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  1. Hello community I have a a lateral block that show an external RSS Feed (it shows classifieds). Everything is nice except that I cannot show the pics that are in the feed. These pics are natevely shown in a basic RSS reader, with Wordpress widget, etc but not thru ipb tools ... The RSS URL is : https://annonces.flat4ever.com/rss/Flat4ever-Annonces.xml Any idea ? Thx !
  2. hummmm .... Sending 500 emails takes one minute. 60 minutes gives theoretically 30.000 .... Thanks for the info about the custom value in the script
  3. IP reputation ? SPF recond on DNS ? It can have many and many reasons ...
  4. Hi again to Invision crew I have around 30.000 membrers in my community. I began to send Bulk Emails (newsletter) to little groups of members (500 members) to check the delivery, the bounces etc .... I noticed that 500 emails are sent in approx. 1 mn. It makes near 10 emails per second. Is there a way to REDUCE this velocity otherwise than by cutting recipients in small groups ? There are two reasons for this request : - IP reputation, of course : sending 30.000 emails per hour is not very good for IP reputation and the datacenter will probably do not like this also - Smoothing in time the affluence on the community. I do not want thousands of members coming on the website at the same hour. I would prefer they come gradually, over several hours Many thanx
  5. Hi Invision crew Is there a way allowing that admin(s) receive an email when a new user is awaiting validation ? I did not find this .... Many thanx
  6. Surprised that it is not possible to display chronologically in a table ... So you could consider that the line by line display does not offer a good readability. May be finding an other arrangement of the data on this laaaaaaaaarge banner....
  7. Some versions ago, Events stream showed events side by side and that was a good solution for a fast / condensed view of the events in a month, as you can see here : But in recent versions, they appear one below the other, in a kind of distended banner unreadable in my opinion. It also generates a lot of lost space in the page ... and you can not see more than 1 1/2 event without scrolling whereas before we had an overview at a single glance .... What do you think ? Would not it be better to be able to choose between the two displays?
  8. RE-upload these files, they probably failed during the previous upload
  9. Also found :-) You can also customize these with icons and/or links (by example for social networks like this : simply enter something like that in the field's settings : <a href='{content}' target='_blank'><img src='mywebsite.url/social/fb.png' title='My Facebook'></a> BUT ... as you can see, icons are not side by side but superposed Is there a simple way to show them side by side ?
  10. well put ... it runs fine at know :-) Suggestion : force cache clearing when upgrading the software !!!
  11. Yes, the same for me as admin :-/ I clear my cache, tried firefoc and chrome, always the same :-/ The text area for answering does not appear. see pic
  12. Just applied the new security release The forum members cannot post any messages since the upgrade .... any idea ?? regards
  13. Same request ... On my website, blogs access is something like that : http://www.mywebsite.com/forums/blogs/blog-name I would appreciate an access like htttp://blog-name/mywebsite.com Any idea ?
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