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  1. Hello @Martin A.. I found an annoying bug with Community Map. When I click on save after creating a new group, I have the following error message : TypeError: Argument 2 passed to IPS\communitymap\Members\_Groups::setData() must be of the type int, null given, called in /home/dgf02h/public_html/applications/communitymap/extensions/core/GroupForm/communitymap.php on line 83 (0) #0 /home/dgf02h/public_html/applications/communitymap/extensions/core/GroupForm/communitymap.php(83): IPS\communitymap\Members\_Groups::setData(Array, NULL) #1 /home/dgf02h/public_html/applications/core/modules/admin
  2. IPB : 4.5.3 PM Viewer : 4.0.2
  3. Hello @DawPi. Since we have updated the plugin for 4.5 IPB version, if we want to see new PM, we must rebuild all conversations each time. Otherwise, new conversations never appears in the list.
  4. Unfortunately, despite this action, it's still not working for me 🤔
  5. Thank you for this solution but, If I can understand 50$ for the initial price, IMHO, the renewal terms at the same price is way too expensive.
  6. Hi @Michael.J. Despite several attempts, I'm staying in stuck with the plugin. I can install and configure it but nothing is sent to new members.
  7. Unfortunately, I had done the upgrade before so "Auto welcome" doesn't work anymore. I try to uninstall the plugin it then doing a fresh reinstall but the problem remains. 🤔
  8. I confirm. Even without an answer, I have done the upgrade toward 4.5 this weekend and the plugin seems to work like a charm.
  9. Hi @Fosters. Since I update today my IPB board to 4.5 version, the position "Under navbar" doesn't working anymore. Nothing is visible. Thanks.
  10. After some tests, it seems the actual plugin works with 4.5 IPB version.
  11. Hello. Do you plan to release a new version of this plugin for 4.5 compatibility ?
  12. Hi @A Zayed. Do you plan to release a new version of this plugin for 4.5 compatibility ?
  13. Hi, Do you plan to release a new version of this great plugin for 4.5 compatibility ?
  14. Hello. Is this application compatible with 4.5 version ?
  15. @Fosters, I'm sorry to insist, but it would be nice to have an answer...
  16. Hello @opentype. I don't see any block template with options available. Where can I find it ? Thank you. Edit : Problem solved 🙂
  17. It works like a charm. Thank you @batarjal 🙂
  18. Hi @Pete T. I have written you a PM two weeks ago about "Member Discouragement" but I think you didn't notice it. Can you have a look at it ? Thanks.
  19. Hello @Nathan Explosion. I've just bought your plugin and it is great. However, I'm facing an issue. My aim is to hide for guests all answers to every topic and only this. In this goal, I'm going to the tab "Forums & Topics" (1) and select all forums. Then, in the tab "General Options", I activate "Merge multiple messages" option (2). Nothing happens. Guests still have access to answers. For fixing this, in the tab "All content", I activate "Hide all content" (3). If answers are well hide, there are not merged in one simple message (4). Strangely, the option "Merge multiple mess
  20. Thank you for the prompt answer @opentype Because there is no such option, I have edited the file HTML "record" and deleted all the lines that display these informations. Final result is ok. However, I'm wondering is modifications I've made will be erase with a next update or if they will remain despite a future update.
  21. Hello @opentype. I've just bought and install your great plugin. Thank you for this amazing stuff. However, I'm facing an issue. Is there a quick way to remove the Author/Date/Views information and avatar on an article page ?
  22. Hi @Fosters. I have the last version of the plugin but I face the same problem than above. How can I fix it ?
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