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  1. in the ACP in the master search I can search for a domain name and it finds all members. However in the members list searching on just the domain name will not find users with a domain name from the quick search or the full search with or with out wildcard.
  2. So nearly half of the registrants in 2021 were from India/Pakistan ( 226 out of 433 ) In my research none of these have posted anything to the site. Of these 90% had filled in their profile fields and a bio. Typically most real users don't. Many of the bio's have tons of links. or random marketing from weddings, to rentals, industrial supplies, CBD, Tarrot Reading etc. None of them have visited the site after they joined. 205 of them use aol / gmail / yahoo / me / outlook / hotmail email addresses there rest used a custom domain (17 of which were variants of the same domain ) and the one with the custom domain aimstormsolutions.com turns out I have 40 registered members (all of which fall under same issue except they may not be in India or registered before 2021) they've all passed the captcha, questions, spam prevention, and spam defense. So what can be done to better purge these as they happen or increase the Spam Defense. If I go thru and ban all these will this signal to IPS and fortify the system for others?
  3. When exporting member list it would be helpful to have information about the registration origin country based on the IP address. I have been having to correlate the output with an api service https://ipstack.com to get the needed information. In addition for on export it would be most helpful to see the emoji flag or country/region in the member list next to the IP address. ( Or on hover over the flag disclose country / region )
  4. This makes no sense I get push notifications on safari all the time from other sites?
  5. Is this still being worked on? On this site it says but on my site it says enable but it never does. Do we need to have an An Apple Developer account for this to work?
  6. Ok I created a custom block for feed but don't see a way to filter records other then tags, I tried using a tag but doesn't display data. Is there another way to filter feed on another custom field?
  7. For a time I blocked all of INDIA at the server level.
  8. https://datatables.net It would be so much easier to see what is the content of your databases records if you could see it as a data table. Even as an option for end user display...
  9. So you can only have one record feed per page?
  10. I moved some pages in to a folder for just ACP cleaner management but it seems doing this changes the url to the destination page?
  11. When you have a section that has many subsections, it is impossible to go thru each section because it will collapse the tree each click and you have to find the section you were in and open in t again. it would be most helpful if there was a dynamic previous/next links at the end of the article on the content page
  12. I have an RSS feed a community calendar the RSS includes urls to Meetup or other websites however the events in the calendar does not recognize the URLs and they are not clickable.
  13. Not sure if this is still a bug not fixed? Never engages in the browser ( Big Sur & Safari 14.1.1 )
  14. Temporary photos. Allow photo stick for x hours / days before reverting. Frames preset frames that superimpose over your current photo
  15. https://invisioncommunity.com/topmembers/ Would be nice to see the Badges & Ranks and Achievements on this page.
  16. interesting - had no idea. - it would stand to reason that the guides need to make a note of this anytime there is a mention to add something manually to the constant.php file.
  17. why didn't the upgrade drop the deprecated member_title column after the data was moved to a new custom field?
  18. Is there a way to enable this in bulk? It would be very tedious to go through 200 forums?
  19. oh I found it it was in the core_pfields_content there was an added column. so does this mean the original "member_title" column in members table is deprecated?
  20. why does each line start with a "\" I don't remember seeing this before?
  21. I really can't figure this out - I took the field member_title and cleaned up stuff in the database. I renamed the field label to "slogan" but I still see data in there that shouldn't be? I've done sql query on column member_title it does not contain any rows with "newbie"
  22. so I cleaned up the database and got reset a lot of old titles like "member" or "newbie" but this data is still being showed on the profile on posts. is this coming from another table and not core_members?
  23. But now that it's in a custom filed how does one have to hack the system to surface that field under their username? Why does it need to be a "custom" field can't you appropriate a dedicated "User Title" field that maintains current functionality with out needed adjustments.
  24. is this separate from the Group promotion or in addition or a replacement?
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