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  1. Agreed, I've sunk some in to mine, but I refuse to any more. The most I'll do is update and hosting. I have visions of mine and what I'd like it to be but it would cost into the 1000's and it's just not worth it, when everyone gets a similar experience on Reddit/Facebook.
  2. A brilliant question, but I fear no one really has an answer to it. I've trialled the APP, but for my reasons above, it's of no use to me. For mobile use, it's a lost cause in my eyes. I'll always prefer to sit at a desktop/laptop and browse that way. But, we can't forget the x amount of people who prefer to do everything on their phones. I usually try to tell users that for the best possible experience, use a desktop. But, even this has backfired. I know people personally who don't even have a computer/monitor. They simply use their phone or tablet for everything as that's all they require. A little search of Google here and there and FB for everything else. Personally I don't think forums are for phones... You just don't have the space. So, I hope we do another transition in years to come and go back to PC's or bigger screen that make use of a desktop view. For now, I plan to do nothing as there is nothing that can be done that would cater for my needs. I'll just have to take the hit and hope it passes, as I won't be sinking any money into a hobby. If I were a business I'd make my own forums/app and have it all in house. IPS are certainly in a pickle. But if you only use IPS applications, then their app will bridge some of that worry. But then you've got to get people to download the app in the first place. I'm very interested to see what is done, and see if we can fight back on the social media aspects.
  3. Be careful as this will not support iOS/Apple. Which accounts for over 45% of the market.
  4. I had the same as Meddy. Or, you can purchase a new licence for the current site with only what you're going to use and then move the current licence over to the new site (I too have done this).
  5. The problem is that it isn't as simple as making a mobile app. Each community is different, and hosted elsewhere. The best we can get is a generic app which all of our communities connect to. Which is what IPS done, a lot of tested it, but I kept finding myself personally preferring the browser experience. The biggest drawback was that it only supported IPS app and not 3rd party. So it makes my site redundant as 80% is run using plugins and apps for the experience.
  6. Could IPS implement a notification on the front end to remind users of any expiring memberships either through commerce or subscriptions? Notification saying user has X amount of days remaining (possibly with a direct link to renewal). Notification alerting user that their subscription has now lapsed. Notification of user changing user groups (user reverting to the original group). Example: I'm aware of users getting an email invoice, but if they're anything like me and don't check email all that often it can be missed/overlooked. Thanks 🙂
  7. Must admit, I like the current look, no reason why we couldn't have the option? I'd like another option also to show it below the signature line. 😁
  8. Yes that is correct, before the change to 4.0 I believe, a lot of communities ran www.mysite.com/forums. Now with modernisation of the software we can install it in the root directory and select which apps act a default landing page.
  9. You can search directly in Downloads if that’s what you mean. Click the search box, then select Downloads from the drop down and it will only search in downloads. Remember to use quotes to search a direct word. “Change Post Date” for example, and not just use: Change Post Date as a search term as it will search each word independently.
  10. Where do we see what can be earned? Or what the badges mean? There’s no descriptions. A really good example of a achievements system is on HotUKDeals, you can see the list of badges/awards that can be earned. I know Matt has said he doesn’t want to make it a game. But users seeing what they can earn is an incentive. But you can have stricter rules and not just have people randomly post.
  11. Can there please, please, please be a page like the leader board that can show of who has the most points (user and groups) and be highlighted. Can you please, please, please also set time limits! To be able to reset the points once a year, or monthly, etc. I love this whole concept and you’re on to a winner!
  12. Dean_

    Topics Library

    Me too, I was thinking maybe a starter area for new sign-ups, or a guides section?
  13. Create a new theme using default settings and this will create a new default theme for you.
  14. Don't think you pulled up the edges of your shirt high enough to flex them bad boys Jordan! 🤪
  15. Thank you, I'll look into my installation. Seeing as you've taken over I might remove it completely, start again fresh and I can test it. 😁👍
  16. Could you take a look at the PHOTO URL block? I noticed it slowed down my site a lot even with the smallest of images. There was another bug but I've since disabled it as I didn't think it was getting picked up (until Jackal had mentioned it to me). If nothing shows on your test server, I'll go through it all and test once again. 👍
  17. I use Nathan's But both are equally good!
  18. BadMethodCallException: (0) #0 /home2/<snip>/public_html/init.php(893) : eval()'d code(34): IPS\Content\_Item->container() #1 /home2/<snip>/public_html/applications/nexus/sources/Support/Request.php(875): IPS\Content\basicpoints_hook_itemSource->processAfterCreate(Object(IPS\nexus\Support\Reply), Array) #2 /home2/<snip>/public_html/applications/nexus/extensions/core/ContactUs/SupportRequest.php(105): IPS\nexus\Support\_Request->processAfterCreate(Object(IPS\nexus\Support\Reply), Array) #3 /home2/<snip>/public_html/applications/core/modules/front/contact/contact.php(87): IPS\nexus\extensions\core\ContactUs\_SupportRequest->handleForm(Array) #4 /home2/<snip>/public_html/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(101): IPS\core\modules\front\contact\_contact->manage() #5 /home2/<snip>/public_html/applications/core/modules/front/contact/contact.php(43): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute() #6 /home2/<snip>/public_html/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(152): IPS\core\modules\front\contact\_contact->execute() #7 /home2/<snip>/public_html/index.php(13): IPS\_Dispatcher->run() #8 {main}
  19. @Michael.J I've come across an issue relating to the ContactUs button. When you try to submit it comes up with an error relating to BasicPoints?
  20. And now all the forums have changed around. I feel lost. 🙄
  21. Another idea, would you be able to add the ability to rearrange the collections? If I have made 3 but I wish to make the 3rd one I created come up first when accessing the site for instance.
  22. You could add another simple guest widget on that page with the button and the reasons why to join.
  23. Could we remove the css boarders from the images please? Currently, had someone help to achieve this. [data-blockid^="app_valaforumcollection_collectiontopicFeed_"] img[style]{ border-width: 0px !important; }
  24. As above, and the settings can be found in your profile. 🙂
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