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  1. Testimonials Manager

    I just installed...' It is not showing friendly url https://vidyasagar.guru/index.php?app=testm&module=testm&controller=index
  2. Member Map

    I want to showcase various cowshed, schools, manged by a Trust is it possible to have markers based on categories
  3. Advanced Footer [ Support topic ]

    when ever I upgrade IPS.. the footer content get lost
  4. (NE) Hide poll results

    Thank you very much However Guests are able to see the result....
  5. Advanced Footer [ Support topic ]

    like we have facebook links - can we add android app store links
  6. Advanced Footer [ Support topic ]

    Do we have android windows ios app icons to show
  7. Advanced Footer [ Support topic ]

    yes this was done
  8. Advanced Footer [ Support topic ]

    i have installed the plugin ..but it is not showing on site
  9. Quizzes

    one member was taking quiz at that time.... is there a way... to allow him to take the quiz again
  10. How to activate a particular theme based on session

    This will not solve purpose.... reason is I have a same mobile phone and I use it to open the community in two ways 1 By say browser chrome installed on mobile 2 my android mobile app Now I dont want ads on android mobile app but I want ads on google chrome browser one.... Both have same width as device is same... Hope I am able to explain Regards Saurabh
  11. How to activate a particular theme based on session

    can you explain a little bit more... how to differentiate from mobile app and mobile phone browser say google chrome
  12. I want to have a very light theme .. for the purpose of calling it as a webview in mobile app How to identify user is accessing from mobile app and not from mobile browsers based on that we will like to have a light theme.... If user sign in from desktop he should see the default theme
  13. Musicbox (Support)

    Thank you for the wonderful support !!!
  14. Musicbox (Support)

    My members unable to download the file when I click on download link it take me to thsi link https://vidyasagar.guru/musicbox/play/10-03-jo-swam-moksh/?do=download&csrfKey=4ee3541184a6bb055da15fd2dbbc7875 and it says This site can’t be reached The webpage at https://vidyasagar.guru/musicbox/play/10-03-jo-swam-moksh/?do=download&csrfKey=4ee3541184a6bb055da15fd2dbbc7875 might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR can thsi be due to new cloud settings by IPS ? https://vidyasagar.guru/musicbox/play/10-03-jo-swam-moksh/