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  1. How's the updates going to 4.5.3? When is this theme going to be updated ? no one can get any support or answers to there questions from Sherri over at ibtheme.com.
  2. Sorry to read you are having issues as it cannot be easy for you guys but thank you for your time and on going work, its all very much appreciated. Just one point i would like to pickup on is about not promoting resources on your site. This comment from Lindy seams to suggest you can although it can be interpreted in a few different ways
  3. if this does not get updated, this one works ok, manual install though
  4. Thank you for this topic I was just looking how to remove "Large time gaps between posts" and "Moderation events between post" The options are not needed and take up more space, just trying to condense the theme down a bit
  5. got to admit even with all available options showing and enabled there is still a lot of white space and does not look good. needs reducing or options moving to reduce the space. Apart from that the theme seems a lot brighter than the previous one.
  6. did members age get approved for 4.5.2 ? thank you
  7. not working for me on 4.5.2 tried default theme and still does not show
  8. cannot install through ACP marketplace as says not compatible, guess its not been approved yet for 4.5? Has it been summited yet for approval?
  9. Any update for CJ Duplicate Member Logger? thank you
  10. running v4.4.9.2 and have just noticed an issue when moving a topic When moving a topic to another forum and using the option Leave a link to the new location? it throws an could not locate error and wont move the topic. If I disable the ban plugin then all returns to normal and can move topics with no error. Tested on my live and demo forum with the same results. Thank you
  11. yes I agree the notifications can be useful to receive emails and a good prompt for important alerts.. When you login you go straight to the dashboard and used to see any information or alerts there, its the first thing you see. Now you have to click the notification icon to see alerts and then click again on the alert you need to manage. With regards to validating members block, that was seen straight away due to that's the first page you see. So in practice if you use your ACP like I do to manually validate members then that's the first page I see. Now its a few clicks to get there.
  12. Yes I noticed it was in notifications, another poor decision by IPS in my opinion. What's the point in having a ACP dashboard when it shows very little. To be honest the dashboard is pretty useless apart from adding statistics which are no use. It should be used to add things you regularly use to manage the forum.
  13. Since upgrading from 4.3.6 to 4.4.9 I cannot find the Members awaiting validation block that was in the ACP dashboard. Has this been removed ? Hope not as this one was useful and the dashboard is pretty limited as it is. Thank you
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