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  1. I have use this a couple of time on subscriptions. I works, but there something strange when adding the code, you must hit enter after submit the code to apply.
    This is the most advanced application I have ever purchased on the IPS Marketplace. So many settings and so many different possibilities can be nothing but satisfied. And last but not least, support from onlyME is extremely good and very quick response.
  2. All my theme is unsupported. Sorry to say this.
  3. All my themes are now disabled for purchase. We can not change and give the app, plugin and themes to another author. New rules from IPS. But Pete T take over the support on this themes on his site. Oblivion blue Oblivion yellow Oblivion light Ultimaze LaMonte The Xenon landing page is only for my own site and are not supported.
  4. Unfortunately, I have to say that I leave everything that has to do with themes. Simply do not have time anymore, there is so much else in life that has greater priorities. None of my themes now have any support anymore and I will ask IPS to remove all my themes from the Marketplace. I apologize for those who have bought my themes and hope they understand.
  5. @Unlucky I was replace the new html and it´s now working at your site. I recommend to replace the html document to the new updated at Marketplace for all customer.
  6. How strange, put this code in custom.css for so long and see if there is any difference? .owl-carousel .owl-stage-outer { position: relative; overflow: hidden!important; }
  7. Send me a pm with url, admin login rights. I must see where the problem is!
  8. I mean IP Downloads files. Let´s say one member have 4 000 files. Download all?
  9. I have one question. Can this app download a members all files in one compressed file? Can not find any "download all" button.
  10. You have a limit at 2 mb at your host, and it´s very low. If you are in a host server you must contact them and request a higher value. Increase the limit to at least 8mb. If you are in WHM cPanel it´s easy to change this in php.ini settings.
  11. I have a page document that I just want to show on two of my themes. As it is now, it only shows one or all at once. Had preferred if you could choose several by using the ctrl key that we do on member group.
  12. Thanks for reporting this. It was my fault when doing the last update. Replace this in the html document. Replace this in Our Picks section: <h4><a href="{theme="section3_layout3_title_link"}">{theme="section3_layout3_title"}</a></h4> <p class="posted-on"><span>{theme="section3_layout3_date"}</span> {theme="section3_layout3_month"}</p> </div> <div class="entry-expert">
  13. I was told you to contact me so I can take a look at your site. It´s hard to determine what is wrong in screeshots you post here. And the html is working, but I have done a couple of changes in the slider.
  14. I have no error at my system and no one else. It´s just you. If you have other third part installed you have to choose which one you want to use.
  15. Looks like a strange behavior. Could it be that the program crashes with the theme css somewhere?
  16. Now at last I'm back on a new server after the site crashed. Have some work left but soon open up the live demo page again.
  17. Send me a pm and take a look at this later today.
  18. It´s something with your pages that is not working properly. I can see you have problem with other themes. Nobody else have reported any error. Working perfect at all my system.
  19. Yes, but that was not working! In worst case I have backup that is 3 weeks old. 🙂
  20. Website down since friday evening. Support with IPS staff in weekends is limited. Hopefully the site working tomorrow again. Sorry can not do anything because I can not access my own Admin Panel right now. 😔
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