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  1. Well, that was quick. 😉 Thanks, and sorry, @Jim M. All good now.
  2. I have three profile fields, and they've got custom formatting. Two of them are just text fields, one is a radio button with two choices. Since upgrading from 4.5.x (whatever the latest version was) to 4.6.5.x and now 4.6.6, my custom formatting isn't applied. Also, in the ACP, I get a weird error message that flashes and goes away, and then a jquery error is logged. You can see this happening here: The profile fields display properly on profile pages: https://thesandtrap.com/profile/1-iacas/ They do not display properly on posts: https://thesandtrap.com/forums/topic/110490-rip-norm-macdonald/?do=findComment&comment=1550142 I've looked at: Enabling the default theme. No change. My theme is a child theme anyway with only custom.css changes and a small change to globalTemplate for advertising. Disabling applications. Disabling plugins. None had any effect. Any ideas?
  3. I wasn't even on IPS 15 years ago, and we don't have IPs for members dating back to over ten years, so I don't think that's it.
  4. Yes, I'm talking about "time since registered" portion. I'd like that to be active membership. The rule with the condition "member logs in" is also triggered when you rebuild achievements. Which means a member who created an account and hasn't been back in 17 years would be awarded a "15 years since registering" achievement when you, having first upgraded to 4.6.x, rebuild achievements. Exactly. And problematic, and the reason for starting this topic. Hence my feature request, which is particularly applicable to communities that existed long before 4.6 and the separate table: a way to award members who did "something" (make a post, react to a post, vote in a poll, something) x days, months, years apart. I'd be okay with "365 days of activity" (i.e. they made posts or voted or whatever on 365 different days) because that means they spent "a year" on the forum, even if it takes them four years to do it. I think a number of other communities fell into the same hole as I did: They wanted to reward members with badges and/or points (achievements) for being long-time members of the site. They set up a rule like mine above: to award people with badges and/or points when they are a member for a certain milestone. They rebuilt achievements since this is the first time they've had them with 4.6. They were shocked to see that members who hadn't been on the site for more than a day or two fifteen years ago were getting awarded the badges/points for "10 years of membership!" or whatever. So the feature request is, again, basically this: I'd like a way to give out achievements to members who have been active for a certain period of time.
  5. I didn't even upgrade to 4.6.x until Last week. I was still on 4.5.x until after was out. I set up my achievements, rebuilt them, and saw the issue. Posted in the topic I linked to earlier, talked with support last week, and eventually re-built them again without the "time since registration" achievements. Again, I had linked to the other discussion earlier:
  6. Because I disabled the rules and then re-ran the achievements again after IPS told me that it was working as designed. You'll notice that I don't even have a time-based award, and I've been on the site for quite awhile: https://thesandtrap.com/profile/1-iacas/. Hmmm.
  7. I asked to have the ticket re-opened. But for the fifth time or so… that's what they told me. That it's working as designed. They also told me to create this feature request.
  8. It's not an "opposing point of view." This isn't a matter of opinion. According to IPS, the "user logs in for the day" condition is triggered by a rebuild of achievements. The system is working "as designed" on my forum, where these occurred: He shouldn't have gotten any of those badges, but rebuilding the Achievement Rules triggers the "member logs in for the first time that day" condition and since he registered 9 days, 36 days, 365 days, or 3650 days ago (not this member but thousands of others), they get the achievement, the points, the badge, etc. This is working "as designed" by IPS.
  9. IPS is saying, and I saw on my own forum, that "when" is triggered by a rebuild of the achievements. And again I'll ask you to please stop posting here, as apparently you should file a bug, because the software is working as designed on my site, per IPS.
  10. And yet I'm the guy who filed a ticket specifically because of this thing and was told by IPS themselves that it was working as intended, and that an achievement rebuild will always check the registration date, and so on. Stop posting in this topic please. You're wrong about this, per the results I saw on my forum and per IPS saying so themselves. I'll refer you to the second quote from IPS above: "The "User logs in that day" actually just the trigger to run checks. What is being checked however is days since registration. When you rebuild, it would trigger everything to be checked, as you are essentially manually triggering them. This at present is working as per design."
  11. You do. From support: "An achievement rebuild will always trigger the rule check. The award is for 365 days since joining so has been correctly awarded. I'm not seeing any issues here." "The "User logs in that day" actually just the trigger to run checks. What is being checked however is days since registration. When you rebuild, it would trigger everything to be checked, as you are essentially manually triggering them. This at present is working as per design." "There is currently no method to reward members who have been a long time user since before Achievements or for a long time in general without some action by the user. However, you can certainly suggest a change in our official Feature Suggestion forum for further evaluation."
  12. It does. You've got this one wrong. I had a whole support ticket about it. The "user logs in" event in the rule is triggered by the rebuild of the achievements.
  13. That's my point. If someone creates an account on September 7, 2010, and never visits the site again, if you rebuild achievements on September 7, 2021… they'll be awarded the "10 years of membership" (3650 days) achievement. That's why I want something that recognizes a time frame of active membership. There's no value in giving a "10 years of membership (or on my forum soon, 20) to members who haven't visited in 19 years. That's goofy. It's great that moving forward there's a separate "user logged in" table but that doesn't and won't ever help someone with a long history like this, if the achievement rule is set up like that. I was told by the Support folks on my case to file a feature request for this… so here I am, doing that.
  14. It does work that way when you re-process/rebuild achievements. Doing so triggers the "user logs in" part of the rule and if they registered over ten years ago, even if they never posted, they are awarded the "10 years of membership" achievement (3650 days). So the feature request is for some way of measuring some actual activity like a post, a reputation given, or something to indicate the member was actually on the site to recognize "active membership" over a span of years or months or whatever. @Matt it's a little disappointing that you got this one wrong again given my recent ticket about it. Rebuilding achievements awarded tons of points and achievements to people that logged on one time 14 years ago and never came back again.
  15. I was disappointed to learn that the "time since joining" feature for achievements is just that: a guy who signed up and posted once on January 1, 2001 will have gotten a "20 years since joining!" achievement on January 1, 2021. How about an achievement rule that checks for active use of the forum? When was there first post, and their most recent? On how many days did they make a post, or at least visit (or a reaction, or vote in a poll, etc. Some sort of activity)? That would mean a LOT more than "this guy registered and hasn't been back since that day, but it's 20 years later now" achievements.
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