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  1. @Michael.J, is there a way to stop guests from being able to create topics (via Auto Welcome) in a private forum (members can only see the topic "they" create)? I'm getting a decent number of these:
  2. iacas

    TXT & PHP Widget

    I was using this plugin and determined that I apparently don't even use it, and the Pages blocks are just fine for me, so I've disabled it. Nothing has changed about my site so far.
  3. Yes, I have a few PayPal related errors, but nothing seems amiss there. I'll dig into it more later. One of the recent ones is: {"name":"INVALID_RESOURCE_ID","message":"Requested resource ID was not found.","information_link":"https://developer.paypal.com/docs/api/payments/#errors","debug_id":"8562bab063c59"} There was an error processing the payment. Please try a different payment method or contact us for assistance. The user isn't asked about payment yet, though.
  4. I'm having this same issue. It just spins and spins and spins. I've not updated my main site, but this is another site that I did update, and when they try to create an account, the spinner spins and the account is never created.
  5. iacas

    TXT & PHP Widget

    Hmmm, it doesn't seem like it's going to be. Is it definitively broken on 4.6?
  6. If it doesn't work on macOS/iOS/iPadOS, why show the option to enable push notifications at all? This is a lie: Why not detect the browser or OS, and not show the option (since it's going to fail) on those OSes? I know Apple's privacy tracking (for which I'm very grateful) obfuscates some data, but you can still detect the OS or handle this more gracefully, no?
  7. Well this appears to be abandon-ware.
  8. @Adriano Faria, I noticed this typo after an email search: Display, of course, has letters transposed. Thank you for the plugin. I've added it. Easier than searching for these things (spammy ones) in the database. Or a feature I feel like IPS should have had in their software already:
  9. My point is that it might be nice to see them somewhere in the ACP, because I had 872 from one IP address (which I might like to block), and could have easily had more. These "guest" posts, even if they never make it to the site, still can suck up server resources. I had 1200+ total. Showing them in the ACP somewhere (with IP address, email, etc.) might let an admin notice a trend like what happened to me, and take an action. Thank you. I'll look into that.
  10. I'm back again… Slightly OCD. Is there a way to see these "pending" posts in the user interface, the ACP, anywhere on the site? I'd love to delete the 500 of these… If for no other reason than to just clear them out so I don't have to see them in my forums_posts table. I have over 850 of these from the past few days, just from the one IP address.
  11. My IPS install says 1.4.11, and "up to date" even though 1.4.12 is published/available. And under IPS 4.5, you can't really force it to update, or download the files to manually update.
  12. I did that right before posting. But yeah, it's updated now. Thank you.
  13. :sigh: I wish approvals happened more quickly.
  14. I added a bunch of acronyms like PGA and USGA and LPGA and NBC and ESPN and whatnot to the exceptions list, but when I or a member post a topic with those in the title, they're re-made as Pga, Usga, Lpga, and so on. Could you update the application so that these exceptions apply in that direction, too, and not just in the direction of words that shouldn't be capitalized at all? @TDBF, would happily pay a small fee for this, as I hate editing topic titles.
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