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  1. My intention is, will there be a possibility that the features will also be available to those who only bought the system?
  2. Will the "live" features be available to regular customers as well? Even in the lite version
  3. The "staff" admin page view will be pyramid shaped like in the picture: - The option used to be in the VBULLTIN 3 system and below as an external plugin. Maybe the feature can be added in the future
  4. Added a "forum manager" side block as soon as there is a forum manager. like in the picture: Of course the sub-forums will be in the same form in the block
  5. I've sent you a message. thanks buddy!
  6. Unfortunately, a friend bought it and didn't get along with it, and the truth is, neither did I. Is there another and more convenient way?
  7. There used to be this app that is no longer supported: Will it be possible in the future to add tags to topics such as "publication|" "Question" and so'?
  8. Where do I put the code you brought?
  9. like this: It is based on VBULLETIN system. - My intention is to add the frame and add the caption that are connected to color
  10. Thank you! 1) Different internal forum style Does anyone happen to know how I can make the internal forum look like this? Side picture for the forum + description of the forum in the middle + presentation of the forum administrators + presentation of the sub-forum 2) Another request: the display of the cluster in this way: I would love a page or a plugin or instructions, for a fee of course
  11. Does anyone happen to know how I can make the internal forum look like this?
  12. We made the language pack by ourself, we made the pack by copying the English pack and suddenly that happened. Please just let me know how can I fix it by myself
  13. Hi good evening, I’m having a problem with the community translate. The hours shown as “%s” instead hours or minutes I would like to have a solution it would be very helpful, thank you 🙏
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