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  1. The improvements look good, look forward to the next release
  2. Ahh yes i forgot about that, i have that disabled on my forum πŸ˜‰
  3. Out of interest can i ask were you get this information from ? Have i got big brother monitoring the actions of my forum members 😁
  4. Thank you for the reply. πŸ‘ i really dont want to purchase another plugin. Can someone from staff confirm if the facebook embeds are being looked at and get them working again. If its not on the todo list please let me know one way or other. Happy holidays every one Thank you
  5. Did i read some where that Facebook is not supported by 4.5 as embeds don't seem to be working any more ? or is it just a case that somethings changed and it is being worked on. If its going to be fixed in the next release, when will that be or is there a patch being released ? is there anything else effected that i am not aware of i.e facebook logins. Thank you I
  6. IPS Focus themes are the best, always kept up to date and excellent support if you need it.
  7. its just a simple "go to first unread post" link/button within a topic. when you have say for example 10 pages of posts. click the unread button and it takes you to the first unread post. saves looking through a topic to find the ones you haven't read. my members have used it since v3 days and its worked fine for them and my self,
  8. Invision support sorted this for me ☺️
  9. i didn't ask for IPS to bring it back if you read my comment again, i was inquiring if the plugin that put this option back was going to be updated.
  10. any updated "unread" button within topic plugins for 4.5.4 ? the above is the only one i could find and that's not updated to 4.5 thank you
  11. trying to renew as expired, never received a renewal notification and cannot seem to renew or pay. ??? could you look into this for me thank you
  12. Most appreciated, Thank you for you time pm sent
  13. Thank you for your time, most appreciated as always. πŸ‘ i can confirm issue now fixed on both invision versions i use.
  14. sorry to ask again i know your busy is members age going to be updated to 4.5, thank you
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