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  1. Hello, I'm interested in buying the download application, does it allow Upload Remote URL? The intend to add in the future? Ex:https://xfilesharing.com/?op=upload_form
  2. Hisashi

    (itzverified) member verification

    Yes Another thing, a permission option to determined the group that can request verification.
  3. Hisashi

    (itzverified) member verification

    Puts an option to choose the color.
  4. Hisashi

    Discord Server Widget

    Interesting, better than the overall model, has a cleaner design.
  5. What the IPS Marketplace it's becoming? Without wanting to devalue the work of the developers, because some do an excellent job. Like for example Chatbox which is an excellent application and is completely free. But lately has appeared absurd plugins in store for sale, I understand that IPS will not dictate what it can and can not, but people need to be less ambitious. An example: I remember that long ago, there was a person selling a plugin that transforms the text Rank into Title, but then became free.
  6. Hello, The IPS keeps the code-by-code log of all changes to the articles, this table is getting heavy as the time, due to constant changes. It would be nice if had an option in IP.Pages to clear this log in a certain period set by the administrator.
  7. Hisashi

    Compare the versions

    Yes, thank you.
  8. Hisashi

    Compare the versions

    It has a page here at IPS, where users could compare the versions. Does anyone know the link? @Rikki I'm not talking about this https://invisionpower.com/release-notes/
  9. In IPB3 it had a standard tool, that administrators could choose the maximum avatar size in topic. This is very useful in square format. Not everyone wants a small avatar in their community.
  10. Hisashi

    (BIM43) Article Thumbnail

    I had already requested a simpler and sufficient version, now it got better.
  11. Will you update the theme Mnd to version 4.1.7?

  12. Hisashi

    Mind Theme

    @XndrMc Will you update the theme to version 4.1.7?
  13. Hisashi

    About IPS Chat

    If the service will be terminated, you could remove the limit of online users until you completely terminated. Another suggestion. Make the app available for free on the market. (No update)