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  1. I wasn't aware of that. It would be helpful to have it on the front page as I never open a category to look for files. I often search to see if something exists. There doesn't seem to be a way to search by version.
  2. It would be helpful if Marketplace had version filters so I can easily see if a tool will work for the version I am on.
  3. Hi @Andy Millne, is this something you'd consider? I really like the feature, but don't want to manually promote it each month. Thanks
  4. We have a "time out" policy where we tell people they cannot interact for 30 days. If they do, they will be banned for 30 days. We use it every now and then. https://squarewheelscycling.com/index.php?/time-out/ This would be really helpful. Can you set a time limit in it? Thanks
  5. I like this. When I renew my license I will buy this.
  6. I thought they don't allow mods for items they decided to remove?
  7. I understand your frustration in trying to make so many people happy. We're not asking for indeed. What you've developed will be perfect.
  8. Oddly this stopped working for me. Not sure when or why. This happen to anyone else?
  9. I purchased and installed here, not displaying. https://www.pathlabtalk.com/forum/
  10. Reminder posts would be really helpful. I find people forget this even exists on the site and don't post pics or vote.
  11. Still hoping for an update. This is a goofy app, but people like it.
  12. Thanks, I was looking for something for the forntend where everyone can see this.
  13. Is there a plug in / app that lists who gave the most likes?
  14. There is one problem item on the list. It is displayed in Our Picks, and that link works. I added it to the home page as a block, which goes to a broken page. When I go to Manage Promoted Items, it's not listed, so I'm not sure how to fix it. Ideas?
  15. Some even have already. 🙃
  16. I run a cycling site, a user presented the following: The idea is that we start a topic where people enter their daily miles (cycling only, I think, or it will get messy) and we add them to our forum total as we go. We start on Jan 1 and we try to get everyone to participate. So if I ride 20 miles, I post it in the topic, "20 miles on 1/1/21. 20 total." Then the next poster enters, "26 miles 1/1/21. 46 total." And so on. People wouldn't have to post each day. If they miss entering their rides, they could then post multiple rides in one post and total them, as long as they don't replicate previous dates. We can set a forum goal, depending on how many participate of, say, 50,000 miles (twice around the earth) or even as much as 112,000 (half way to the moon). Whatever seems doable. I have Pages, is this something I can create a page where people add their miles and a date and it then lists that user, their miles, the date, and a total among all users? I have never built anything with Pages. Thanks
  17. Maybe not the same as what you're doing, but I use this inside a global template, and it works. <div class="ipsClearfix ipsResponsive_showDesktop"> stuff </div>
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