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  1. Ok, thanks for clarification. I typically use HTML code.
  2. One last question Newbie - if I enable Lazy Loading of media content on the site, will this lazy load the ads? If not, is there a way to enable an option to lazy load ads? Thank you! Chad
  3. You are so good! Thanks newbie! Works perfect and seems cleaner to me. 👍
  4. Thank you very much newbie LAC! Per your example, I know there is also an "Extra condition" area where you could return some value (string, number) to display an advert. Could your code in the if statement be altered slightly to ready NOT A SPIDER? In this case I would simply add that one line to the extra condition area vs. wrapping each advert in an if/else statement. {{if \IPS\Session::i()->userAgent->spider}}
  5. Hi newbie - Is there anyway to block the ads from showing to bots? The issue that I am running into is that the Indexing crawler is set to Googlebot Smartphone. However for some reason the ads don't render the mobile version of the ads so Google is penalizing the site for not being mobile friendly when really it is. I see two solutions here if possible. 1.) Allow us to disable ads when bots are crawling the site 2.) Update to code to check for bots and render the mobile ads for them. Thanks for any ideas/support you can offer here. Chad
  6. @Rikki would love to raise my hand as well to be a beta tester of the new app. At my wits end with Tapatalk and can't wait to make the switch! One of the best moves IPS has made - very excited for this! 👍
  7. Hi Ryan - I'm having same issue of pre-fixes not displaying on main page despite that being enabled on settings. Worked fine before upgrade to 4.1.19 today. Now it seems the data is there but just not displaying as when you go to edit post you can still change prefix info, just doesn't show up on main page anymore. Searching on prefixes does work still. Thanks for looking into fix - Chad
  8. I tried re-installing the plugin Tom and that seems to have fixed the issue. Thank you and I will keep that in mind for next time. Chad
  9. Hi Tom - we are running 4.1.8 but first noticed it in - could have started earlier but that was just our first observation. Thanks - Chad
  10. Hi Tom - is there any plan to update this file to be compatible with latest version of IPB? Currently it seems the plugin works for all posts EXCEPT for the first post. The very first post opens the PM window but does not put in the quote. Every other post on the topic will work fine. Thanks for the great plugin - Chad
  11. How would we get Recent Forum Images into the block content? If we can do that, then I can simply assign a key to the block and use it in my pages (assuming it would still work without the site wrapper enabled).
  12. Thanks onlyMe - I appreciate your help!
  13. Yeah that is what I am trying to do but I don't know what "some_key" to use to get your Recent Forum Images to display. Any ideas?
  14. Hi onlyMe - is there an option to add this block to a custom page that does not have the site wrapper enabled? Right now it displays fine on the page only if I have the site wrapper enabled. Thanks - Chad
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