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  1. You can search in the Marketplace. I looked quickly but didn't see anything when I searched for just "Disqus".
  2. iAwards

    I installed the update. Only awarded two awards since the upgrade, and wasn't having problems before, but 1.0.10 is up and running smoothly so far.
  3. iAwards

  4. Spacious ACP/Widgets

    Thanks. All set!
  5. Spacious ACP/Widgets

    @Flitterkill, I see only two identical .xml files when I go to "Download" the entire thing at: Am I missing something or doing something wrong? I click "Download" and see two .xml files. No .tar. I have the previous version (which shows up in my "Applications" list as 2.0.0 installed February 10) installed currently.
  6. In previous versions, for as long as I've had 4.x installed, editing a post even immediately afterward (as an admin) would show me an "edited by" comment. Only three of my groups can "edit silently" but that just means the checkbox appears to give an option to notate the edit. Since upgrading to 4.1.19, no "edited by" content appears. For example… https://thesandtrap.com/forums/topic/93148-two-strokes-for-ob-instead-of-strokedistance/?do=findComment&comment=1295143 was posted March 10, before 4.1.19. It was edited and has the "edit_name" and "edit_time" in the forums_posts table in the database. But IPS is not showing the edited by or time stamp. Can others confirm this change (i.e. bug) in 4.1.19?
  7. iAwards

    Scroll up. Sheesh.
  8. iAwards

    That fixed it for me - it re-centered the awards beneath the post (that's where I have them). Cool beans. Thank you. Also, sheesh, lot of little bugs that had to be patched with files. It's off topic, but I wonder what everyone else is going to do: install them even if they're NOT knowingly having problems, or just leave them be? I have only added the Theme file for now.
  9. iAwards

    I just edited my custom.css file.
  10. iAwards

    @-RAW-, the 4.1.19 upgrade to IPS "broke" iAwards displaying the awards beneath posts "centered." I had to add "float: left;" to a CSS file or they just stack up on top of each other vertically instead of lining up side by side (horizontally) and centered.
  11. Random question in 2 factor identification

    Sorry I missed your thread when I started mine.
  12. Spacious ACP/Widgets

    This works with
  13. Point is right now it's lossy, and a bunch of solutions are better than just losing the following status. Make it too complicated to add the feature and there's even less likelihood this hole will be patched/improved.
  14. Simple: default to the higher notification level. That's at least not lossy. This loses all follower status/settings/data.
  15. I'd love to request this feature. When we merge two topics, the followers of the merged thread are lost. This was particularly costly recently because a moderator merged a multi-year-long topic with hundreds of followers the wrong direction - into a new topic with no followers. And now the followers are all gone. He didn't notice for several days so retrieval of the follower information from the database is impractical. @Lindy, I realize the road map is fairly well set, but is there any place to put these sort of feature requests?