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  1. I wonder how many users they are loosing. I know of two communities that will not be renewing their subscription because this new update messes up their entire site. I wish there were some help manuals on how to prepare your site or how to figure out exactly what the new upgrade is going to screw up. I remember reading all of the information I could before trying to upgrade one of my communities and I did not see anything that I thought would be a problem but, half the stuff they were talking about was over my head anyway but I did try. How many others are in the same boat as me? I tried to update one of my communities and it was so messed up I had to have my server people do a complete restore twice to get the site back up. I know there are a ton of people who could fix this but I can not. The last time I let someone into one of my communities I spent the next six months chasing Malware and a coinhive thing. So I am pretty much screwed. I am 60+ so, it's pretty much to late for me to learn all this stuff. I still cant figure out where all the cool programs went when the 4.0 came out. The market place changed so much I can not use it ether. Maybe the 4.0 changed so much that the number of programs that would work with it was reduced. I waited nearly 2 years before I even upgraded to 4.0 because I was terrified because it was so different. Now comes 5.0. So trying to figure out how to upgrade all my add on's is beyond me too. There used to be a bunch of cool skins too but they seem to be all gamer skins now. I love all the stuff the communities can do. The support people have been super helpful and more than kind to me and my frustrated ignorance. I enjoy running the two communities that I currently administrate but.... I am sorry to say this new 5.0 has taken me out of the game. I do not even know if I will be able to use the help forums when my last subscription expires so "Thank you" to all whom have helped me over the years. Jeff A Thompson. HotAirBalloonist.com and TheSkiSkool.com
  2. So I have managed to get my twitter promote thing working. So when you create a new topic on my site you can click one button and POOF it appears on Twitter. Does anyone have a good tutorial on how to get that to work with Facebook. I tried all day yesterday and could not get it to work. Remember I am a Hot Air Balloon Pilot, NOT a developer so instructions must be in English and explained like I don't know what I am doing since that is the case. Capt Jeff HotAirBalloonist.com Thank you!
  3. So I have managed to get my twitter promote thing working.  So when you create a new topic on my site you can click one button and POOF it appears on Twitter.  Does anyone have a good tutorial on how to get that to work with Facebook.  I tried all day yesterday and could not get it to work.  Remember I am a Hot Air Balloon Pilot,  NOT a developer so instructions must be in English and explained like I don't know what I am doing since that is the case.

    Capt Jeff

  4. I am trying to set up the Easy Post thing. I managed to get an account on Easy Post and posted the API in the enhancement thing on my admin CP page. But it does not work. When I try to use the help stuff I do not even get past the introduction. I am not a tecky in any way. Can some one give me some info that is helpful? Please. Jeff
  5. CaptJeff

    Member Map

    HI Everyone, I do not know how to start a topic in this forum so I must simply post a reply. I have some issues with the Member Map program on my site. I made a short video to show what I am having issues with. My site is www.hotairballoonist.com. The video can be found at https://www.hotairballoonist.com/Video/MemberMapNOSync.mp4 I thank you for any advice. Please take into consideration I am not a developer. I fly balloons. I understand just enough to get by and now and then a stroke of brilliance and I really screw things up. Thank you. Capt Jeff.
  6. CaptJeff

    Member Map

    Here is a video that shows what I need help with. https:/www.hotairballoonist.com/Video/MemberMapNOSync.mp4
  7. CaptJeff

    Member Map

    How do I do that. I clicked on the link you provided. It took me to a topic about Zoom levels and API codes and a bunch of other stuff that does not apply to my question. I saw no place to start a topic or ask a question. Please keep in mind. I do not understand how this whole place works. I am just trying to get an answer to my question. Please be moderate with your disgust for my lack of knowledge on how this place works. It is set up way different then my community. If you wish to have a look go to HotAirBalloonist.com. Please do not tell me what I am doing wrong. Tell me HOW to get my issue fixed. Jeff
  8. CaptJeff

    Member Map

    They are not talking about my issue. To that topic is of no help to me.
  9. CaptJeff

    Member Map

    HI, First off I am a cut and paste hacker. I do not know or understand code. I am a hot air balloon pilot who is trying to run a community for balloonists. So if you give me a technical answer it will be useless to me. On the page where I have my Member Map the list of members on the right side of the page does not correspond with the pins I have in the map. Why and how do I fix it? Thank you. Jeff
  10. My only issue is the one and only time I let someone into my community to help me they installed a coinhive script and I lost nearly half my members because they were all getting malware warnings. Took me months to figure it out. I agree I should read the help guides but I can not get more than 2 paragraphs into any of them with out being lost because they are using terms that have no meaning to me or they assume you know what they are talking about. I DO NOT! Your response seems to carry much Indignation and very few Elucidations Thank you for your prejudice of those whom are uninformed in your realm. This Help guide does not tell me how to do what I would like to do. \ So maybe I should start a topic in the Peer to peer section. Wait I did.....
  11. HI, I have noticed in my advertisements I can add a banner ad in my emails. Here is my question. Is there a way to have that banner show at the end or bottom of the email and not at the top? Currently my email advertisement appears at the top just under the header. I would like it to show at the bottom of the email after the content of the email. Please remember, I do not understand any of this stuff so if you wish to help me, I need a step by step description of what to do and where to go and HOW to do it. Thank you all. Learning every day. Jeff
  12. OR, I have created a domain. Then uploaded Wordpress, Then created a form on the domain that works exactly like I want it to. WAY better than trying to learn how ips does it. I am still at al loss why the IPS stuff has to be so difficult. Thank you all for your help and advice. My answer was way more simple for me and I did not have to purchase some ad on program and pay ever two or six months. Jeff
  13. Ok, So the NO HELP instructions say this. In your theme Go to Themes and click the "Edit HTML and CSS" button for your default theme. The specific template you need to edit and where to make the change depends on where you want the advertisement to show. For this example, if you wanted the advertisement to show in the profile under the header, go to the core -> front -> profile -> profileHeader template and insert the code at the very bottom. Since each theme has its own HTML templates, you will now need to repeat this for each theme. So my first problem is that I have no idea what or where they are talking about. So the example means nothing to me since I do not know what or where the "in the profile under the header" is. So I am not even going to muddy up this topic by asking anyone to explain what hte profile under the header is. I have done this before and must have gotten lucky. I have advetisements on the front page on the side. They are called LowerAD1, LowerAD2 and LowerAD3. I would like to ad more but I do not know what that page is called. I opened up the themem nad clicked on the HTML AND CSS button. Well there are about 4,000 things in there. What one do I want to change to ad more advertisements to my front page? Jeff Remember, I can tell you anything you want to know about flying a Hot Air Balloon. I can not tell you CRAP about this stuff. HotAirBalloonist.com
  14. O yes, That is the link I found. But as I said it does not tell me how to complete my form. Gives me a few examples of things you could put in a form but no information on how to get the form to actually work. When you hit submit where does it go? does it send an email? How do I set up "Send To"? Does it create a file in a database? What database? How? Do I have to create one? What information does is save? What does it tell the user when they submit the form? As you can see that link and "How To" does not help me much. Thank you. Jeff
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