'Secondary Block', when enabling buttons and populating them, they don't show up on the main page, 'Main Block' is working fine though.
  6. Could the Pure Editor also have the option of including 1/2 buttons? Here's another, within the commerce block, is there a way to show the first box as a registration box. Box 1, Register on the site. Box 2, commerce package and same with box 3 and so on... I know you showed how to add features on the site within the editor box, but being a noob at this, I couldn't work out how to do it. So would you be able to add a block to which we could add 1-6 blocks on the front page, like so; For ease I'd prefer boxes that I can just edit text and add a icon. P.S. I might be able to help with images (depending on what it is that needs doing?), so give us a pm to see if I can be of any use.
  7. Ah yes, it is fine on default theme, so ignore me.
  8. I've tried all sizes and I still get the gap, sending pm.
  9. That's ok. Quick question; for Section One (image), is there image size dimentions? As I've having issues with images not filling up the whole space? I'm not a coder and don't have a clue but I'm not sure if this is the cause; ipsColumns ipsColumns_collapsePhone ipsColumns_bothSpacing ipsColumns_halfSpacing ipsSpacer_bottom ipsSpacer_double ipsBox Cheers Edit; could you add options to center, align, the image?
  10. When do you think you'll release the update for commerce packages, etc?
  11. Are you able to see the page without making it the default app? I'd like to test everything first before setting it all live.
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