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  1. iAwards

    @InvisionHQ, any word on fixing this?
  2. iAwards

    Still hoping for a fix here. The problem with .svg files continues.
  3. Choose Topic Embed Image

    @Adriano Faria, I'll send you a PM. This stopped working for me last night, for some reason. The plugin doesn't show the menu on a topic that is currently pinned, is the gist of it. Or doesn't seem to.
  4. Kitchen Sink

    Ended up being a weird situation, possibly relating to an old version of cURL and an old work-around in KS. All good now.
  5. Kitchen Sink

    You may have spoken a bit too early. The current version doesn't work. I still get the GET-style URLs with the "+" signs.
  6. Kitchen Sink

  7. Kitchen Sink

    Yes, that was me. Remember? I have your ACP thing, too, and there are no outstanding patches I've applied. I have Kitchen Sink 20.0.0. I have had it since you gave it to me. I disabled EVERY plugin except Kitchen Sink and it still adds a + sign to the URL. This happens in Safari and Chrome, so it's not like it's a browser thing. Nothing needs patched, and this is 4.2.6. I don't have many Applications, either, and you moved Kitchen Sink to the top of the plugins list when you had ACP access the last time.
  8. Kitchen Sink

    I have a fairly significant problem with Kitchen Sink, @All Astronauts. When I search this: with Kitchen Sink enabled, I'm taken to this URL: https://thesandtrap.com/search/?type=forums_topic&q=sixes+challenge and see this in the search bar: I get no results. When I disable Kitchen Sink, and enter the same search, I get this and the results I expect: Why is Kitchen Sink seemingly screwing with my search results by adding a "+" sign between terms? My settings look like this:
  9. Spacious ACP/Widgets

    Install the .tar file. It's an application.
  10. Choose Topic Embed Image

    Maybe you can have your own mod commissioned.
  11. Choose Topic Embed Image

    That would be a different kind of thing altogether. My goal in having this plugin built was to give the administrator the chance to set the image. Your version would let any user change it to whatever they could embed.
  12. Kitchen Sink

    Also you added the ability to shrink the cover photo area if there isn't a cover photo. Which works great! Thanks!
  13. Spacious ACP/Widgets

    I'm glad the "lost" hour isn't lost anymore, since it's resulted in this nice addition. I think most people only use the Support thing when they notice something's broken, which is a shame because some things might be broken for some user group, or for a feature they almost never use, but they might not know about it for weeks. IPS' decision to make these silent patches is, best case, an odd choice.
  14. Kitchen Sink

    Or tonight, maybe.
  15. Kitchen Sink

    Yeah. As small as it can be without breaking stuff.