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  1. Musicbox (Support)

    Thank you for upgrade Now the widget not empty... Couple of more suggestions If we can have more features in widgets 1 Based on cat ... we can fetch top songs... and we can keep our own widget title name 2 Promote feature > which can take it to our pics 3 other then mp3 .... wav file support
  2. Happy 16th Birthday To Us!

    Happy Birthday and I have been with IPS since 2005 ................... or 2006...
  3. Musicbox (Support)

    When can we expect new version ? Thanks - hope we will seen widgets soon
  4. Musicbox (Support)

    Using it in clubs 1 How can I use admin panel to multi uploads 2 I want to have play list in clubs.... Is it p[possible.... Suggestion for more widgets.... If no music has been added ion last 7 days..... the widjet shows emply... No way to show all time ...aS IT IS IN THIRD TAB... we request to add more custom feature in widgets . I have a suggestion for this USE AMAZON S3 BUCKET TO STORE THE SAME
  5. Previous & Next Topic

    Can you make this for pages as well Request...
  6. Please advise How to start.....? I consider this as a 5 step process ... Not sure m i correct or not.... 1 CSS Basics 2 CSS advanced 3 Understanding IPS CSS structure 4 Best practices 5 applying Regards Saurabh
  7. Album Link Field

    I purchased the plugin..installed it and when I went to add new field in database it showed after disabling it was all good again... So I want to link.... how to go about it
  8. I wish Indian payment gateways be also included like Pay u money , paythm , BHIM this will allow IPS to flourish in Indian market as well Regards Saurabh
  9. Album linking in records

    Can this be done in current version
  10. Album linking in records

    As we can link album in blog post If we can have an extra field in database records for same
  11. Say If i make a country club and I want to search a club of one country India Search is not showing the club How can we add clubs and clubs description also in search
  12. Testimonials Manager

    I just installed...' It is not showing friendly url https://vidyasagar.guru/index.php?app=testm&module=testm&controller=index
  13. Member Map

    I want to showcase various cowshed, schools, manged by a Trust is it possible to have markers based on categories
  14. Advanced Footer [ Support topic ]

    when ever I upgrade IPS.. the footer content get lost
  15. (NE) Hide poll results

    Thank you very much However Guests are able to see the result....