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Commerce Improvement Requests

Nakamura RTS

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I believe commerce in certain communities could be significantly improved with the following:

  • Products and subscriptions should be purchasable as a gift to other members.
    • Example 1: I want to gift 5 subscriptions to different random community members.
    • Example 2: I want to gift a shirt purchase to one specific community member
  • Subscriptions should have options for renewal periods that the customer can pick, along with optional discounts that admins can set.
    • Example 1: The default subscription state is $5/month, but I'd rather pay the whole yearly fee at once, at $60.
    • Example 2: As an admin I want to give a discount for people in Example 1, so that they are only charged $50/year.

By searching the forums, it's easy enough to come across similar requests.

Especially as someone that hosts a live stream oriented community, gift-based revenue is one of our major driving forces, but this isn't a thing on our website. 

Thanks for reading and your consideration.

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