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  1. At present - the members who joined first received mail first I want to send email first to the one who joined last say I have 140 K members from last ten years The members who joined later are more active from the one who joined late... and it take ten days to send bulk email as we have now very less activity as a members mostly members read as a guest
  2. As the feature added in forums .. If it can be added in a blog as well for a specific entry https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/45-two-feature-additions-r1205/
  3. Can we have enable content approval for a specific blog entry as well ??
  4. I use Google adsense Using GA in android app is policy violation I recommend an option setting option to disale or not to disable advertisement code block in app as a user choice I added my community and it was showing ads in it I did post earlier discussion -------------
  5. When it will be available for cic
  6. Can we have this for blog comments as well I wanted members to answer the question... but also wanted that they cannot read the answer posted by others.... Even I can ask for puzzle and let every one answer and later we can open it for the result..... I can implement my concept now. Thank you
  7. Flipgrid is completely free if this can be integrated
  8. if editor can have a smooth integration fir mathematical equations Are there example of such forums
  9. As we can connect gallery albums in blogs I want same for pages field
  10. i tried commenting here with app but was not able to... it kept me logged out.... On forums i wasable to post..... App looks awesome.... Will be able to see other apps other then forums..... as we can see in this app for invision
  11. I have been together in journey since 2007 I have somewhat similar story would love to connect
  12. Another view Every day there can be n ad buyers say three Daily slots available for purchase A user can buy ad for a specific date in the future Say user want to sponsor ( buy ad / donate) for the coming December 1 2019 or from Dec 5 to Dec 10 - I want to become sponsor by purchasing ads for the following dates ------------------ Sponsors are people who contribute funding for the program
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