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  1. Perfect once last question. Some of my users don't like comments on their for sale threads, is there a option for a user to disable comments if they don't want them?
  2. Can you also post Wanted ads with this?
  3. My community is like it. Seems more modern than the system every other forum software seems to use but I understand some people don't like change.
  4. Yes sorry I didn't realise there were another set of settings in Community. Working now TY.
  5. I just purchased this and running into the same issue where Ignore Topic is missing. I've tried the quick fix with no luck.
    Great skin. Thank you for making it freely available.
  6. That's all I needed to know thanks 🙂
  7. I have backups of everything that's no issue and the databases are all separated but I'd still like to know if the VB5 attachment/avatar folder gets modified at all during the migration.
  8. I've set my test IPS forum up along side my VB5 and want to do a test migration. Question I have is will the VB5 attachments and custom avatar folder be modified in anyway? I don't want to break the main site while doing my trial migration run.
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