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  1. Hi guys/gals, Is there any options out there for me to have current post images displayed in the expanded version of the stream? Not images from Gallery but actual post attachments that are images. Wasn't sure if this needed to be custom coded out or if a plugin already existed for this idea. Thanks! Chad
  2. Hi guys - Anyone have the code to target just items on the activity stream page? I'm guessing it will be similar to the code that targets just the forums page such as: body[data-pageapp=forums] Thanks for any guidance here. Chad
  3. Ok, thanks for clarification. I typically use HTML code.
  4. One last question Newbie - if I enable Lazy Loading of media content on the site, will this lazy load the ads? If not, is there a way to enable an option to lazy load ads? Thank you! Chad
  5. You are so good! Thanks newbie! Works perfect and seems cleaner to me. 👍
  6. Thank you very much newbie LAC! Per your example, I know there is also an "Extra condition" area where you could return some value (string, number) to display an advert. Could your code in the if statement be altered slightly to ready NOT A SPIDER? In this case I would simply add that one line to the extra condition area vs. wrapping each advert in an if/else statement. {{if \IPS\Session::i()->userAgent->spider}}
  7. Hi newbie - Is there anyway to block the ads from showing to bots? The issue that I am running into is that the Indexing crawler is set to Googlebot Smartphone. However for some reason the ads don't render the mobile version of the ads so Google is penalizing the site for not being mobile friendly when really it is. I see two solutions here if possible. 1.) Allow us to disable ads when bots are crawling the site 2.) Update to code to check for bots and render the mobile ads for them. Thanks for any ideas/support you can offer here. Chad
  8. Was a solution ever discovered for this? Have the same need...
  9. @Rikki would love to raise my hand as well to be a beta tester of the new app. At my wits end with Tapatalk and can't wait to make the switch! One of the best moves IPS has made - very excited for this! 👍
  10. Yes, that is very nice. Pretty much what I am looking for. Just purchased it. Thanks @onlyME! I'm wondering if there is any way to include those thumbnails in the CONDENSED version of the stream as well? Perhaps something like this:
  11. Hi friends - I'm curious if there is a way to show thumbnail images on the activity stream directly? I believe this will help increase user engagement and the likely hood of someone clicking on a topic they might not have otherwise clicked on based on the user generated title alone. I see this a lot with respect to our stats on our mobile apps and wanted to see if we could implement something similar on the activity stream. I searched the archives of topics and market place but wasn't able to find anything relating specifically to this request. If there is no option for this, I'd be happy to talk with any developer here who would like to take on such a paid project. Thanks again - Chad
  12. Hi Nate - There wasn't any code associated with it as it was just a BLOCK that had a filter on "Members I Follow". I think that filter got removed in upgrade to latest version of IPB and thus my block now simply shows all latest posts from all members. Thanks - Chad
  13. Hi guys - I have a block that displays the latest posts of all members I follow. The most recent upgrade seems to have broken that block. Any ideas how to accomplish this again? It's a fairly simple block that displays the latest 5 posts of the members that I follow but doesn't seem to be possible now after upgrade. After the upgrade, my block simply displays the most recent posts of all members (no longer filtering by only Members I Follow). Any ideas? Thanks in advance! Chad
  14. Thanks Joel - I never actually selected the TOPICS checkbox to bring up the forums option. Working good now!
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