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  1. jair101

    Trophies and Medals - Supporttopic

    I think I have suggested similar thing before, but here it goes again. Please make the trophy/medals clickable in postbit. Possible link destinations: - description what this trophy/medal is all about - list of members that have the same trophy I actually prefer the second one, the first one can be done with popup on mouse over. Anyway, it will be great if we can interact with trophies in postbit, instead of just seeing static images/icons 🙂
  2. jair101

    Do not load all emojis by default

    The slowdown is on first load, but on each page load, so it seem that the caching is only for the current page view. As long as I navigate away from the page, the delay is again noticeable on first load. I will wait for 4.3.4 and if there are remaining issues, I will submit a ticket. Thanks.
  3. + it would be great if users can choose their own emoji set. I am kinda tired of "these emojis are very ugly, these are better"
  4. Some of my members are complaining that emojis menu takes a while to load. I have checked and it is about 1 second on chrome and 3-4 seconds on IE. Is it possible to group the emojis by category and expand and load it only when certain category is requested or when certain emojis are searched? Right now loading the menu means hundreds of requests needs to be processed, which I guess is what slows the entire thing down. I am using Emojione, but there is also slight delay even with the native ones. If it is possible to somehow precache them, it would also be great. Right now it seems that the emojis needs to be reloaded again at each page load.
  5. I have noticed that on the standard installation in 4.3.3. the Newsletter block is enabled by default and placed on the right of the activity streams: Makes it strange to have it enabled when most communities don't have a Newsletter. I would argue that the placement next to the activity streams is not ideal either 🙂 Initially the block is not visible by site admin, so most of you are probably not aware it is there 🙂
  6. jair101

    Trophies and Medals - Supporttopic

    I don't want to derail the topic, but I am very much interested in the new system since you posted that screenshot earlier 🙂 Will it be just for the trophies app or it will be more flexible and can work with other core and 3rd party apps?
  7. Sounds interesting. Do you wish to elaborate more on the practical details in applying this approach? I.e., what was the percentage of converts you have so far and did the other group completely died off or they are existing in parallel right now? Aren't there issues with new people joining the new club? Facebook is very good at exposing the group to many users, it will be much harder to expose the club to the same audience. Basically, it all sounds very good from your description, but I want to know what are the major issues you faced and how you dealt with them 🙂
  8. jair101

    Trophies and Medals - Supporttopic

    Earlier I had suggested the idea to implement Emojis as trophies/medals. Is this something that might take a lot of time and effort? Sorry, don't want to be one of those nagging guys, but I am about to create probably 60-70 trophies using emoji icons that I am going to award to 200-300 members and I'd rather use the built-in then resizing PNGs 🙂 If you plan this feature soon I'll wait, if not, I'll start processing the image files today 🙂 Also, any possibility to expand the automation rules integration? At the very least the following is necessary I believe: Event: trophy/medal is awarded, trophy/medal is deleted Condition: has a trophy/medal?, does not have a trophy/medal?
  9. Also is it possible to display just the members profile picture like in my screenshot above? Or they are always shown with names and groups? Edit - I did it with css. Still, a bit disappointing that we lost quite a few settings.
  10. Hi Taman, I am trying to replicate the old plugin layout with the app and I am facing two issues. 1. Is it possible to use the compact block for facebook? With the plugin it used to be like that: Now with the app it is: 2. Is it possible to use two block one above the other? In the plugin I could add About us and Members below each other: Now it looks like there could be only a single block in a column per row...
  11. Hi @TAMAN, Sorry that I am not following this topic in details. Can you advise the best way to upgrade now that this is an app, but with preserving the previous settings? Do I need to delete the old plugin and create all blocks from scratch?
  12. jair101

    IP Address anonymisation

    I am not really that knowledgeable in cryptography, but aren't there hashes that are virtually impossible to reverse? And you can hash all IPs, there is no reason for the new IPs to stay unhashed. I can't think of a use case where I need the actual IP. I guess some communities might need the geographical information coming with the IP, some might need the ISP data, but for the majority of admins IPs are simply used to track possible multiple accounts.
  13. jair101

    IP Address anonymisation

    What about IP obfuscation? I.e. , to hash each IP - this way you can still have the benefit of identifying people using the same IP address, but without actually knowing the IP address. I believe even the most GDRP paranoid will be happy with that.
  14. jair101

    GDPR updates for Invision Community 4.3.3

    As far as I know, even though they are leaving, they remain fully committed to the GDPR.
  15. jair101

    Your GDPR questions answered

    I think I will solve this by limiting the ACP access for IPS to not be able to access the Members area and SQL Toolbox. Haven't checked, but hopefully there are such settings and fingers crossed I won't encounter any bugs in these sections. It will be much more graceful if IPS can simply include a line or two similar to: "We have access to your members data, but we will never save it, export it and download it. The access will be used strictly for troubleshooting purposes". I don't think this request is over the top, large chunk of tapatalk business model is hanging on poaching user data from the people that install their plugin.