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  1. All I had to do was move my class to the header? I feel dumb. You are my hero today! Worked like a charm!
  2. Hello, I am trying to add some videos to my Pages and I keep running into the issue of the embedded videos not fitting correctly. I need the videos that are placed via the Page Builder: Media Embed block to allow a custom width as enabling an unlimited width via my Admin CP settings makes all the topics that contain videos a bit overkill in size. I see that I can add custom css to the block, but I do not see how I can change the class and the custom css does not override the theme's css coding from what I can tell. I created an HTML block for some videos and gave them a class with custom css via the theme and all that worked well, but this is not ideal for my use. Am I missing something simple that would allow the block to bypass the Admin CP's maximum video width setting?
  3. I was working on some Zapier integrations and stumbled upon Invision Community being an app and got super excited. I'm still excited seeing that it is now in Beta here and moving forward. I know this might not be the best place for a suggestion/back, but I truly hope that I can pull feature images from articles as that would allow so much automation when it comes to image only social media. Currently the RSS feed app does not know what image to pull and I have yet to find a work around. (I'm self hosted, so can't try the app yet).
  4. Yes, "image citation" was just the generic way for me to list all the different ways to provide the license information for stock image sources and licensed images, the credit for public domain images, internal staff copyrights, etc. It looks like this site even uses a custom css solution in their staff blogs and such.
  5. Hello, I was wondering how others handle giving credit to images used in Invision Community as a whole, but mostly in records in the Pages app. We post a lot of news articles and many are sourced from other news articles to put an article together and citing these sources is easy if needed, but images seem to be a bit more difficult. Most articles on other software will cite the image credit directly below the image, but there does not seem to be a great way to do this in Invision. I was wondering how others have overcome this issue. Do you just drop the credit in the bottom of the article, or have you come up with a better way? Yes, we do try to use custom and in house images whenever possible, but getting a 1st hand picture of a phone sitting in a Chinese factory floor is not always possible. So no need for that reply.
  6. IPS Commerce Support is a heavy, UI filled support ticket system to help users contact staff on communities. It works very well for that function (which probably 90% of IPS customers use it for). It is, however, not designed for a full blown enterprise support ticket system that a software company will find themselves dealing with. Most types of sites have markets were users may never contact support or just need it once every 20+ sales. Where as a software company like Invison Power probably deals with 20 tickets per sale and it is not the best solution out there for that volume. However, a built in integration with zendesk as option 2 would be a very nice thing. I think we can all agree that IPS Commerce as a whole is not always the best solution in ecommerce and the less "it basically works for now" 3rd party integrations would be better for all.
  7. Hello, I have found numerous topics about this two items, but no answer to the correct size of the image. Is there a set px size that would make the perfect size or are these a "fluid" box and things will fit better depending on the theme and screen size? Obviously, I know any image technically works, but is there a "perfect" size. Thank-you
  8. Excellent designs and service. Designs are graphically heavy in appearance, which adds an amazing look and feel for your users, but also run smoothly and do not experience any heavy loading delays or resources that would be expected of these styles of design.
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