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    It says that there is an update available. OK?? Where, How, What do I do? I click on the link "Update available" and it brings me here to this page. Now what? I do not see a link for update? What should I do? Do I need to download to my desktop then upload to my CP? Sorry I am so stupid but go ahead and guess what I am thinking? You can not and neither can I guess what you want me to do? Jeff Ok. Came back here and downloaded the file by clicking the Download link at the top. Then opend the file and saved the tar file. Then went back to the CP and clicked on Upload New version. and I got " YOu do not have permissions to do this" So, Yep, I am frustrated. Why bother even telling me that there is a newer version available when it is not really available. ???? Totally confused.
  1. I actually like the fact that I can create invoices easily in my Square account as well as create new customers easily and send invoices via email and copy myself. I agree that having both stripe accounts and having square accounts are difficult to manage. I also would love to be able to switch my Invision Communities over to Square.
  2. So I have an events calendar.  I post stuff on the calendar and a pin appears (Sometimes)

    And that is my problem  I post a new event on the calendar and some appear on the Member Map and some do not.  I don't know why.  I have the calendar selected to post to the map.  I have the time frame for events in the future at a YEAR.  I have all member groups selected to see the calendar.  I have made some events that appear and then I had some that did not.

    Any advice or ideas would be great.

    Thank you.

    Capt Jeff

    1. CaptJeff



      How do I know when you have answered me?  I will be honest I do not know how this works and I am unclear about the Message, private, public stuff.  In fact I am leaving this page open on my computer because I am unsure how to navigate back here.

      Do I follow you?  Or do I follow this post? or add to favorites?  I am confused why this looks so different than my own forum.


  3. How do you get video to play on the video page

  4. I am beating my head against a wall.  I simply do not understand the ip content thing.  Is there a tutorial that explains how it works I can read.  I need some documentation what the blocks do and how content works and what is the database and how is it connected and how do you make a block and why do i have huge blank gaps on my page and so much more.



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    2. Dean_


      I won't clog up your new topic that you've made, but what is your aim for the forums and what are you looking to do?

    3. CaptJeff


      Learn how to use the IP Contact thing.

      Why does my Add media link not work?

      How do I see a page template?

      I have a link on my media page that takes me to the Articles page. How do I make a link to put on the articles page that takes someone to the Media page.?

      Why do my category links not function?

      When I create a new Media Category where is that page?  It does not show up in the pages listings.

      What are all these database templates?  How do they work?  Are they something you can see?  What hooks them to the pages?
      I look at the help menues and it says stuff like this.


      When you edit content in IP.Content, whether it be blocks, templates or pages, there are many built in tags that you will need to or want to utilize in order to generate the content appropriately. Blocks have variables containing data that may be of use to your users. Page templates have variables that perform important functions, such as inserting the page title or marking where the page content should be displayed. It is nearly impossible to simply remember every variable that can be utilized in your pages and templates.

      IP.Content features a template tag help panel that you can use to alleviate this problem. The panel can be minimized if you don't need it (and your preference is remembered so you won't have to minimize it each time you load a new template to edit). The panel is tabbed, providing you with various tag options based on the specific content you are editing. Database templates will show you the database tags you will need to use, while blocks will show you the variables being passed into the block template. You are able navigate some of the tabs when necessary in order to better determine the appropriate variables for the specific area you are editing.

      What is Content?  Pages? Templates?  So the first sentance "When you edit content" and I am alreay lost..  I see exactly what they say and when you say "Edit content in Content" it just screws my mind up.


      I am not worried about you cloging anything because I do nto even know what that means.

      I need a very kind developer who would like to take me under thier wing and walk me around the Content category inside the CP and tell me in english what all that stuff does because its like putting a homeless person in the cocpit of a DC-10.  Lots of cool buttons and switches but no clue what they do and simply not possible to use them for they can actually do.  Can not even get the engines started let alone fly the plane.


      Thanks for trying.



    4. CaptJeff


      See I did not even know you had made a comment on my post because I did not mark follow and then went back to ckeck follow and got sixteen options and no idea if I did it write.


  5. Hi Ryan,  Jeff Thompson here,

    I am looking into getting another community but I have tried and tried to use the new verson 4 and just can not.  I have started three different demos and played with them for hours and just dont get anywere.  Even with the simple stuff like customizing the look.  it is just too different and too complex.  Support for 3 is being phased out.  Is there the possibility of somone like yourself who would be willing to support three or give someone help now and then since IPS would not?

    Next question is what would an exsisting community look like if it were upgraded.  Would the navigation bar remain the same? Would the skins stay the same?  How would the layout change?  Or would I end up starting it all over from scratch?

    Thank you for all of your kindness to me.



  6. Mr. Sylvester are you out there?  I need your expertise.  My Member Map on TheSkiSkool.com has a glitch.  I am unable to fix.

  7. I simply do not get 4.anything. Everything is completely scrambled. Only the elite developers or staff understand it. If you know the water is poised why would you serve it to your family. I can't use it so why would I do that to my members. I have four times now signed up for the sample 4.0 site and can not navigate it or customize it in any way. 

    Pleasedo not take offense but it is horrible. Will not work for the communities I have built. 

    Best of luck because there is no doubt you will loose many customers with 4.anything  

  8. Hi,

    jeff the balloon guy down here in Florida  I need your help when you have a second. I have member Map on two sites. My hab site is working wonderfully and I than you for that. I have another site (theskiskool.com) where I have member map working mostly but the icons do not appear in the pin. 

    Send me an email at info@hotairballoonist.com and I will give you credentials to get in and have a look. 


    Thank you. Jeff

  9. HI Stuart,

    Jeff Thompson the Balloon Guy from Florida. 

    I have Member Map on another site if mine called TheSkiSkool.com  It shows the pins but does not show the Icons on the pins.  I hope that makes sense.  The Pin appears where you put it but the pin is just a blank pin.  No Icon on it.

    I know you are super busy but if you have the chance to look at it I would appreciate it.

    www.TheSkiSkool.com   Send me an email info@theskiskool.com and I will get you the User name and Password.


    Thank you



  10. Hi,

    I do not know why but I can not use the support forums any longer.  I can not find my way around them, they are too confusing for me.  Things like the follow content page where I must click on about 30 different links to find, or not what I am looking for.  I have done a bazillion searches for things and once i found what i was looking for and i can not tell you how that happened nor can I duplicate the result.

    I can not navigate the support forums so there is no way I could ever use 4.0 on either the user side or the control panel.


    I was looking for an add on called Who Read This.  Do you have any idea where I can find it?


    Sorry I am so useless but you guys simple changed to much for me.  I was able to use the old support stuff (barely) but this new layout is unusable for me.


    All the best


    O Email me.  info@HotAirBalloonist.com because I will never be able to find my way back here and I will never know if you answered me since I will never be able to find this again.



  11. Can anyone tell me where the Who Viewed This app went?

    I do not understand how to use the search engine on this.



  12. I can not use this.  I do not mean to be rude but there is no logical format to this.I go to the content I follow page and have to check
    32 different links before I find what I am after (if I do find it at all)  Hell I forget what I am looking for before I check all the little nooks and crannies.


    I get horribly frustrated EVERY TIME I get on here.  The old version I was able to learn after a while but this new 4.0 thing is just horrible.


  13. Hi Stuart! Thanks for your help today! I had to chuckle a little when you said do not delete the config.php file or what ever it was. You could pay me a million pounds and I would never be able to tell you where that was or what it was!.. No worries me chucking that file. (My best UK verbiage) On the site TheSkiSkool.com my member map is showing a location pin but no icon. Just a mark where the pin is but no member icon or home icon or anything. Any Ideas what is causing that. All the best and Thanks again Jeff
  14. I have a program that was written for IOS.  Can anyone write the program for android or other devices/tablets.......



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