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  1. Nahash5150


    Does uninstalling the application erase the database table?
  2. Nahash5150


    You'd think with all this lockdown people would have more time to work on their projects...
  3. Any updates? Been finding more white background areas. It appears v4.5 has a lot of background CSS to cover...uhggg
  4. Nahash5150


    Any updates? Is the current version safe to use?
  5. Nahash5150


    Could someone be so kind and post a step-by-step so that our existing awards data and configuration is preserved as much as possible when upgrading to the new version for IPS 4.5? Yes I know I'm an idiot and totally inferior to the great minds that frequent here.
  6. Also, you hid the Topic Title... I commented it out and updated the CSS for ipsType_pageTitle to reflect the theme's text color.
  7. Ha! It's the Theme I'm using. Why would the Theme exclude the Topic Title? WEIRD.
  8. Hello, I was wondering if missing Topic Titles at the top of the pages was intended or if this is something in the works for modification?
  9. Hello, Yeah, the auto-save is still working okay. I've run into Themes which break it, so I was just concerned. Anyway, I founds some more CSS issues to take note of for your next update. Under the Moderator CP, the 'Previous' and 'Next' links disappear on Mouse Over (probably turn black). Member display name in Hovercard is hard to read. Under the member page, it's okay. Sound Room card display and on main pages titles are hard to read. Topic hovercards start to display White background when the text extends beyond the boundary of the cell when you scroll down: Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!
  10. Nahash5150


    @InvisionHQ Thanks for all your hard work!
  11. Hmm, it seems to be working now...I'll keep an eye on it.
  12. Hello, I had to delete v1.1 then install v1.1.1 because Marketplace showed v1.1 as the current version. I don't know if that is an Invision issue or not. Also, in V1.1.1 - the editor still does not retain the auto-saved information for posts. I should be able to type something, leave the topic, then go back and the engine remembers my unposted text for that topic. Thank you for your hard work.
  13. @Aethes Thank you! It's a very nice theme and you are doing great work.
  14. Hello, We have started using this theme and discovered that the top menu 'hamburger' is gone (or way off the boundary of the screen) on mobile devices. The '+' for create new content also seems to draw the slide out menu off the boundary of the screen.
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