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  1. Stranger 2.0

    Oblivion Semi-dark theme

    Looks buggy with the new 4.3 gallery look
  2. Stranger 2.0

    Oblivion dark theme with blue focus

    Amazing support! I really love this dark theme, it's the best one I have ever used! It's also pretty cheap for what you get. Highly recommend!
  3. Stranger 2.0

    (NB41) Content Ratings

    Do you have an ETA on the fix?
  4. Stranger 2.0

    (NB41) Content Ratings

    Ever since I updated my forums to 4.1.19 it removed the rating bar from every post, how do I fix this?
  5. Stranger 2.0

    (GS) Server List

    Getting the same error also.
  6. Stranger 2.0

    (GS) Server List

  7. Stranger 2.0

    (GS) Server List

    I can't get the application to import. It just loads and goes back to the home page. no errors.