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  1. Still looking for a solution to bulk import disposable email lists. I have someone that keeps ban evading via proxies and disposable emails.
  2. @onlyME, IPS recently disabled search for mobile users - tapping on search icon redirects to full Advanced Search. Is it possible to override to restore quick search for mobile users?
  3. I do miss XenForo's tag cloud. 😞 https://xenforo.com/community/tags/
  4. Hi @onlyME sorry for late reply, hectic schedule at the moment. I replaced 3x instances of that line in the above file, also cleared cache just in case. But unfortunately, no change, still same result. 😞
  5. Thanks for the 3.0.4 update release to fix the sort issue. But unfortunately the sort issue still happens for me, for this category: https://animeforums.net/anime/browse/1-anime-a-z/ As per my description: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/414937-videobox/?do=findComment&comment=2759351
  6. @Adriano Faria I would like to please request the ability to remove the preview text for the results, because this seems to ignore[ SPOILER tags 😞 - we have many posts/topics that discuss plots and episodes for anime. Thanks for your consideration.
  7. That's insane - I assumed they were auto-follow upon joining. 😞 Are there any current add-ons that works around this? Happy to commission one...
  8. @Unlucky, when I tested Screenshot machine awhile ago, it does not allow HTTPS websites on their free plan. It will return "Unsupported" https://www.screenshotmachine.com/apiguide.php
  9. @PC-WPG if you're not using it, sell it to someone else and request a transfer from your Client Area ($20 fee though)
  10. Hey @onlyME, tried that but no effect 😞 I am back on desktop and see a strange console error, but only when trying to add a new title:
  11. HI @onlyME very strange behaviour recently, can’t seem to upload thumbnail or featured image manually anymore .. am using IPS 4.3.5 I am on mobile but will try to check for console errors when I get to a desktop.
  12. That probably made use of the old avatar gallery - you were able to allow members to choose from a selection of pre-uploaded avatars/categories, but that was removed back in 3.2 ...
  13. Hi @onlyME There is a bug with Sort By: Title It always presents titles in Descending order (Z-A) If default category Sort By: is set to Title, it works OK. If you manually change it below, it is always Descending Order (Z-A)
  14. Bumping this. Also willing to get paid custom development done to fix this. Please let me know if you're interested.
  15. I can only assume the reason for the current behaviour is to allow rebuilds for those that use Watermarks (it wouldn't be great for quality if you changed the thumbnail size / large image size and also change the watermark image later on).
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