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  1. «To apply the patch, please visit support in your Admin CP and select the "Optional Update" item shown»
  2. Why doesn't showing online users affect performance in other forum engines? Enabling caching is not a "problem" solution. Let the forum administrators decide for themselves what affects performance and what doesn't. The Who's Online block must have a separate caching setting to be able to completely disable caching. My current caching setting is 1 minute, but I still get constant complaints from users that they don't see themselves in this block. With caching enabled, this block is absolutely useless and inconvenient (like the "Recently Browsing" block in topics, which now does not display anyone at all).
  3. @daffyy Can you remove the "Solution" label?
  4. This block always showed those who have been online in the last 30 minutes. The problem is that now this block is cached and depends on the "Cache sidebar, header and footer blocks" setting. Members of my site complain that they do not see themselves in the list of online users. It should take a few minutes before they are displayed in the block. Previously, everything worked fine, but after updating to 4.6, cache problems started. In the latest versions of the engine, the developers made such strong page caching that editing posts using ajax did not even work on my site. I even had to add this code to the globalTemplate, otherwise editing doesn't work and the page was fetched from the cache every time: <script> $.ajaxSetup({ cache: false }); </script>
  5. It seems to depend on the "Cache sidebar, header and footer blocks" option now. I am using the value "1 minute". If earlier the widget displayed actual information with each page refresh, now I need to wait 1 minute to see myself in the list of online users. In fact, the latest versions have very big problems with caching.
  6. I don't need to hide the button in all posts. I am using this code to hide the quote button in the last post on the page: article:last-of-type li[data-ipsquote-editor="topic_comment"] { display: none; } This is not a bad solution, but I want to hide the button in the last post of the topic.
  7. Is there some kind of plugin for this? 🤔
  8. How do I allow guests to choose the type of forum view (Table / Grid / Fluid)? I want guests to have this option, but this button is only shown to authorized users.
  9. You can show a button with a number to the last page. Or to the first and last page. But the buttons "2", "3", "4" make no sense at all.
  10. I agree. But the mobile view needs additional changes. 1. There is no need to display pagination, and buttons "2", "3" and "4" make no sense at all. Seriously, who will click these buttons and why? 🤦🏻‍♂️ 2. The words "replies", "view" and "updated" take up a lot of space and don't fit on one line in many localizations. They should be replaced with icons so as not to interfere with viewing and to save space. Before: After:
  11. 'set it and forget it' and remember 12 months later to pay $10 again.
  12. Will this be fixed in the next versions of Invision Community or do I need to buy a plugin for $ 10.00 / 12 months for this primitive feature?
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