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  1. Seriously doubt Tapatalk is using the proper controllers and models: Even back when I was on XenForo with the Tapatalk plugin they went straight for the database, bypassing MFA, registration security questions, etc.
    A must have. IP bans are not feasible any more. This is a fantastic supplement.
  2. Optic14


    Hi @Adriano Faria I see to get this in my Admin CP When I try to "Run Now" manually I get: Error: Call to a member function author() on null (0) #0 /home/ancommun/public_html/system/Email/Email.php(889): IPS\Theme\email_html_quizzes_digests__item(Object(IPS\quizzes\Quiz), Object(IPS\Email\Outgoing\Php)) #1 /home/ancommun/public_html/applications/core/sources/Digest/Digest.php(139): IPS\_Email::template('quizzes', 'digests__item', 'html', Array) #2 /home/ancommun/public_html/applications/core/sources/Digest/Digest.php(285): IPS\core\Digest\_Digest->build(Array) #3 /home/ancommun/public_html/applications/core/tasks/weeklydigest.php(40): IPS\core\Digest\_Digest::sendDigestBatch('weekly') #4 /home/ancommun/public_html/system/Task/Task.php(356): IPS\core\tasks\_weeklydigest->IPS\core\tasks\{closure}() #5 /home/ancommun/public_html/applications/core/tasks/weeklydigest.php(41): IPS\_Task->runUntilTimeout(Object(Closure)) #6 /home/ancommun/public_html/system/Task/Task.php(255): IPS\core\tasks\_weeklydigest->execute() #7 /home/ancommun/public_html/applications/core/modules/admin/settings/advanced.php(709): IPS\_Task->run() #8 /home/ancommun/public_html/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(85): IPS\core\modules\admin\settings\_advanced->runTask() #9 /home/ancommun/public_html/applications/core/modules/admin/settings/advanced.php(34): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute() #10 /home/ancommun/public_html/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(152): IPS\core\modules\admin\settings\_advanced->execute() #11 /home/ancommun/public_html/admin/index.php(14): IPS\_Dispatcher->run() #12 {main}
  3. Although you do get the invoice reminder a week before it expires, an extra informational email would be helpful indeed.
  4. Optic14


    I'm suddenly having issues with browsing the list of quizzes when I open a category: https://animeforums.net/quizzes/ Am using Quizzes 1.3.6 on IPS 4.4.2 Have tried default theme and clearing cache in support tool - with no change. Any help would greatly be appreciated, thanks.
  5. @Alismora did you get this resolved? I have a similar profile field but it is rendering even when "No Value" / blank is set for the field by the member. I am using $content $processedContent doesn't work for me. I am on 4.4.2
  6. Thanks @Marc Stridgen What about if it has been set to just hide content ?
  7. Hi @Misi we ban but then they just re-register with a new IP (via a proxy) and new email (disposable email)
  8. Hi everyone, Unfortunately we have a harasser that is bypassing the filter by putting a period (full stops) in-between the vulgar words. This is really stressing our staff and members out as members are getting harassed via the PM system. Is there a solution or do we need to keep adding manual variations in the word filter? Example below (warning, vulgar language):
  9. We are getting a lot of manual SPAM from new members targeting other members with explicit PMs. In XenForo we could define "spam phrases" which would automatically put PMs/posts into moderation or reject them automatically: https://xenforo.com/xf1-docs/manual/spam/#content Is there something similar in IPS?
  10. Hi there, I need to restore this Expanded Search overlay for mobile users: Because my members cannot search inside an existing topic, when on mobile. If you tap on the Search icon, you go straight to the Full Advanced Search page. "Search in This Topic" is not available on the Full Advanced Search page. In XenForo we were able to do this, even on Mobile responsive: Does anyone know if a plugin exists or a template edit we can do to restore this? Any help would greatly be appreciated.
  11. Hi there, One of the things we miss from XenForo is the ability to quickly access "Warn user" and "Flag as spammer" directly at a post level. I understand you can access it by hovering over the member's username/avatar and clicking via the Member Card. This works quite well for Desktop: But on mobile responsive view, it is not possible to hover. In XenForo the links were inside the Comment Controls (in IPS, the Reactions/Quote/Edit link area) example: And this worked well because you can access them even on mobile responsive view. Is there a way to implement this in IPS? Any plugins? Closest I could find was this plugin by @Adriano Faria, VERY CLOSE but it adds links inside the post bit, which unfortunately get hidden on mobile responsive view. I'm happy to commission a solution... thanks in advance.
  12. @onlyME, IPS recently disabled search for mobile users - tapping on search icon redirects to full Advanced Search. Is it possible to override to restore quick search for mobile users?
  13. I do miss XenForo's tag cloud. 😞 https://xenforo.com/community/tags/
  14. Test URL is one-time only. The main licensed URL can be changed every 6 months in your Client Area. If you must change the test URL you need to raise a ticket.
  15. When you use -TESTINSTALL, it saves the URL of the test installation to your license, you need to reinstall it in the same URL.
  16. No, both IPS and WordPress need to both have HTTPS URLs for the SSO OAuth single sign on to work. You do not want a self signed certificate because visitors will get red browser warnings when visiting your website: Get SSL setup so you have green padlock setup on your whole website (IPS and WordPress). If you’re not sure how to do this, check with your hosting company.
  17. @Ulisse Savi As per the guide, you need SSL (HTTPs) setup for both WordPress and IPS: Your website doesn't appear to have SSL setup, so it won't work - it is trying to use a self signed certificate.
  18. Optic14


    Hi @onlyME sorry for late reply, hectic schedule at the moment. I replaced 3x instances of that line in the above file, also cleared cache just in case. But unfortunately, no change, still same result. 😞
  19. Optic14


    Thanks for the 3.0.4 update release to fix the sort issue. But unfortunately the sort issue still happens for me, for this category: https://animeforums.net/anime/browse/1-anime-a-z/ As per my description: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/414937-videobox/?do=findComment&comment=2759351
  20. @Adriano Faria I would like to please request the ability to remove the preview text for the results, because this seems to ignore[ SPOILER tags 😞 - we have many posts/topics that discuss plots and episodes for anime. Thanks for your consideration.
  21. That's insane - I assumed they were auto-follow upon joining. 😞 Are there any current add-ons that works around this? Happy to commission one...
  22. If you only have a SQL backup with no file backup, probably best to do a fresh install and use the Converter to do an import as it's probably expecting to find your theme files. But you would have lost all your file attachments 😞
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