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  1. Hi @TAMAN, will you be continuing to support this theme after the marketplace closure? If so, where can we find your site? It's currently not listed, and the demo page is also returning a 404.
  2. Subscription gifts to other users would be absolutely phenomenal and help communities thrive. Live streaming platforms are living proof of this. Top financial supporters are currently held back by this! It totally makes sense that not everything can make it in, but the lack of open ended monetization is truly painful. Here's the topic I made in the past for reference.
  3. Yes please. Would be saving a lot of money on conversion rates.
  4. Hello, I believe commerce in certain communities could be significantly improved with the following: Products and subscriptions should be purchasable as a gift to other members. Example 1: I want to gift 5 subscriptions to different random community members. Example 2: I want to gift a shirt purchase to one specific community member Subscriptions should have options for renewal periods that the customer can pick, along with optional discounts that admins can set. Example 1: The default subscription state is $5/month, but I'd rather pay the whole yearly fee at once, at $60. Example 2: As an admin I want to give a discount for people in Example 1, so that they are only charged $50/year. By searching the forums, it's easy enough to come across similar requests. Especially as someone that hosts a live stream oriented community, gift-based revenue is one of our major driving forces, but this isn't a thing on our website. Thanks for reading and your consideration.
  5. Sitting here, ready to schedule my email, but knowing that I'll be in a work call when I actually want the email to go out. Please make this happen!
  6. Apologies for the necromancy, but with the marketplace app being dead, does the team have an update on whether this is still in the works or on the roadmap?
  7. Their support team said so, but it's a native setting. Either way, we will not be using Stripe, as they classify esports in the same group of restricted business as gambling. Case closed for me!
  8. Yeah, this is how I have it set as well. Must be different from bank to bank then. Stripe claims the phone number's display is required.
  9. I know where to change things, but I'm saying I already have a Statement descriptor and Shortened descriptor, but it still is the Statement descriptor and the phone number that show on statements. Is it possible to avoid showing the phone number at all with Invision?
  10. I'm afraid that's not it! Text stayed black even though I set this to white.
  11. I had this filled in already, may I ask (categorically) what you put there to make it work for you?
  12. I've just set up Stripe payments, and I'm having trouble finding a way to make customer statements (as in, what they see in their bank records) showing some specific information. At the moment, statements will show the business name and the support phone number as provided to Stripe. Stripe support claims this is how it has to be - and that perhaps via the Invision integration one can change what gets displayed. Very much appreciate any insight into this. Rather than the phone number, I'd love for the statement to display the product/donation/subscription name that was bought.
  13. Hi Taman, I have trouble with setting the color of text for entering card payment details (I'm using Stripe). Could you please point me to how to edit the input text color here?
  14. This was the fix after all, however, the tasks only went stable after we applied PHP 8.1. 8.0 didn't seem to do the trick.
  15. Thanks for checking. The cron is something we just set up today in order to try and get around the issue of tasks getting locked. I can confirm though that it is running PHP 8. Right now there are 6 tasks that are locked/stuck. Manually restarting them does work, but they will get stuck again - at least so far this is what I've found today.
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