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  1. Is this something which will be improved in the future versions ? I've just written a new article in Pages and it's impossible to promote it :
  2. Hello 🙂 Do you know where I can modify the limitation value in red, at the bottom right of the below image ? Thank you :)
  3. Yes, it's in the support section of the Commerce application. Thank you ! 🙂
  4. Hello : In my system log files, I have this repeated error : I don't understand what it means (except that it is linked to tasks) and where to search to fix it... 'andre.jorge.pay...' => This is one of my old email address which I no longer use. 746kzwa => This is the email address password. (but it's no longer working) I must have used this email account in the past, for some configuration where the address email and the password are needed... but I don't remember where exactly... Can you help me fixing this error ? Thank you 🙂
  5. Ok 🙂 My community version is 4.7.15. Do I need to install the patch ? If yes where can I find it ? (I searched in the "Get support" section but there is none there). Thank you 🙂
  6. Hello, 🙂 Yes, I've just noticed errors. Here they are : and
  7. Hello 🙂 I've disabled my third party app (Links Directory), installed a new theme and used an unmodified language (English), but I still get the same problem. I noticed this happens only in topics where I have never posted messages. Can you reproduce this ?
  8. Hello 🙂 I noticed that when I anonymously post a message in a topic, I get an error : and when I reopen the topic, I notice that the answer is posted twice : Is this a known bug or really a theme error ? Thank you 🙂
  9. Hello, 🙂 In ModeratorCP/site moderation/Deleted content, you have all the topics members deleted. Is it still possible to specify the number of days after which these topics will be deleted for good ? Thank you ! 🙂
  10. Hello, 🙂 There's too much content in the "What's new in this club" section : How can I limit it or remove it ? Thank you, 🙂
  11. Is it possible to edit this message ? Thank you, 🙂
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