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  1. Anyone managed to fix Discord tab in Member Group settings? It does not appear.
  2. Hi IPS, Can you bring and option to next release allowing us to disable send of email/notification upon upload of new file version in Downloads app? The option is useful to avoid useless spam of member's mail box and to avoid misleading notification of "new version". Happens we need to reupload specific version of file, e.g. to correct some file mistake we did, change that does not require everyone to re-download a file. There is no need to bother members every time in such situation. A simple on/off toggle upon upload of new version would be very useful. Can you please bring it to nest maintenance release? Thank you.
  3. I am getting similar issue but with resource images. Any finding? random images getting lost randomly.
  4. What I mean is that the ACP session timeout setting does not work SO when it gets terminated after default 3600 seconds the 2FA timeout setting has no effect if I want to set it greater than 3600 seconds. In other words, one bug affects two features.
  5. Yeah, that's why I said I can't make an use of 2FA timeout because ACP session timeout is not respected.
  6. I have set 2FA timeout to 12, then changed to 1 day.. I am still prompted to fill 2FA security code every 1h. I connected it because you say 2FA is being reset once session ends. So, if ACP session is closed (after default 1h) the 2FA still will be requested.
  7. It does nto work well because of this "The user will always be prompted again on a new session." and this as long as I am unable to configure ACP session timeout the MFA timeout is useless.
  8. I also experience the same issue. Configured via constants.php \define( 'ACP_SESSION_TIMEOUT', 86400 );
  9. Hi, Where I can modify MFA timeout for google? It is a bit annoying to reach phone every 1h or less. I also ask to lift my posting moderation finally.
  10. "Every night in my dreams.. I see you.. I feeel you.."
  11. I meant if I can pay in Euro on your site. I see the gateway listed under ruble.
  12. Yeah, Stripe and PayPal are very unfriendly and steal from you on currency exchange rates. Even worst local currency exchange shops do not have such bad rate as PayPal - fair enough I can put currency exchange differences as company cost but still loosing on it. With Revolut I pay pretty fair commission and still a lot is left in my pocket.
  13. To be honest, I wonder why IPS did not leave marketplace as platform for sellers and instead closure could introduce e.g. monthly, constant payments, then instead taking money directly, could allow seller to define the target payment method. I use my Commerce this way, so when buyer comes to purchase something he sees who he buys from (exact details) and this way I am responsible for nothing, except colleting money for using the platform. My only guess is that IPS wanted to get a rid of all custom apps/plugins before IPSv5
  14. Hi IPS, I know you explained inability of efficient implementation of such for self-hosted solutions, however, would you be able to add ability to manually mark accounts to do not send emails to? It would help bounce back in case of using bulk-email send. For now I manually review our inbox and do the same with some workaround to prevent massive bound-backs when sending bulk emails. Having ability to mark accounts with some DB stored flag would help a lot, as I could automate the process without use of custom plugins etc. I think many others could find the ability useful too. Thanks
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