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  1. Kitchen Sink

    My setting for this in KS is universal; I do have adding forum/category filtering on this but again that's universal still. What you ask is certainly doable but it would need to be in a separate plugin as you want is more involved than just simple setting checks. EDIT: Doh, signed in under a different account, this is AA.
  2. Spacious ACP/Widgets

    Just a bump to let everyone know this is all prepped for 4.2. I'll stick it in the marketplace when the release candidates hit (or final if they skip those). Don't bother running this in 4.2 right now. The version avail in the marketplace is fine for the widgets component but the theme is way broke with the changes IPS made to the ACP, FYI in the near-ish future IPS will be removing the ability for the ACP to have customizable themes. No worries - I'm in the process of moving all the Spacious ACP theme stuff into the Spacious Widgets app. At which point since this will just be a single thing again I'll rename it to just Spacious or Spacious ACP. Won't happen by the 4.2 release but soon after.
  3. Kitchen Sink

    I'll need to see how the Post Notes author is adding his menu bit. Can you pm to me your site address and some acp credentials? I can take a look at this now.
  4. Kitchen Sink

    Is Kitchen Sink the first plugin in your list of plugins? If not drag it to the top and try using Post Notes again.
  5. Spacious ACP/Widgets

    Agree, but it won't be in Spacious Widgets though. It's in my to-do pile* though * Warning! It's a big pile...
  6. Kitchen Sink

    2) Maybe 3) I believe IPS incorporated this into 4.2 1) See attached, coming in 4.2 KS. (there is something attached but IPS forums are broken right now and not displaying anything - smells like something Cloudfront is cooking)
  7. Kitchen Sink

    /* FOLLOW */ div.ipsFollow.ipsButton.ipsButton_light.ipsButton_verySmall { height:26px; } div.ipsFollow.ipsButton.ipsButton_light.ipsButton_verySmall a { line-height:22px; min-width: 75px; } html[dir="ltr"] .ipsFollow > a:not( .ipsCommentCount ){ left: 0px; padding-left: 0px; } .ipsFollow .ipsCommentCount, .ipsFollow > a > span.ipsCommentCount { margin-top: 0px; } That should get you close. Add to your custom. I tried but the file wouldn't save. a.cEvents_event, .cEvents_event a, .cEvents_event.cEvents_empty span { border-radius: 2px !important; } Either add that to custom or find that bit in the ks.css file and add !important to it. Something in your theme or customizations is over-writing the kitchen sink stuff. It just needs the !important tag to take precedence.
  8. Kitchen Sink

    FINAL 4.1.x UPDATE! No version change, just wraps up that last bug thing mentioned above. 4.2 version is just about done. The only things left are the follow button stuff and I'm not sure what to do with the "Add the last post datetime to the section title on topic view?" as that section title line is now gone. A div appears once pagination kicks in but otherwise... Outside of those things KS is 4.2 ready. Price increase with 4.2. $12 to $15 to get in depending on how drunk I am when I release the 4.2 version. Renews the same $5.
  9. Spacious ACP/Widgets

    4.2 default widgets style vs Spacious ACP. I shrink up the header. Also, these two widgets are modified. The improved admins online (which really should be renamed Admins logged into the ACP) and the IPS news widget with much better spacing.
  10. Spacious ACP/Widgets

    Went ahead and added background images to the login page. All the usual Spacious settings are in play including color changes (backgrounds, buttons, and text), adding text, etc. You can also toggle the login box background transparency: solid,80%, and 50%. This all for the upcoming 4.2 release.
  11. Spacious ACP/Widgets

    Spacious ACP good to go for 4.2. All the usual color changes plus you can change the hardcoded ACP orange buttons to whatever you like. Additional dashboard buttons are back in business as well. Naturally, the current release in the Marketplace is still only for 4.1.x but we'll be set for 4.2 on release.
  12. Kitchen Sink

    Kitchen Sink 12 Released! Fixes Classifieds Application incompatibility Patches the above editable topic titles bug Adds forum descriptions to forum titles in forum index views Can now remove both multi-quote and quote buttons from post view. Yell at me if the edit first posts thing is still broken. Forum descriptions are created in the ACP with the full editor, not a plain text field. This KS feature is just pulling over whats there so expect the hottest of messes if you routinely use images and formatted text for your forum descriptions. This is only a convenience feature I've included for those of you who just use text exclusively for your forum descriptions and is not supported for rich-formatted text/image forum descriptions. As note in the updated KS Marketplace description, KS is still supported and under development but it's more or less in a holding pattern until we get the 4.2 alpha. As you can imagine there will be a lot of work to remove/change KS stuff when 4.2 hits so I'm investing my dev time as wisely as I can until then.
  13. New: Richer Embeds

    @Rikki and whoever else: these are *much* better than 4.1 - well done!
  14. Kitchen Sink

    Disable the Allow First Post Edits feature for now. Whatever forum that feature is allowed in (or all if you selected all of them) will have this bug.
  15. New: Additional REST API Endpoints

    Crap. Poop, the search api didn't make it... ( @Joel R suggested edit )