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  1. Another assumption. So again I'll ask: do you even know that an update is needed for 4.4?
  2. You're posting similar things elsewhere - do you even know that an update is needed for 4.4?
  3. I commissioned a plugin to do all of this stuff a number of years ago. I'm glad it seems like this will no longer be needed. The author links to this post right there. 😄
  4. Yes please to both or either of these types of requests.
  5. The words "beta release" are in what you quoted…
  6. I didn't realize that, because the first time I went there it said "beta." You must have visited it before me. That's all. I'm glad they're rolling it out over time, too. 🙂
  7. Sorry, yes, got some bad advice now looking back on it. I've switched things over, and will shut up now here on this topic. I apologize. Thank you.
  8. I was told that I could set up a recurring payment subscription with the current version of IPS, only to find out after buying it and setting it up that clients still have to manually approve and pay for each monthly invoice. If this is finally fixed, thank goodness, but I'm skeptical because it was supposedly a feature already. I want people who sign up for the subscription to be automatically billed each month, with the option to cancel at any time. That doesn't work the way it is supposed to in 4.3.
  9. I commissioned a plugin to do all of this stuff, but it'll be nice to have it built into the system.
  10. How does the code look on the back end @A Zayed? In other words, if I enable this plugin, and then eventually disable it, will all of the external links created while it was enabled continue to function? They're just written out as "embeds" in the HTML stored in the database? Or do they require the plugin to remain active?
  11. @Adriano Faria Typo there in the settings. Obviously doesn't affect functionality, but something to clean up alongside a future fix/improvement release. You can see it in your screenshot above: Acitivity -> Activity
  12. My question is: I can have BOTH going, right? Since they have the same unique ID, whether they log in OR post, it'll push the notification back two months, right?
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