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  1. Hi, Currently QA forums have similar approach as StackOverflow. It helps much if comes to real DEV or configuration specific questions and not discussions. However, comparing to StackOverflow the IPB's version misses ability to add comments like in Stack. Why it is so important? To keep answers as clean as possible. We noticed the answers are often used to ask additional questions, where it would be better to add additional clarification questions under specified answer instead as a reply (answer). Hoping you will consider the request, at least as optional option to activate. Thanks.
  2. @bfarber As we are in the area of forums types and discussion design. I would like to suggest to improve QA forums in 4.5 to allow comments to specified answers, same as in stack overflow (may be as optional option). It really would make the QA's nicer and not so extended in length, so people may ask additional questions to specified answer instead posting answers as additional questions to already answered questions, got it? Currently lack of ability to add comments to answers is biggest flaw of QA's forums.
  3. @Matt, you gonna offer the "solved" forums as new type or as replacement to current QA forums? I hope you won't remove QAs.
  4. I just wonder, why over years IPS did not improve Commerce to ship it along with better customer assistance tools. It would be great to have there a live chat feature, with rooms and queue. I realize IPS wants to implement only features that are essential, however the chat is being requested over years and years. I also noticed they prefer to implement support of third parties, what is understood-able, less to handle by IPS directly. Anyway, I think live chat, with queue and auto-assignment of potential customer to a agent would be great addition as a part of commerce. Third party services
  5. It would be nice to implement pastebin, so pastes can be pushed via editor directly and inserted into post. Pastebin is widely used to provide range of pastes, read more: https://pastebin.com/api It is also a good way of avoiding long content posted by users as a paste what is pretty annoying and common issue. Pastebin is free to use but also has paid features, less than $50 lifetime, so it is not expensive, worth to implement.
  6. What is the discussion about. IPS should add other option as requested and every forum admin may decide how to use the ignore feature. I sometimes doubt whether single additional option that could be done within 20 minutes is worth multiple topics and writing a book, no offense!
  7. Hello, @Rikki, I try to use it within Pages, in templates but I get unrecognized ips. error in console. What I miss? I use default IPS wrapper. <script type="text/javascript"> var dialog = ips.ui.dialog.create({ url: '{$record->url()}', modal: true, title: "Dialog Title" }); </script>
    Nice addon, stopped working in posts in 4.4.10. Appears only while adding code block to post for first time, after submitting is not longer visible. Hoping for a fix.
  8. I meant to introduce some improvement into it, like now we need to click to select a stick action from drop down list, often scroll down and then click submit where we could just press CTRL+1 and that's it.
  9. Hello, Replying support requests sometimes may take even most part of work day and is highly irritating for "nowdays" full-stack developer who additionally handles after-sale support 😉 Commerce needs some better way of applying pre-defined stock action into editor. I see two possible improvments. 1) Right side panel with all actions available, full list, scroll-able with load after single click selection instead select field 2) Keyboard short-cuts configurable for every stock action. Additional, optional option per action would be to auto-submit after shortcut what saves extra
  10. Hi, I believe many looks for that. Not a new technology but highly expected. Make able to download invoices as PDF but generate them on fly basing on HTML template. So, once client clicks to download it is being generated on fly - viola! This way you made a day of 100s of IPS clients!
  11. Thanks for explaining and pointing me out I do not have TESTINSTALL at the end of my license key. Will check that later and try to fix it. However, I am going to renew within next few days so it may not matter. BUT, that's where we meet. You can check whether it is TESTINSTALL or localhost install and then make the warning dismissable, at least on hour basis, e.g. 1h 😉 a good compromise between protection and friendly dev.
  12. Support the idea. It would be good at least to be able to download invoice as PDF from client area, generated on fly, upon particular request (click by customer).
  13. Yeah, kind of "more" btn to extend possibilities would be useful.
  14. Hello, Can you offer better sorting in Pages app under pages menu? At the moment it sorts alphabetically with no respect of folders priority as in typical directory. So, if we have page "aaa" and folder "bbb" the first one will be the "aaa" page. When you have more pages and folders it starts to be hard to find something with this logic (or its lack actually). Thanks.
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