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  1. And now all the forums have changed around. I feel lost. 🙄
  2. Another idea, would you be able to add the ability to rearrange the collections? If I have made 3 but I wish to make the 3rd one I created come up first when accessing the site for instance.
  3. You could add another simple guest widget on that page with the button and the reasons why to join.
  4. Could we remove the css boarders from the images please? Currently, had someone help to achieve this. [data-blockid^="app_valaforumcollection_collectiontopicFeed_"] img[style]{ border-width: 0px !important; }
  5. As above, and the settings can be found in your profile. 🙂
  6. I was going to say, you could've probably used Google Cache and copied the text. How that's saved my ass so many times!
  7. It's certainly something a lot of us have been asking over the years, we had IP Points, then iAwards, etc for v2.x and I think even 3.x. It would certainly be welcomed, but I can't see it getting much traction within the team. But it would be something I'd use. I've had to stop using Jackals and gone back to Michaels point system, but both are very basic and doesn't suit my needs.
  8. When you promote a topic or post, it should auto detect any images and give you a choice to select one or more to be the main image on the forums or for social media links (or, upload your own image). The show original content will be the original post or topic text. The next box down (green +) will be a preview text of the post or topic. I usually keep this to two lines and no more, so it shows on the forum. If you have Twitter or/and Facebook then these too will be populated with the post. Again keep to no more than two lines, the links to the original post will also be in the box. So y
  9. I'm not sure if the soft does actually fix the above issue but, the main reason this happens is that people don't allow the camera to change its orientation before taking a picture. It's something I've had to explain to my members time and time again. Let's say you're in portrait mode and then quickly turn the phone to landscape and take a picture. If you look at the screen you'll notice the words/details on the screen are not at the right orientation. I still get caught out by this on my iPhone 8 and iPhone XS Max at times. So, if I have taken the picture and I've noticed it's sideway
  10. This might only be an option for me as I can't see many people using this, but the option to not use any main or secondary titles? I wish to just show a picture and then have the posts/topics underneath (would make the sidebar neater in my eye).
  11. Thought I'd jump on this first as it has some interesting options.
  12. I also see this a security concern personally. When I log out, I've logged out for a reason and I expect to input my conditionals again and not be automatically logged in. Unless I've ticked 'remained signed in' I expect to be logged out.
  13. This is what I gathered was happening, I went to the forum account settings and looked there in case it was like the Twitter/Facebook linking, but of course it wasn't. Thanks for clearing it up. I just feel this another unnecessarily complicated way to do simple tasks, even more steps now to simply log out of an account.
  14. No idea when this changed, but now when I log out and go to log in with another account, I can't? There's no option to enter your email address now and it simply logs you back in.
  15. @Michael.J Could you add 'groups' to the top point's widget, or have a separate one. I need a way to see how many points each group has so I can sort out prizes for the group the works at earning the most points. A global stats page would be even better that one can view on the front end or in ACP. Also, I need a way to disable points for certain groups, one being the admins/staff. Having an option in ACP to disable/select would be desirable. Please, please, please! I've been asking for a good couple of years now! 🥰
  16. You can use one of the built in widgets for this. Click the arrow on the left hand side of the screen to open the widgets and select forum posts/topics and from there you can set it to how you want/need.
  17. This is what needs to be changed in the Marketplace. We should have the option to download the file version we paid for, and then if it doesn’t work or it needs updating we’ll pay for the upgrade.
  18. Could this be explored into a game situation? Say you have a custom message with a count down and that you must quickly post within 1 minute? Or maybe answering a question, etc.
  19. @Stuart Silvester Could you look into apps that have been temporally removed from IPS and then reinstated? As the app within ACP indicated that you don't own it any more and asks to be bought instead of update button showing.
  20. Oh I see, sorry! You do have moderator logs within ACP, but it's not really what you want. But you can search/filter results. Might be for someone who can make an app/plugin as I can't see a way to do it.
  21. It's not even bloody funny anymore. Since this change to the Marketplace in the ACP and the rules (whatever they've changed) has screwed up 90% of my apps/plugins now. I've disabled nearly all of them and gone back to a vanilla community which has ruined the whole essence of the forums and engagement. Along with pissing a lot of money away.
  22. ModeratorCP and on reported comments you can press the comments tab on the report and leaves messages.
  23. Exactly this... The member I mentioned above, is just auto-following everyone. That in itself is spamming as I had a whole page of activity on here of the account following others. I've mentioned this a couple of times on here now and the account is still active? https://invisioncommunity.com/profile/612858-kiwigym/
  24. I've never heard of them, so I checked it out. And now I see why I never liked the GiffGaff forums... 😆 While it does actually look nice, and I see a forum vibe. But, it still misses that 'traditional forum layout/function' which we are all so used to. Interesting though.
  25. @Michael.J Any more updates as I would like to reuse the addon in exchange for others that I've been using.
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