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  1. @Fosters, I'm sorry to insist, but it would be nice to have an answer...
  2. Hello @opentype. I don't see any block template with options available. Where can I find it ? Thank you. Edit : Problem solved 🙂
  3. It works like a charm. Thank you @batarjal 🙂
  4. Hi @Pete T. I have written you a PM two weeks ago about "Member Discouragement" but I think you didn't notice it. Can you have a look at it ? Thanks.
  5. Hello @Nathan Explosion. I've just bought your plugin and it is great. However, I'm facing an issue. My aim is to hide for guests all answers to every topic and only this. In this goal, I'm going to the tab "Forums & Topics" (1) and select all forums. Then, in the tab "General Options", I activate "Merge multiple messages" option (2). Nothing happens. Guests still have access to answers. For fixing this, in the tab "All content", I activate "Hide all content" (3). If answers are well hide, there are not merged in one simple message (4). Strangely, the option "Merge multiple mess
  6. Thank you for the prompt answer @opentype Because there is no such option, I have edited the file HTML "record" and deleted all the lines that display these informations. Final result is ok. However, I'm wondering is modifications I've made will be erase with a next update or if they will remain despite a future update.
  7. Hello @opentype. I've just bought and install your great plugin. Thank you for this amazing stuff. However, I'm facing an issue. Is there a quick way to remove the Author/Date/Views information and avatar on an article page ?
  8. Hi @Fosters. I have the last version of the plugin but I face the same problem than above. How can I fix it ?
    A great extension. Thanks to @Firdavs Khaydarov
  9. @Mike John, I have always a problem with your plugin. If you can take the time to check your MP.
  10. Hi @batarjal, Since the last version, the one that required the ThreadStarter: Core's installation, I have the word "ThreadStarter" written in all my sub-forums, even for thoses where Threadstarter plugin should be desactivated. Is it a know issue that will be resolved ?
  11. Tanks @Fosters crew for this great plugin. Is it possible to exclude public bookmarks and allow only private ?
  12. Hi @legionaire. I'm interested for purchasing New Arcade plugin but it's impossible to register on your site.
  13. A great plugin. Thanks @DawPi. I have juste one regret. It is not possible to configure different time & limit settings by forums.
  14. Sure. I know these settings. But what I want is 1 topic every 48 hours not 2 topics per day. And I don't see such option.
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