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  1. Thank You Adriano. This worked perfectly.
  2. Is it possible to have the original date as shown in the screenshot above DISABLED by default ? We use this a lot for various post templates and when we copy the template from our editorial forum to the main one the person editing this often forgets to uncheck this value and its a lot of steps to go into the database and set a new post date .... If not possible to make it an option, is there a manual edit we can make to turn this flag off ?
  3. I had a user approach me about a problem he and his son encounter on our site. They use a shared computer and have different login accounts. When one is finished he logs out and the other attempts to login. This used to work fine but now fails. After logging out, when the alternative account details are entered the site does nothing then eventually comes back with a 500 or 524 error via cloudflare. If the user takes the extra step of clearing cookies from the site after he logs out, the other user can logon as normal. I was able to reproduce the issue myself using my admin account and a test account. We do have a constants.php but there are no cookie settings in it that I can see .... define( 'REPORT_EXCEPTIONS', true ); define( 'REDIS_ENABLED', false ); define( 'STORE_METHOD', 'Database' ); define( 'STORE_CONFIG', '[]' ); define( 'CACHE_METHOD', 'None' ); define( 'CACHE_CONFIG', '[]' ); define( 'CACHE_PAGE_TIMEOUT', 600 ); define( 'SUITE_UNIQUE_KEY', '<value>' ); In the error logs I do see a timeout which matches the time when the user gets timed out. [17-Apr-2019 13:50:55 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 90 seconds exceeded in /home/<site>/public_html/system/Db/Db.php on line 600 Its not a huge deal as there is a workaround/solution but it would be nice if we could make it work like it used to where one user logged out and the next user could login without jumping through all sorts of hoops ..... Any suggestions ?
  4. I just bought this plugin yesterday and thought to bash ahead and do some conversions without brain engaged .... end result is that I made a mistake on our live forum converting a forum to a club and accidentally deleted the forum content for that new club. so its basically lost as far as I can see as its no longer in the forum area and now deleted from the clubs. Luckily I chose to try this out on a smaller, less used area of my site so the damage is limited ! I currently have a DEV copy of the same forum up and running which uses a copy of the original database, and as this particular forum was not heavily used and the content is more or less the same as my live site (I might lose a few topics but not all) I thought I could install the plugin on the DEV site, convert the forum on the DEV site to a club then export the SQL for that club on the DEV site back into my live site. However I get an error installing the plugin and not sure what the issue is. There are no errors logged on the system or error logs and no server error.log file in the site folders when viewed in FTP. Have tried disabling all the plugins, clearing caches, rebuilding indexes, optimising and repairing SQL tables etc. My alternative is to try and extract all the info (posts, topics, etc) from the dev site and copy them back to the main site. I can do that with the forum itself and the topics as I can isolate these by forum_id (21) but cannot see how I can do it with the posts ! This was the error ... anyone encountered this before ? or have another suggestion on how I can restore this forum/club Oops, thers seems to be a problem: /admin/?adsess=ee4b9c95b82896b99ab67d8ff66e0874&app=core&module=applications&controller=plugins&do=doInstall&file=/tmp/IPSitu5wF&key=8a6f17d2d35a7e5f705abb3d22e5d26c does not seem to be loading right now. Go back to <site>/admin/?adsess=ee4b9c95b82896b99ab67d8ff66e0874&app=core&module=applications&controller=plugins EDIT - got it restored in the end, but it was a manual process that involved finding the data in the DB copy, then running a bunch of SQL queries to get the forum ID then the topics for that forum id, and finally the individual posts for those topics based on the topic IDs in the posts. Pretty laborious, but it worked.
  5. Admin CP > Groups > whichever group you want to permit > Content > Social Media Promotion toggle ON
  6. Add me to that list too. We have a bunch of housekeeping to do on our site as its approaching the end of the football (soccer) season in the UK and we tidy things up once a year at that time. We are also looking to update to 4.3 between now and July/August and may have a bit more re-arranging to do so re-instating this feature would be desirable.
  7. How do I enable this ? I dont seem to have this available as an option for moderators or admins ?
  8. Does that mean an administrator cannot ? I dont see it at all ... but thats not really an issue as I prefer to keep using your plugin. its plain and simple and does all that i need . I know, thats what i mean .... he is used to using your plugin to promote to article and that was it .... his editing was finished .... now I am asking him to promote to article then go back to the newly promoted article and use the internal system to promote to social media and to 'our picks' if we want it there too. (no big deal and off topic for the functionality of the plugin).
  9. Where do you enable it ? I cant see the option to do so in the member groups or in forum permissions anywhere. It is probably staring me in the face but I cannot find it in ACP I like your plugin as its quite simple and puts a link there right on the actual post. no extra clicks or hidden in menus anywhere .... more importantly, my editor finds it easy to use ! He just has to get his head round the new promote to social media and to 'our picks' option in 4.2
  10. I can promote to Facebook, Twitter or 'Our Picks' and all of these are welcome additions, but have I missed the option to promote an individual post to an actual article ? I did not see that and thats what this plugin does.
  11. Thanks for the rapid response and new version. This is an essential plugin for my non-tech savvy guy who manages our editorial team.
  12. Having the same issue in 4.2. cannot see the option to promote to article. will send a PM if thats ok.
  13. I have the opposite issue ... the old URL was flagged by Webmarshal as malicious but this one now loads fine
  14. I am using 4.19.4 and it does seem to work. When I enable it I get no ads on the login or sign-up screens and when I disable it I do get ads. I did drag it to the top of the list in the plugins page on ACP. I have asked google to review the page. If it still doesnt pass the sniff test then I may have to go down the route of the custom blocks and place them manually. I dont have a lot of adverts so its not going to be a ridiculous task to set them up on forums, articles and blogs only Would be nice if this could be addressed in a future version of the software though.
  15. I just checked the plugin we use and it does seem to work. I disabled it and it instantly showed ads on the login/register screen. I re-enabled it and the ads were gone. Going to query with google.
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