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  1. Thank You Adriano. This worked perfectly.
  2. Is it possible to have the original date as shown in the screenshot above DISABLED by default ? We use this a lot for various post templates and when we copy the template from our editorial forum to the main one the person editing this often forgets to uncheck this value and its a lot of steps to go into the database and set a new post date .... If not possible to make it an option, is there a manual edit we can make to turn this flag off ?
  3. We were the first site for our team in the early days where the upstart world wide web was taking over from Fidonet and Usenet so that helped. We were also part of the rivals.net network of sports sites which got us publicity (and funding) during the so-called (first) dot-com bubble, and we also have longevity compared to other sites which came and went. For a while we were also the official site for our club and have a long history of working with them so we get traffic by association too. It was a slow process though and we worked hard on it. Our first influx of members came from out of
  4. We earn just about enough each year through Google Ads and a few donations to pay for our hosting and software renewals and maybe the odd mod or two. That's the aim each year. Never going to get rich doing it but its satisfying that the community has a stable core of members with others coming and going over the years. Been doing this site for 26 years (1994) and using Invision since 2007. Like others, its a passion project (my favourite football [soccer] team) with a secondary pull that it keeps me connected to my home city after moving away from there in 2003.
  5. I just bought this plugin yesterday and thought to bash ahead and do some conversions without brain engaged .... end result is that I made a mistake on our live forum converting a forum to a club and accidentally deleted the forum content for that new club. so its basically lost as far as I can see as its no longer in the forum area and now deleted from the clubs. Luckily I chose to try this out on a smaller, less used area of my site so the damage is limited ! I currently have a DEV copy of the same forum up and running which uses a copy of the original database, and as this particular
  6. Add me to that list too. We have a bunch of housekeeping to do on our site as its approaching the end of the football (soccer) season in the UK and we tidy things up once a year at that time. We are also looking to update to 4.3 between now and July/August and may have a bit more re-arranging to do so re-instating this feature would be desirable.
  7. How do I enable this ? I dont seem to have this available as an option for moderators or admins ?
  8. Does that mean an administrator cannot ? I dont see it at all ... but thats not really an issue as I prefer to keep using your plugin. its plain and simple and does all that i need . I know, thats what i mean .... he is used to using your plugin to promote to article and that was it .... his editing was finished .... now I am asking him to promote to article then go back to the newly promoted article and use the internal system to promote to social media and to 'our picks' if we want it there too. (no big deal and off topic for the functionality of the plugin).
  9. Where do you enable it ? I cant see the option to do so in the member groups or in forum permissions anywhere. It is probably staring me in the face but I cannot find it in ACP I like your plugin as its quite simple and puts a link there right on the actual post. no extra clicks or hidden in menus anywhere .... more importantly, my editor finds it easy to use ! He just has to get his head round the new promote to social media and to 'our picks' option in 4.2
  10. I can promote to Facebook, Twitter or 'Our Picks' and all of these are welcome additions, but have I missed the option to promote an individual post to an actual article ? I did not see that and thats what this plugin does.
  11. Thanks for the rapid response and new version. This is an essential plugin for my non-tech savvy guy who manages our editorial team.
  12. Having the same issue in 4.2. cannot see the option to promote to article. will send a PM if thats ok.
  13. I have the opposite issue ... the old URL was flagged by Webmarshal as malicious but this one now loads fine
  14. Having the same issue and thought it was related to something else. Response from IPS was as follows : The OutOfRangeException errors in the ACP system logs are not related to polls they are caused by a plugin attempting to load a content item that does not exist. Specifically the problem is caused by the "Ban From Topic" Plugin. Please disable this plugin or contact the modification author for assistance. These are some examples from the logs : OutOfRangeException: (0) #0 /home/site/public_html/init.php(447) : eval()'d code(73): IPS\_Content::loadAndCheckPerms('29634') #1 /ho
  15. thanks Adriano - v1.0.2 fixed the problem. awesome turnaround time in getting it fixed.
  16. this is what I see (minus the part that shows the poll content itself). Let me know if you want to see it on the site itself Wed, 13 Jan 2016 19:35:00 +0000 (Severity: 0) xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx - http://caleythistleonline.com/topic/27267-poy-template/?do=copy&id=27267 Unknown column 'tid' in 'field list' INSERT INTO `ibf_core_polls` ( `tid`, `start_date`, `choices`, `starter_id`, `votes`, `forum_id`, `poll_question`, `poll_only`, `poll_view_voters` ) VALUES ( ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ? ) | File | Function
  17. recently upgraded to latest version of IPS4 ( and during the upgrade it disabled this and other (3rd party) plugins. After re-enabling it, it now throws a EX1054 error when copying a topic with poll ... any ideas ?
  18. Work in progress but this is ours: http://caleythistleonline.com
  19. unfortunately, the live upgrade encountered this same issue yesterday. Based on the past experience, once IPS have time to answer my ticket from early this morning I think we will finally complete our upgrade today .... (think it took about 6 hours from the fix on the test site to the completion of the rebuild). Other than that everything seems to be good at first glance.
  20. As a post-script to this, and in the interests of fairness, I should point out that IPS did help me, and so did my hosting provider. In the end IPS were not able to bodyswerve the ticket and between the three of us (me, host, IPS) we got it sorted. I believe both of them went beyond the official remit they provide so I have thanked both privately, and now publicly. the problem turned out to be something in the database that was neither the fault of the software or the hosting environment. The rebuild process got hung up on a couple of database entries that had either got corrupted or were mal
  21. I understand where you are coming from and I dont think I am being unreasonable. I waited 16 days for my last issue to be resolved and didnt complain too much even though it caused me to miss my target upgrade date of 30th May (there was a reason for choosing that date). I know they were busy with V4.0 issues on live sites so I sucked it up and have set myself a new target date (again, there is a reason for this date). I realise they are still busy with live sites and I have no problem with slipping down the priority list for a few days but that's not the case here. they are saying this will
  22. ​simply untrue I have a current ticket outstanding (917384) for what I hoped would be a final test to the upgrade process from 3.4.8 to 4.0.x. As with previous tests, i ran into errors, and although the previous ones were seen as bugs and IPS helped me through it without saying they did not support test sites, this is the response I got for my latest issue which was signed by the "Hosting and Support Manager". ISSUE Upgrade from 3.4.8 to 4.0.7 performs without hitch. involves 3 or 4 manual sql queries that are provided but thats about all I had to do other than make sure my paths were adjus
  23. You buy the software and get (that version of) the software forever but you also get 6 or 12 months of ticket support and access to any new versions released in that time without any additional payments. At the end of the support period you have the option to renew your maintenance/support or to let it lapse. If you renew you continue to get access to new versions and support, if you do not renew you can continue to use the product up to the version number that was available when your maintenance expired. We currently have one active license and one we let expire. I work in this field as a s
  24. 37 days since this thread was started without a sniff of any official comment or response on what seems to be a fairly simple question. Poor show IPS. Can we please have an answer? even a one word answer !!! It seems to be important to many of us and ignoring the polite requests for this info is, quite frankly, both rude and ignorant. If its not coming back then just say so ... if it is but there are challenges then perhaps give us a clue rather than leaving us hanging. I have stuck with content/pages from the moment it was released a few years back despite the ongoing lack of documentation
  25. we are on RC now and still no sign of this or an answer ...... will this be reinstated ?
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