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  1. Lets all lie down and put a paper bag over our head or something.
  2. I remember that it was not possible to respect user permissions, is that still true? If I make a rest api request to a certain topic, is there a check if a user/guest is allowed to read this topic?
  3. Naturally, the gifts are themed to the theme of the community, which is travel. You have gifts bought from all over the world, you get stylish books with nice pictures, bottles of wine, etc, etc. With a few exceptions the gifts are very thoughtful and nice. And the gifts can be very personal too - you can understand a lot for someones personality if you are active in the same community. One example - someone was raving about some pancakes he/she ate somewhere around the world, another member said how she used to make great pancakes, but she doesn't have a pancake pan since she moved to a new apartment...her secret santa gift was brand new pancake pan. So yeah, it can be very fun and entertaining for the members themselves, but also for the community as a whole. Its a bit tiresome to organize, but you don't need to push it more then needed 🙂 Member interviews can be alienating (tried that too, unrelated to secret santa), because many people prefer to be closed off online, which nowadays is understandable. Or at least they prefer to be open on their own terms, not being forced by an interview. If you have a tight fun community, things will work themselves out.
  4. Something we do each year is Secret Santa between members. Yes, with real gifts, mostly with a symbolic value, like 15$ recommended value. It adds greatly to the holiday spirit. You might think that there will be many people trying to cheat and get a present without sending one, but we had only 1 such case for all these years and more then 100 participants per year. I highly recommend it.
  5. Personally, I do agree with you that this is shortcoming and currently the youtube embeds are not GDPR compliant. However, I draw the line slightly before obsessing about cookies placed by youtube embeds. I do have in my terms that some embedded services such as youtube can place cookies and thats pretty much it. I gave up on the idea that I can be 100% compliant.
  6. jair101

    Social Search

    My website also uses cyrillic letters, so I should be fine. Thanks, I'll consider it.
  7. jair101

    Social Search

    Do you expect any issues with non-english characters? I have noticed some mods having such limitations.
  8. jair101

    (MIX) Advanced Reaction Settings

    One very important detail is that if you create special reactions per special user group, only this group will be able to give and see them. Kinda makes useless the whole idea for "premium" reactions, which I assume is what will attract most of the prospective buyers. Anyway, the reason for the 1 star review is the total lack of interest from the developer. There are some annoying bugs that are reported and confirmed, it is more then a month and there is no fix. To me in its current state the application is not usable.
  9. Sounds simple and reasonable enough if these are the only conditions. I would add your sentence to the first one in the resource description to make it more clear. Otherwise people will keep getting confused.
  10. I understand that full detailed reasons for this message to appear on a given marketplace listing does not necessary belong in public. But I still think that the clients that bought this resource deserve a bit more information. - Is it because the author is inactive? - Is it marked as such until a critical bug is fixed? - Is it because the application introduces security vulnerabilties (both intentional and unintentional)? - Why even though the listing is not available for purchase, the renewal fees are still active? Some of these mods cost triple digits and I think users deserve at least a basic explanation why they are removed. At the very least so we know whether this is permanent or temporary and to decide whether to keep relying on this mod in our communities.
  11. So assuming these are the only Commerce updates it means no virtual currencies, no pay what you want and no gift subscriptions in 4.4 😕
  12. jair101

    (NB43) Filter By Tags

    I guess one or the other will be just fine. My main idea is to somehow give priority on more used tags, either by putting them first or removing the others. I guess sort will be better as excluding tags should be a per forum setting that will ultimately make it more complicated - in some forums you might want to limit to tags used less then 10 times, while for another it could be less then 5.
  13. jair101

    (NB43) Filter By Tags

    Two suggestions: 1. Would be great if you can limit by number of usage? There are often used tags, there are less often used tags, some are even misspelled. I think it will be great if we can filter, for example, by tags used more then X amount of times. Or alternatively, sort by usage - the most often used tags in the front. I know that closed tag system can provide these inbuilt, but some flexibility would not hurt. 2. A bit off-topic, but have you considered creating one combined full featured tag/prefix management app? :) I know that you have other tag enhancements and now that Advanced Tags and Prefixes is abandonware, maybe it is something worth considering.
  14. jair101

    Pages SuperReviews (Support Topic)

    Thanks. I am interested in mode 3, but I anticipate many reviews and it is not practical to list all of them. A combination between few recent reviews+link to all of them would be perfect if this is possible.