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  1. jair101

    4.4: AdminCP Notifications

    Yay for the start of 4.4. announcements! Not particularly excited about this feature, but overall 🙂
  2. jair101

    Abandoned Attachments

    Keep in mind that switching the storage settings does not move the files, but does copy+delete. Hence, make sure you have enough disk space for 2x the current upload folder. Otherwise it will get VERY unpleasant. That was my experience when I tried the same move on my dev board.
  3. jair101

    Feedback on Clubs

    Pretty much, yeah. I also want to invest heavily in Clubs, but find myself underwhelmed by its current status. Thank you for taking the time to summing some of the issues in an organized and structured way, hopefully IPS takes notice. And in general, if one of the best selling apps on the marketplace is called "X enhancements", where X is an app you develop...you need to think hard if there is something missing from your offering. To me, I hate to be dependent on 3rd party resources, so far it seems that I am either dependent on Group Collaboration or on Clubs Enhancements. @Joel R Was the switch from GC to Clubs easy? I think I might try with GC as there is a lite free version afaik. If things goes south with its support (which I frankly expect as Kevin's apps have not seen any recent development lately, barely any bugfixes), then I want to be able to fallback to Clubs.
  4. Thats a totally different discussion, which I do not like to entertain.
  5. Will it be possible to daily limit the use per reaction? I.e., my global limit is 100 reactions daily per group, I want a specific custom reaction to be used 2 times a day at most. Can we do that with this plugin or maybe a feature suggestion? 🙂
  6. This could be double edged though. If you make the first month cheaper, it will be easier to get new subscribers. Once you get new subscribers it will be easier for them to pay regularly. I know I keep paying my Google Play Music subscription monthly, even though there are months in which I don't listen to a single song. But they got me hooked up and I am too lazy to micromanage cancellations and renewals each month.
  7. jair101

    Team Talk: What would you do with $1,000,000?

    I see travel being a common theme. Guys, having a pretty active travel community in the most undeveloped EU country I can definitely say that you don't need a million dollars to travel. Just don't let your life pass by while you wait for the million 🙂 Mark S, this is me at the SPA grand prix last weekend. Amazing race that is totally worth the 4h traffic jam after it:
  8. jair101

    New sorting criteria: approval date

    Kindly want to bump this. I noticed it as an issue on the marketplace here as well. Some plugins/apps are approved with delay, which makes them miss or almost miss their 15 minutes of fame on the "What's new" block. I do check all my marketplace submissions of there is something that might interest me, but I only view the last app - If I have seen it before, I think that there are no new apps, so I dont scroll back. Occasionally I see new apps, which were submitted earlier, but approved later a bit back in the list. I don't think this is fair to their devs.
  9. I also think this covers all the bases.
  10. It doesn't have to be either this or that. Just add the option to save the originals at another place. Or even put them in a separate directory on the server. Find a way for us to admin to identify the originals. After that If the admin wants to delete this directory from time to time - he can go ahead, if he wants to download it locally - go ahead, if he wants to upload it to dropbox/s3/ or whatever - go ahead. I am getting tired to hear how beneficial it is to keep these humongous files, like we do not know better.
  11. This could work, when S3 is a viable option. In my country S3 is much slower than having the images stored on a local server, that takes advantage of the local high speed peering. Neither S3 or Cloudfront have enough pops worldwide to make them the default obvious choice. Not to mention the related costs.
  12. jair101

    User Posts in Topic

    Thanks, works as described. One small issue though - it breaks my custom theme (one of ehren's). I know that usually plugins are supported only against the default theme, but I believe you can make the modification easily. You insert directly the <a> tag, while the buttons are within a <ul> list. I think all that is needed is to wrap the <a> tag in <li> and it will work. I edited the file manually and it seems to work on my custom theme, also the quote and multiquote buttons next to it are also wrapped by default in <li> tags, thats what gave me the hint. Thanks again, I think my members will love it!
  13. Thanks to @Adriano Faria, we already have this in the marketplace:
  14. +1 I have raised the same issue before. Last time I heard, IPS is considering to offer a separate data storage for the originals, something like Amazon Glacier. It is extremely ineffective to keep original images wasting space on the live and expensive storage, when they belong somewhere in the glacier dungeons.