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  1. Is it possible to hide votes and views up until certain date? Can you setup many competitions at once? Is it hardcoded to be monthly competition or date can be set? Very interested in this app, I do have yearly photo competition that I currently do with the help of Pages and Forums, but having a dedicated app can be much smoother! However, I definitely prefer to not be able to view the number of votes before the competition ends. Even if author can be hidden it will be good. Basically, options to avoid subjective votes based on personal sympathy.
  2. Is there a pages block/sidebar widget to show the current ranking, top photo, last winner, etc, without visiting the application?
  3. Just bought it to support the active development as it is area that is lacking in the core and the other app development is dead. I haven't tried it yet though, but is it possible to add prefixes from the topic view itself? Right now it is very annoying to go in edit mode and add the prefix from there, I have to admit I am too lazy to do it sometimes... I will test in the next few days and probably write more suggestions, if they are welcome :)
  4. You can't. You can get a feeling for some of the admin strings, for example those starting with menu_ I think were all related to the ACP menu, those starting with r_ I think were related to ACP permissions. But overall, you can't tell them apart. And it sucks. I can't imagine how many hours have been wasted because of this. IPS stance is that because some strings are used both in admin and frontend, they cant split them reliably. But I don't like this explanation and for sure there are ways to optimize it.
  5. Right now if you want to give a feedback to the report author it is a very cumbersome process - you need to initiate personal conversation, write title, copy report, quote it, etc. Most of the time I don't bother to provide feedback because of that. Which makes users feel like their reports are ignored or not appreciated. I think having the functionality to give a feedback to the report author with one click from mod cp will be great. Might be interesting as a third party add-on too I guess.
  6. Indeed, also in my experience such harmless examples are much more frequent than a member trying to edit his original comment maliciously. I do accept that both sides have their pros and cons, just in my community I do have much more trouble editing posts and quotes multiple times, then having members trying to intentionally edit posts to mislead others. Maybe my community is an exception. And in any case limiting the edit time is much better tool to fight malicious editing then preserving the original content in quotes.
  7. As much as you would like to start yet another boring discussion about holes in other peoples logic (I have noticed how much you enjoy those), your assumption in fact is not correct. My comment was sarcastic on purpose, to me the answer is obvious - asking why you might need Pages in a Club is like asking why you need Pages at all. Clubs is community within a community, why it should not have access to all features available for the main branch and why the use cases within a club should be different then the use cases for all other apps that have clubs features? If it is difficult to develop, so be it, I can accept that. But I can't believe it is possible that IPS did not include Pages features in Clubs simply because they thought it is not useful. Hence the "surprise" in my comment. If I wanted to be a straight shooter, I would say instead: "Matt, the use cases for clubs usage are exactly the same as for main community usage and for all other apps that already have clubs features. You want to isolate particular database in a club, the same way you prefer to isolate particular gallery or discussion topics". Instead, I decided to be funny with a short sarcastic one liner. Shoot me. At least I didn't use a gif.
  8. Come on, Matt. you can't be asking seriously this question...
  9. It is a point towards limiting the editing overall though, not to prevent quotes from updating. I know that for all the theoretical discussions here, in practice I have to modify quoted text very often, which is simply inconvenient. Not to mention that when user changes display name the quotes keep the original, which is another can of worms.
  10. I don't have issues with the latest 4.3
  11. Thanks for clarifying. Lets see how the things unfold, but it is pretty disappointing.
  12. @Faqole, I wanted to by this but currently it is not available for purchase. Do you have any idea what might be the reason?
  13. This has been broken with the reaction system. I believe it is not currently possible to check for events related to reputation.
  14. I hate the gif thing, I really do. Call me old with my 36 years, I don't care. I am definitely not enabling this on my community and I do hope the gif fest thats been here for the last few days will eventually be subdued.
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