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  1. I remember, there used to be an option to bulk files upload from admin panel Cannot find it now... is there a way to do the same now ? Thanks & Regards Saurabh
  2. I want to send email only to member who joined particular club do we have setting for same Regards Saurabh
  3. At present - the members who joined first received mail first I want to send email first to the one who joined last say I have 140 K members from last ten years The members who joined later are more active from the one who joined late... and it take ten days to send bulk email as we have now very less activity as a members mostly members read as a guest
  4. i see an example in which play list series shown https://munipramansagar.net/pravachan-series/ when you click series it shows videos
  5. I have around 200 play lists : each play list may have 10 to 30 videos I want to showcase them on website using website What is the best way to do it
  6. I want to add android and ios app link in footer with facebook youtube twitter social icons But as of now they are not in list
  7. Where is the option to select all we have to select them one by on
  8. I want to export a list of members who participated in a particular discussion I am using community in cloud Regards Saurabh
  9. i have to unhide one by one if 50 comments - i have to click approve 50 times
  10. I asked a riddle and enabled post approval Now how to approve all post together there should be multi moderation option too
  11. As the feature added in forums .. If it can be added in a blog as well for a specific entry https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/45-two-feature-additions-r1205/
  12. Can we have enable content approval for a specific blog entry as well ??
  13. if i want to use the color which is not defined say red
  14. I use Google adsense Using GA in android app is policy violation I recommend an option setting option to disale or not to disable advertisement code block in app as a user choice I added my community and it was showing ads in it I did post earlier discussion -------------
  15. i want to change the button color I have three sets of links for each section I want to use different color what are the best option available I need two different colors - one blue is ok what css can be use to make my new button id
  16. I upgraded to 4.5 in CIC all third party apps disabled In market place there is no option to download : It says install from admin panel In admin panel - on clicking upgrade > it says upload file - but above point 3 says you cannot download IPS support says - ask third party developers I need the process so i can upgrade
  17. The text content is too small in mobile view... Can we increase it ... only the content - not the title Has any 1 changed it .... what are the best practices ?
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