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    Don't remember if I suggested or someone else suggested this but would also be nice to have limit amount of views for specific usergroups and maybe also minimum post requirement to watch videos. Thank you 😍
  2. flashpoint


    I got another suggestion. Have a direct link to the generated topic for each video (maybe somewhere in the bottom?) and/or have the comments section and review section linked to the topic (makes a posts on the users behalf on the specific topic for that video) Thanks! 🙂
  3. flashpoint


    Hey there is a code snippet here: https://appcropolis.com/blog/web-technology/using-html5-canvas-to-capture-frames-from-a-video/ edit: Another idea, ability to change category in the "Edit Video Details" section. Slightly inconvenient to go back one page, select the video and then move the video to another category.
  4. flashpoint


    Shame 😞. What about using HTML5's canvas feature? That should be supported on all modern browsers. Edit: Also another idea, limited amount of views for specific user groups? Didn't seem to see that anywhere in the options unless I am blind 😄
  5. flashpoint


    Most hosting providers will install it upon request. You could have a off/on option on the admin panel. It'd be very helpful for people to have 🥰
  6. Managed to figure it out. My host doesn't allow snapshots 😐
  7. Hey, I can't seem to create snapshots keep getting the following error: "An error occured while creating the snapshot."
    What VladTheGreat said explains everything. ( )
  8. Hi there, I am trying to use the serial key API that comes with commerce but I am having some issues. At first I tried to use the one that is in the reference library under the licenses section but I was unable to use it to mark a key as used (the GET/POST - /api/nexus/lkey/). Then I found this guide: but the problem is that I am unable to get any of it to work. I keep getting a "{"errorCode":0,"errorMessage":"BAD_METHOD"}" error. The way I am using it is: mydomain.com/applications/nexus/interface/licenses/?info?key=0788-IMOJ-3J17-UBUN-MY1X I did not use an identifier with the product so I am assuming one is not needed? I'd appreciate if someone could show me an example. Thanks for your time and help! Edit: I did it, I think I misspelled something, or something...
  9. Hi there, I am trying to learn how to use the API with IPS but I can't even the basics to work. I follow the instructions on: https://invisioncommunity.com/developers/rest-api/index/ and used the sample code, but when I run it I got an error 404. If I visit my board with the /api/core/hello end point I am also unable to access it, (404) I am currently running IPB 4.5.2 Not sure if it makes a difference, but if I go to my API Reference my results are: https://community.domain.com/api/index.php?/end point. Ex: /api/index.php?/nexus/transactions I'd appreciate all the help that I can get! Thanks for your time and help. Edit: Figured it out. I didn't set up my redirect properly.
  10. I managed to fix it, seems like it doesn't support 4.5. Once I upgraded to 4.5.2 the issue went away. 😛
  11. Hey, Thank you for the plugin, it's great. I've been just having one issue with it. My background processes are all backlogged for weeks now because of the profile status cahces. "[TS3] Updating all members profile status caches..." It's stuck at 4.45 and doesn't go beyond that, was wondering if you could assist me with that? I probably did something wrong. Thanks for your time and help!
  12. Soo, I got a bit of a problem. I installed the 4.5 update via the marketplace and now I can't access my admin panel: How do I proceed from here?
  13. Can't seem to integrate it with my forum. The configuration worked and said that it works, and I can press "sign in with discord" however, I get the following error: "Something went wrong. Please try again.". There are no logs and no errors in F12.
  14. My apologies. Should've double checked. :p. I'll remove that part from my post in case someone finds it in the future... 🙂
  15. Truncate * FROM core_members_warn_actions; Truncate * FROM core_members_warn_logs; Truncate * FROM core_members_warn_reasons; or DELETE * FROM core_members_warn_actions; DELETE * FROM core_members_warn_logs; DELETE * FROM core_members_warn_reasons; P.S. Always back up your database before making any changes, regardless of how sure you are.
  16. Weird, I've downloaded the package directly from my client panel. The only difference is that I've used the "Include Converters" option. I'll redownload the software again without the converters and I'll update my post with results. Edit: No luck, I overwrote all the files with a fresh download of the suite and still lots of 404 errors. The only error that the support tool is showing is no cURL installed: I highly doubt that this is whats causing all my issues. I also have no upload errors/failed transfers on my Filezilla whatsoever. Edit 2: Removed everything from server, installed cURL,reuploaded the files, installed everything on a new database. No errors now. 😄 Everything seems to function now! (it is possible that the migration tool broke stuff, don't really want to try again though. Lol)
  17. Hi there, I've just installed a fresh IPB on my website, however, the editor box is missing when trying to make a new thread. I've checked apache/nginx error logs and there is nothing. However, when I check the dev console on Google Chrome I get bunch of 404 errors for some reason... (and now I can't modify this thread to fix the quote... 😕 Sorry.)
  18. I already did that. Found the fix though. Thanks for your help anyway.
  19. Hey guys, I am having a slight issue, I decided to upgrade my forum today. (Haven't done that for the past 4 months), and I've had no luck in doing so. I went to my /admin folder/upgrade and I got the following error: so obviously I created a datastore folder (/admin folder/upgrade/datastore) and I chmodded it to 777. I refreshed the page and I kept getting the same error, so I made one in /admin folder/ and /. I am still having the same issue. I am out of ideas on what I should do. Please let me know if someone knows a fix for this :/ Thanks for your time, and help!
  20. I've set everything for review except for 1st and 2nd.
  21. Yes, I have that enabled. Edit: We solved the issue: Adblock Plus has been causing Error 500
  22. See it only happens to ONE member, he can access the website on a Proxy, or a VPN but not on his connection. (only for a few minutes after restarting his router)
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