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    It is free, the company pays for it.
  2. So pretty much its 100% customize. Awesome.
  3. Will those existing forums still be visible to the public. @2nd question, not really. lol.
  4. Hello Kevin, I run a gaming community, and I have few game servers. Some of those servers are roleplay servers and they have factions such as police departments, fire fighters, etc. I have a few questions. I have premade forums for those factions and I want to keep it that way. WOuld I be able to "link" these groups to existing pre-made forums? So the admin of the group can mange those forums however they like? Second question (according to the pictures its possible). I don't want create a cluster since I have a lot of servers I want to separate the groups to sections. Game Name/Server Name | Group/Factions Names Grand Theft Auto - IG Roleplay > Police Department, Firefighters, etc Grand Theft Auto - Server for Pilots > American Airlines, Air Canada, etc. Its kind of hard to explain what I want to do, in other words. I don't want like 20 separate servers to be all in one section, it will get confusing.
  5. Awesome! Thank you! Edit: Just bought it, quick suggestion. It would be nice if it was more advanced. Something like the free MyTabs plugin for MyBB. http://community.mybb.com/thread-88505.html Something that makes it much more customization. So we can set our own tab names, and select what forum categories should be shown, etc.
  6. Hey there, How would I be able to use a PHP code like this?: // Set IP and Port hereif (!$socket = @fsockopen("", 80, $errno, $errstr, 5)){echo "<td><center>Node #1 Status: <b>: <font color='red'><strong>Offline!</strong></font></b></center></td>";}else {echo "<td><center>Node #1 Status: <b><font color='green'><strong>Online!</strong></font></b></center></td>";fclose($socket);}?> <?php
  7. Exactly! We should work on this together. Who knows we might become the biggest IPB forum out there!
  8. I don't have an IPS board installed currently but if you can send me a picture of the media codes ACP section I would be able to tell you how to do it. Make sure to include all of the fields on the form.
  9. I always did that on my forums -- it was effective. I also recommend to make couple of troll accounts, as we all know every forum has trolls no matter what forum, it will help make the forum feel more "alive". Good luck! :D
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