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  1. If you want to throw money at me to take a look I'll be glad to but since this works on the default theme you otherwise need to talk to your theme author and see what they are doing I can increase the numbers, that's no problem, also will tackle adding a widget for this.
  2. Of course, as long as you are current on renewals it will be avail. Only time I see a re-buy in the future is with ips 5 and that's years away.
  3. Hi, I'm looking at your product - but what I am looking for is some tool that allows me to alter or customize the sort order of PMs, to allow latest message to be displayed at the top.

    Does your Kitchen Sink do that, or is there some means to achieve that?


    Thank you !

  4. That options menu Cog Wheel stuff is a nightmare to deal with (I'd have to write a paragraph or two to explain it...) involving permissions checks that have to be added and 3rd-party application hooks into this area being over-written by KS and no easy way around it. I've made a few specific app fixes but honestly it's more trouble than it's worth (and none of them move things into the options/cogwheel bit - they make sure they are stuck in there at the bottom.) I'm strongly considering pulling some things out of the KS plugin and sticking them in an application to tackle some of these problems. In this case it would literally be just a single hook for this forum post menu bit, and you would have to drag the application to right after the Forums app in the app list. That way, it would let you move the edit and quote buttons into the options menu, and change it into cog wheel if you like, but would cause zero conflicts with any other 3rd party stuff. No 3rd party stuff would appear in the options menu though, there is no real way to handle that at all, at least on my end.
  5. My setting for this in KS is universal; I do have adding forum/category filtering on this but again that's universal still. What you ask is certainly doable but it would need to be in a separate plugin as you want is more involved than just simple setting checks. EDIT: Doh, signed in under a different account, this is AA.
  6. Confirmed (with Chrome and Edge at least). You just need to collapse the browser width to less than 1300px to get it to break. Do that, or even less wide, and now look at how the images set up and try to scroll down the page. There is a hell of a js controller attached to the image tables in Gallery and what you are seeing is that controller not working correctly (image thumbnails spread out past row width into body elements, unable to scroll down the page without it immediately popping back to the top, throbbing elements, etc.). I submitted a bug report regarding it during the beta (and eons past too) but to fix it is some kind of work. I'm assuming something was done to it but appears still messy. I imagine Rikki is rocking back and forth and muttering to himself at the prospect of looking at this controller again. The problem is in how the controller wants to collapse the image table as you shrink the browser. It wants to stick as many images as will fit at the correct aspect ratio per row. Once there isn't enough room it will either resize the images in the row to get them to fit, or once it hits a certain limit, will remove/add an image to the row. When the browser is wide, past that 1320px max-width (or whatever that number is) the controller is all set and happy. But as you collapse the browser width, it's losing the certainty it has to have and freaks out. I have some thoughts on fixes but its a messy messy job.
  7. Just a bump to let everyone know this is all prepped for 4.2. I'll stick it in the marketplace when the release candidates hit (or final if they skip those). Don't bother running this in 4.2 right now. The version avail in the marketplace is fine for the widgets component but the theme is way broke with the changes IPS made to the ACP, FYI in the near-ish future IPS will be removing the ability for the ACP to have customizable themes. No worries - I'm in the process of moving all the Spacious ACP theme stuff into the Spacious Widgets app. At which point since this will just be a single thing again I'll rename it to just Spacious or Spacious ACP. Won't happen by the 4.2 release but soon after.
  8. I'll need to see how the Post Notes author is adding his menu bit. Can you pm to me your site address and some acp credentials? I can take a look at this now.
  9. Is Kitchen Sink the first plugin in your list of plugins? If not drag it to the top and try using Post Notes again.
  10. Just a bump to those still following this. One of the recent 4.2 alphas has done this. You can now pass through a plugin/app setting for the color component instead of just a theme setting. Opacity still must be a hard-coded value. It really is a nothing burger to allow theme/app/plugin settings to be parsed on opacity as well. I *strongly* encourage you to consider including this before 4.2 goes final. As is, I've already written a derpy plugin to account for these guys on opacity and will be releasing to the Marketplace said plugin with the release of 4.2 and will be including it with my apps/plugins by default. I'd rather have a single hook tackling this than everyone else writing the same and traffic-jamming hextorgb with the same calls over and over again. Unless, of course, you include this stuff in hextorgb by default...
  11. Agree, but it won't be in Spacious Widgets though. It's in my to-do pile* though * Warning! It's a big pile...
  12. 2) Maybe 3) I believe IPS incorporated this into 4.2 1) See attached, coming in 4.2 KS. (there is something attached but IPS forums are broken right now and not displaying anything - smells like something Cloudfront is cooking)
  13. /* FOLLOW */ div.ipsFollow.ipsButton.ipsButton_light.ipsButton_verySmall { height:26px; } div.ipsFollow.ipsButton.ipsButton_light.ipsButton_verySmall a { line-height:22px; min-width: 75px; } html[dir="ltr"] .ipsFollow > a:not( .ipsCommentCount ){ left: 0px; padding-left: 0px; } .ipsFollow .ipsCommentCount, .ipsFollow > a > span.ipsCommentCount { margin-top: 0px; } That should get you close. Add to your custom. I tried but the file wouldn't save. a.cEvents_event, .cEvents_event a, .cEvents_event.cEvents_empty span { border-radius: 2px !important; } Either add that to custom or find that bit in the ks.css file and add !important to it. Something in your theme or customizations is over-writing the kitchen sink stuff. It just needs the !important tag to take precedence.
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