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  1. I have 557 links in my links directory, on my board.
  2. Hello ! ? One of my board's member made a mistake and posted a long description for his club (instead of a topic). Is there a way, a setting, to prevent this ? This is what it looks like : The last club forum has a very long description and it doesn't look good. Is there is setting for this ? Thank you. ?
  3. Rather than disabling sidebar blocks, I think it would be better to have the forums and subforums in a listbox or to make them toggle, because otherwise you get a long list of checkboxes + forums and checkboxes + subforums and it doesn't look good. (see attached image in my first post)
  4. Hello ! ? Is there a way to fix the fluid view problem ? It doesn't look good : Thank you. ?
  5. Hello ! ? When clubs were created, they were invisible... Now we have a section at the bottom of our board which displays the clubs' topics (it's called Club Forums). But this is not a sufficient solution : it doesn't help making the board's members aware of the clubs' content. When members connect to the board, the first thing they do is looking at the New Topic widget content. They don't go at the bottom of the board to see if there is new content in the clubs forums. Neither do I. So, I think what should be done is allowing the clubs' topics to appear in the New Topics widget. What do you think of this ? Thank you. ?
  6. Thank you ! ? I hadn't found anything. If I understand well, this plugin allows to toggle the different categories. I will give it a try. ? But I think this problem should have been fixed by IPS...
  7. I had a problem of this kind in the past. As for me, it was due to the database's title table field being limited to something like 60 characters. ?
  8. Hello ! ? I've upgraded to Invision Community version 4.3 and the problem is back. ? Is there a plugin compatible with Invision Community 4.3 which can fix this ? Thank you ! ?
  9. I've upgraded and it looks good now : ? Thank you ! ?
  10. Hello ! ? I'm using version 5.2.1. I've cleared cache in the ACP and in my browsers, but the links feed still doesn't look good. It is too small and the text has a problem : Why don't you make it look like in the downloads section ? (as it was before in fact, with bigger pictures and text below) :
  11. I created a website for teachers in 1998, using FrontPage and it's forum solution. Then I started using IkonBoard and, in 2003, I started using IPB and I'm still using it.
  12. It is puzzling because it's difficult/not obvious to use. I think this is mainly because of the menu which looks too complex, to me.
  13. Well, I said (or meant to say) it didn't look attractive on an iPhone. I do like the looks of the community on my desktop computer.
  14. Hello ! I do prefer using IPS solutions rather than using Facebook... To me, Facebook is crap. I just use it to share videos and news with friends. I think some people also use it to create a kind of online community because it's easy to get and to set up. ISP Community has got tools and options which are really great and which Facebook doesn't have. As for me, there are a few things which are a problem for me now : - clubs and their content are invisible (but I think this has been addressed in 4.3 ?). - search's results are difficult to read because of the way they are being displayed : https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/443466-searchs-main-problem-is-results-are-difficult-to-read/ - IPS community doesn't look attractive and is not easy to use on an iPhone (I don't know on other phones). This is just my opinion.
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