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Duplicate images when copying and pasting

Gabriel Torres
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Here is a weird behavior we are seeing in our install. When copying and pasting an image directly into the editor, the image is duplicated. I disabled all apps, plugins and used the default, unmodified theme, cleared the cache, cleared the Cloudflare cache, at no avail. The same behevior doesn't happen here in the Invision Community.

Below is a short video showing the issue.

Thank you in advance.

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@Marc Stridgen @Gabriel Torres I'm also able to reproduce this along with some members of our site and another admin.

It happens on my Mac with Safari or Chrome, and on windows with Microsoft Edge with no plugins.

Firefox is also a bit weird... it pastes the image once and then the filename along with it as well, which doesn't seem right (at least, not consistent with what it normally does).

This only happens when you actually Ctrl+V the image, the drag and drop and using the "Other media" methods work as expected. It started happening after the 4.6.12 update, the release notes suggest the CKEditor plugin was updated.


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I am unable to replicate this on your site. I will need step by step on this, including

  • Which browser and version you are using
  • exactly where you are copying from
  • how exactly you are pasting

I know that sounds like some are obvious, however as I cannot replicate, there has to be something we are doing differently here to what you are doing there.

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3 hours ago, Marc Stridgen said:

Which browser and version you are using


On 4/25/2022 at 6:22 PM, Gabriel Torres said:

It happens on a variety of browsers. I use Chrome, but moderators reported this issue happening with Edge, Brave, and Firefox ESR as well. So it is defintely not browser-related.


3 hours ago, Marc Stridgen said:

exactly where you are copying from

Answer: Anywhere. But for my tests, I am simply hitting "Print Screen" to grab a screenshot and trying to paste it.

3 hours ago, Marc Stridgen said:

how exactly you are pasting

Answer: Control V or right click > paste

Note: I've already tried to paste here doing exactly the same steps, and the issue doesn't happen. As mentioned, I've tried disabling all extra apps and plugins, at not avail.

No big deal, as we are planning to move our install to IPS Cloud very soon. Then, if it keeps happening, you will be able to investigate it further, but hopefully the migration fixes the issue... LOL

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This is happening to us as well since upgrading to A user is complaining it is happening to him on Chrome. I tried it on both MAC (Safari, Chrome, Firefox etc) and Windows 10 (Chrome) and I wasn't able to replicate it on those browsers. However, I was able to replicate it on Firefox and EDGE on Windows 10.

This occurs when doing a drag and drop. Not when using the "Chose file".

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I did some further testing on MAC. I personally never use the CTRL+C>CTRL+V method so I didn't check previously but the issue is also very much present under MAC OS. I compiled all browsers I used to test this with both methods (CTRL+C>CTRL+V and Drag/Drop). This is very odd. In some instances it's the CTRL+C>CTRL+V and in other instances it's the Drag/Drop that generate these duplicates. Here is a summary of my findings and they can be reproduced consistently. None of the  browers I used have addins/addons.

I also tried doing the same test on this Invisionscommunity forum but this does not occur in none of the browser. However, with Firefox and Firefox based browsers (WaterFox and Tor) the CTRL+C>CTRL+V does not work. No picture is pasted. Only the file name.

This does not seem like an end user related configuration issue.

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Ok guys I found the source of the problem.

This is el defo an issue with Invision backend. This is also why this invisioncommunity forum does not experience this issue. They have the "Paste as rich text initially, but allow user to paste as plain text instead." enabled. Anyone else experiencing the duplicating image issue like us is because they have the "Always paste as plain text" enabled. I was able to replicate this in all the browsers I tested.

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Invision can you please fix this?

Thank you.


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