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  1. Olmyster


    Hello Adriano. In the form to be filled in to register a new artist, it doesn't seem possible to enter an earlier date than 1921 in the Formed In/Since field. How can I lower this value? Because this limit is a bit problematic for artists like Bach or Mozart 🙂 Another concern is that the "Photos" and "Playlists" tabs are empty of any data.
  2. Olmyster


    Good point. The problem was caused by the cache.
  3. Olmyster


    Hello Adriano. As you know, I already have your Books application installed. I also just added this one but the cohabitation causes a problem in the group settings. When I install the Music application, I only have the Music tab visible. The Book tab has disappeared. If I uninstall the Music application, the Book tab is visible again. I need to have both applications installed. Also, how can I have both tabs (Books & Music) coexist in the group settings?
  4. Olmyster


    No worries Adriano. I'm not blaming at all you're very good work 🙂 I'll be patient and waiting the time needed.
  5. Olmyster


    All the rest is translated without any problem. The only one is with the index page of bookshleves.
  6. Olmyster


    Even with the quick translating, the two occurences of "Bookshelves" that I have pointed in the screenshot in my previous message are uneditable.
  7. Olmyster


    Hello Adriano. Sorry to bother you again... I am currently translating the entire frontend into French. To do this, I'm going through the localization file. But there is a word I can't find in it. It's Bookshelves. I can translate it in some other pages of your app but not in the index page of bookshleves, as shown in my screenshot. Is it hard coded ?
  8. Olmyster


    My bad Adriano 😕 Thanks for your precious support.
  9. Olmyster


    See the video below wich is a capture of what it's happen when I try to add a book. No matter what browser it is, the problem is the same. exemple.mp4
  10. Olmyster


    Hello @Adriano Faria. I've just bought this app and install it but it's impossible to add a book. I enter an ISBN (1), click on "Add Book" (2) then I have an error message who said "This field is mandatory" (3). No matter it's 10 or 13 digits, the problem is the same. Thanks for your help.
  11. I hope so because even if our members like this new layout, I already have several complains about this behavior 🤔
  12. Hi @shahed. I have a weird problem with this plugin. As you can see in screenshots below, if I enter an answer in a post (1), when I send it (2), I have a strange result (3). I have to refresh the page for having the correct layout . Note : the problem is the same as vertical as horizontal UIP.
  13. My bad... All is working like a charm now. Thank you for your support @shahed.
  14. For sure, another great plugin who solves my problem 🙂 I have a new problem. On hover cards, I can't display custom fields like Facebbok or Website. Of course, I have created profile fields and I fill their ID in the plugin side settings. But there are not visibles. I'm not sure but I guess the problem occurs because it's a URL.
  15. Hello @shahed. This is a great plugin. Thank you for this creation. However, I'm facing a problem. Since user profile info display in the hover card, there is no need to have them under their avatar in every post. How can I remove it ?
  16. Hello, Is it possible to change the display format of the number of messages? Instead of 3.6k, I would like it to say 3600. I have not found in the settings where to change this.
  17. Hi @Adriano Faria . Is this app fully compatible with IPB 4.6 ?
  18. Hi @All Astronauts. Is this plugin fully compatible with IPB 4.6 ?
  19. Hi @Miss_B. Before migrating my community to 4.6, is your app fully compatible with IPB 4.6 ?
  20. Hi @Adriano Faria . Is this app fully compatible with IPB 4.6 ?
  21. Hi @batarjal Is this app fully compatible with IPB 4.6 ? And I have the same concerns with yours others "threadstarters... app"
  22. Hi @HeadStand. Is this app fully compatible with IPB 4.6 ?
  23. Hi @Fosters. Same question for me.
  24. Hi. Is there any option to allow guests to write any answer in a subject created in a public club ? I fear not but perhaps there is an option i didn't see.
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