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  1. Hisashi's post in My own app was marked as the answer   
    AdminCP > Customization > Icons & Logos

    Just configure the images and manifest details.
    Need clear cache.
  2. Hisashi's post in 'Flag as Spammer' Button - Change who sees it in profiles? was marked as the answer   
    ACP > Members > Staff > Moderators > Moderator Group > Member Management > Can use the 'Flag As Spammer' tool?
  3. Hisashi's post in Stock photo picker was marked as the answer   
    Are you referring to Pixabay?
    System > Site features > Community Enhancements
  4. Hisashi's post in Issues with Moderation permissions in forum. was marked as the answer   
    It's because of "Content" it applies to all content. 
    Need to uncheck desired options there
  5. Hisashi's post in Help with an edit > Most Contributions was marked as the answer   
    After some more research, I found the code to generate the user's profile address, which was exactly how I wanted it.
    {$member->url()} Result:
    <a href="{$member->url()}content/?type=cms_records_review1&change_section=1">content</a>  
  6. Hisashi's post in Text-link in footer was marked as the answer   
    Templates > core > front > global > footer
    <li><a href='{{if \IPS\Settings::i()->privacy_type == "internal"}}{url="app=core&module=system&controller=privacy" seoTemplate="privacy"}{{else}}{setting="privacy_link"}{{endif}}'>{lang="privacy"}</a></li> Add below:
    <li><a href='URL'>Text</a></li>  

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