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  1. ACP > Members > Staff > Moderators > Moderator Group > Member Management > Can use the 'Flag As Spammer' tool?
  2. Hello I'm using two elements to cause fast page loading. <img data-src="{file='$file' extension='cms_Records'}" loading="lazy" style="height: auto;" class="ipsImage MangaImage" alt="..."> data-src and loading="lazy" My doubt is, does one thing cancel out the other or can maintain these two elements? I have a manga reader, the images are heavy.
  3. Hello This new ad type would be useful for admins who want to promote a campaign on another website and track clicks, or even just to track a link. Example
  4. Hello, I upgraded today to 4.6.4 and right now the community seems a little slow to load any page, is this normal? This right after the update (it wasn't like that before) Could it be something in background? ----- Edited ----- Already normalized
  5. If it's a new website/domain, it usually takes time for google to start ranking your website. --- Edited: You have to work on content and increase traffic.
  6. Hello, In tab showing members, display a count of total members as in the example below.
  7. Hello, The bar showing the rank follows space of main menu, so if the dropdown menu has too many buttons, this happens.
  8. What version is installed? I've had problems like these in old version, my case it was the php version. I use cpanel, so it's simple for me to make this change, if it's not something complicated for you try this. Test 7.0 to 7.4 php
  9. Haven't had time to update to test it yet, I remember one of them was in the followers
  10. It is probably already possible, it would also be interesting the developers to create rules for their applications
  11. checkbox set > field When you try to mark an option by searching, he doesn't fill. 2021-07-19 15-34-47.mp4
  12. Any news about? Whether this is a bug or not?
  13. Hello, I don't know if this is exactly a bug, but I don't think it should work like that, tell me if I'm wrong. When I search for a content inside Checkbox set and click, the markup doesn't work, it just looks as if it had been marked. Searching... When you click nothing happens
  14. Hello, My community uses another custom theme as main and I haven't changed anything in default theme, how can I fix this warning? Or is it because of the custom theme that this warning is showing?
  15. Hello, I noticed that upload field doesn't have any more specific limit, can anyone abuse, is there a way to limit this? I wanted to limit it as follows... Number of items in multiple uploads File size
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