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  1. Please add moderation support for wiki style pages! It is impossible to use it right now because spammers can make a huge party on it!
  2. Please listen to us for better searching!
  3. Anyone using Instagram login handler?
  4. Will thumbnails be resized to a new webp file? I mean, if a webp image is uploaded the system will create a webp thumbnail from it?
  5. It depends on your content. Post your settings and describe how are the usual topics on your community. You can give more importance to fresh content or not. Higher ranking to titles or not. And make the inicial search for a phase using all words or search for each one individually.
  6. That is what I am afraid of to upgrade. I have no ideia what are the effects of accepting the new ranking model or not accepting it. Some documentation about it is needed.
  7. Any good news about gallery new features and refresh look?
  8. Can we use the latest elastic search version already?
  9. Any news about this? The system could be integrated with Amazon aws or cloudflare. Very very needed features for my community!
  10. Please take some time to make wiki a usable feature with moderation. I want to use it so much! But without moderation spam can take over and destroy great content.
  11. We need better video handling with resizing, auto thumbnails and mp4 processing. Stories would be great also. The modal window for images should be better also, and overall the use of built in browser JavaScript is more than needed.
  12. Perfect! Even with all the server side optimization, big css and JavaScript files give IPS just regular pagespeed insight scores. With these optimizations reducing the size and the number of css and JavaScript files we will have much better user experience and scores. Nice! And would be great to have a front end on Next.js as a paid option for IPS. Using this most modern approach the user experience would be the best for today’s technology. I would like to see a better explanation about keeping or replacing the current rankings. Still don’t know which one to choose, as long as my community uses customized rankings.
  13. Number one priority!
  14. Can I use the latest versions of Elastic Search and Redis on 4.6? So excited waiting for the stable version to upgrade my community!
  15. I had the same issue. The message should not be something went wrong, but you need to renew the app license!
  16. Is Instagram still accepting logins? I tried to update my Instagram Login Handler that was not working anymore and I saw this message on Facebook Developers:
  17. Nice! I will learn and build! First doubt: plugin or app for just some tasks?
  18. Can custom task methods be added?
  19. I like fast!! I have been begging for a faster IPS with less JavaScript and less CSS burden and maybe font awesome 6 could also be added to the light speed petition!
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