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  1. As we can connect gallery albums in blogs I want same for pages field
  2. i tried commenting here with app but was not able to... it kept me logged out.... On forums i wasable to post..... App looks awesome.... Will be able to see other apps other then forums..... as we can see in this app for invision
  3. I have been together in journey since 2007 I have somewhat similar story would love to connect
  4. Another view Every day there can be n ad buyers say three Daily slots available for purchase A user can buy ad for a specific date in the future Say user want to sponsor ( buy ad / donate) for the coming December 1 2019 or from Dec 5 to Dec 10 - I want to become sponsor by purchasing ads for the following dates ------------------ Sponsors are people who contribute funding for the program
  5. premium membership for the day .... something like this
  6. I want my community members to become sponsor on daily basis 1 you can purchase sponsorship for next 365 days we can have two or three sponsors... then it can also show who are the sponsors for next 7 days or in this month
  7. I did purchased it... however it never worked for me.... even author was not able to identify... why it not worked on my community
  8. As we have in the blogs same for pages will be very helpful
  9. How is testing going on ? Eager to know the updates ... hello to all the testers - thanks to all the testers.
  10. I have a one concern and point to raise 1 It is about for those who use Google adsense - which is allowed in app but policy voilation in web view So if app has native section for forum..... but for other apps if a web view works.... This may require to remove adsense ..... Please do look into this before releasing the app
  11. any possible way of embedding playlist say i have 40 videos in 1 play list they are lecture 1 lecture 2 ..lecture 40 on subject Is it possible to import all in single website url
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