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  1. Support the idea. It would be good at least to be able to download invoice as PDF from client area, generated on fly, upon particular request (click by customer).
  2. Yeah, kind of "more" btn to extend possibilities would be useful.
  3. Hello, Can you offer better sorting in Pages app under pages menu? At the moment it sorts alphabetically with no respect of folders priority as in typical directory. So, if we have page "aaa" and folder "bbb" the first one will be the "aaa" page. When you have more pages and folders it starts to be hard to find something with this logic (or its lack actually). Thanks.
  4. Happens that during dev and configuration I keep some errors intentionally what makes operating within ACP hard. E.g. not fully configured payment gateway error appears for every mis-configured payment type. There is no way to close it. I do not want to delete payment type but cannot configure it to connect to external gateway app as site is in dev. Similar matter is about license renewal notice. Cannot dismiss it for e.g. 24h. I suggest to make all admin only errors and noticed be able to dismiss for at least few hours. What issue it cause? when 3 or more of such notices/warnings or errors is on the top there is no way to access many config areas, e.g. theme editor. Example of my Christmas tree start at the top of ACP
  5. Hello, I reported that already but will post that too. We need placeholder configuration for select fields type and other. Let me explain. At the moment when you configure select field with 10 options and check the field to be required the default value will be top one what generates an issue with ignorant users to skip selecting proper option from the selection, so many submissions comes with top option. So far I had workaround by leaving option key empty and setting value to "select...", however somewhere between 4.4.2 and 4.4.7 IPS changed something and submission passes empty option key as valid one and the submissions come with "select..." option. First of all, empty option key should not be passed successfully trough submission but valid solution would be adding config of placeholder for SELECT and other field types that may require that. Thanks.
  6. As IPS Stuff assures us - they watch and listen to us. So more votes up to bring it in somehow soon. In general, I see it like they would recognize a level of sidebar area within specified application, e.g. Index > cat listing > record listing > record display and e.g. by adding category sidebar to Index you can configure how many levels down to display it, or alternatively, select views to apply the sidebar to.
  7. Hello, At the moment some areas of pages sidebar areas seems to be within same scope. For example, I add side block of categories in index template and I see it in categories listing and record display. However, if I will add record related sidebar block in record display view then it does nto display on higher views. It would be better to make the sidebar areas independent for each view type, so we can have better control where to display what.
  8. Best option would be to improve question / answer forums and make them work like Stack Overflow, so each post may actually be discussed without extending the entire topic.
  9. It still requires manual manipulation for every entry instead general fURL setting like for many other places.
  10. Currently it is hard-coded to work like this: http://domain.com/database/category/record-title-??/ So I cannot easy change to this. http://domain.com/database/category/??/
  11. Currently pages are missing fURL pre-defined fURL settings, they are hard-coded. It would be good to bring one in one of nearest updates.
  12. Hello, I would like to suggest a field to extend current menu manager functionality. Now, when you add external link it is possible to define only the text and URL, rest is being wrapped behind. What if we would like to add extra attributes to open the link in popup window or add nofollow? Example possibilities after extending current functionality would be achieving something like this: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://xxx.eu/contact" data-ipsdialog="" data-ipsdialog-remotesubmit="" data-ipsdialog-flashmessage="Thanks, your message has been sent to the administrators." data-ipsdialog-title="Contact Us">Contact Us</a> Hoping to see that simple extension soon.
  13. I see, however, in case I use e.g. Text Input or URL field to force expected input there is no way to format it and wrap the {content} the way we want. You have such option for field display within topic only but not field itself. You already provide custom formatting in many other areas of IPB4. Such option existed in IPB3, no clue why it was removed, custom fields should always be able for custom formatting. Thank you.
  14. Hi, The intention of the options is to minimize a need of custom code across the board. I am in a process of adjusting custom theme to own color-schema. I noticed some areas, especially ACP is not covered with direct options. You may consider adding them under theme customization options in some of later updates. I leave you a list of areas I modified to change nearly all default colors in ACP, it may help a quicker implementation of such: https://pastebin.com/z5rjZnDR
  15. Hello, I'd like to suggest to add option for custom fields formatting as it was in IPB3. Seems it was removed in IPB4 and it is no longer to wrap the custom field the way we want it to be displayed. Best example presenting the issue is URL field type where it is impossible to nicely wrap the URL field content into <a href="{content}">text</a> Example in your forums: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/9600-reason-for-locking-topics/ > Support Info field
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