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Context-based Stripe Statement Notes?

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I've just set up Stripe payments, and I'm having trouble finding a way to make customer statements (as in, what they see in their bank records) showing some specific information.

At the moment, statements will show the business name and the support phone number as provided to Stripe. 

Stripe support claims this is how it has to be - and that perhaps via the Invision integration one can change what gets displayed.

Very much appreciate any insight into this. Rather than the phone number, I'd love for the statement to display the product/donation/subscription name that was bought.

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6 minutes ago, Randy Calvert said:


Could contain: Page, Text

There is also settings for the phone number, etc there.  

I know where to change things, but I'm saying I already have a Statement descriptor and Shortened descriptor, but it still is the Statement descriptor and the phone number that show on statements. Is it possible to avoid showing the phone number at all with Invision?

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30 minutes ago, Randy Calvert said:

Phone numbers don't show on my statements.  Invision is not even aware of your phone number.  So it's not setting it.  

It's set within Stripe.  

Have you confirmed the following is off?

Could contain: Text, Logo

If that does not work, I'm not sure.  But it's definitely a Stripe setup issue instead of IPB.  

Yeah, this is how I have it set as well. Must be different from bank to bank then. Stripe claims the phone number's display is required.

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