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  1. Forum Sidebar

    Any updates on this?
  2. Forum Sidebar

    I also tried installing an earlier version of this app and I get the same results on both the default theme and my custom theme. Is anyone else having this issue? Does anyone have any ideas as to what could be wrong?
  3. Forum Sidebar

    This app doesn't seem to installing correctly on my system. Tried several re-installs and same thing. The blocks appear broken in the forums that they are activated in. Also, I get a tab called forumblocks instead of Blocks like in the product screenshots.
  4. iAwards

    It's actually working. It's just that it takes from a couple of hours up to a full day for the icons to finally show up. I'm on cloud hosting maybe that's why.
  5. Show Signatures Once [Support]

    Edit: Working as it should. Very useful plugin thanks.
  6. iAwards

    Hi, I get a blank/missing award image when I use the upload tool of the iAwards application. It shows a blank/missing image for my custom theme as well as the default IPS4 theme. Any ideas?
  7. Topic Slider

    You're right it was working correctly I figured out what was wrong. I believe I found another bug. In the topic slider global settings, when options like description, posts, read more, topic rating, topic pinned, etc. are all off the slider caption height % does not work. If you enable just one option like description, the caption height % starts working again. This is what I'm experiencing. Bug?
  8. Topic Slider

    Grant, The caption height % isn't working anymore. Please check that. Also, add the ability to set the opacity between the "Title" and "Caption Container" independently. The ability to use a dark Title and light caption container or no caption container at all would greatly improve this hook. Thanks and I really appreciate this hook.
  9. Topic Slider

    Like I knew you would, thanks. I think I found another possible bug. In the "Slide Title and Description" options, if you set Description to "No" the slider bar in the "Caption Container" loses its set opacity. It just turns the caption bar into a solid color. When set back to "Yes" the opacity is restored. Bug?
  10. Topic Slider

    Hey Grant, I own and love your Content Slider and just purchased your Topic Slider and the navbar for the Topic Slider isn't working correctly. The navbar for the Content Slider is working good. It seems like the "Bar" theme navigation in Topic Slider isn't working the way it does with Content Slider. Can you help me with this issue?
  11. Links Directory [IP.Board 3.4]

    Marcher, YouTube links do not redirect. I hope there is a quick fix.
  12. IPC Slider

    When installed on my live board I get a broken slider. It's showing multiple images at the same time and nothing slides. Any ideas? On my test board it loads fine.
  13. News Block

    The "comments" tooltip and profile popup hover card doesn't work anymore. Any news about an update for this block or a fix?
  14. Featured Content for IPS 3.4.x

    Definitely my favorite app for IP.Board thank you another update! I recommend this modification for everyone on all forums. There's so many uses for this application it's unbelievable. Future version suggestions: The ability to select "Allowed Image URL extensions" per group and not globally The ability to select "Pinned" or "Not Pinned" for featured content per group The ability to select "Minimum Amount of Attached Items" or "Minimum Amount of Images" to show featured content per group The ability to select "Allow Youtube videos" for featured content per group Featured content image does not get stretched to the max of the content size
  15. Featured Content for IPS 3.4.x

    Thank you very much for this update. The new "Allowed image URL extensions" feature works great! But, an issue that is still present in this new version is that application still tries to display featured content from a topic with only a youtube video in it. This happens with the "Get contents from Forums" option. In the featured content slideshow it shows this: