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  1. @Lindy - maybe you can sent an extra email when the expiration time is approaching, one explicitly reminding to download what you have currently access to. Similar complaints have been occurring forever and while your explanation is logical, it doesn't really help as it is post-factum.
  2. Kind bump as my users also started to immediately revolt once I upgraded to 4.4.4.
  3. So glad to hear that. I am limping since the rules app has been killed, keep my fingers crossed for something similar provided by IPS or at least to make it easier for external devs. As far as I know they still can't handle properly events caused by reactions and this can be huge.
  4. @Joel R, Thanks for the feedback. My post was more like illustrating a concept then actual looking for an advice. I have most of your suggestions implemented, on top of my board is introductions and welcome forum, right below it are instructions for newbies. Each newbie receives a friendly welcome message pointing to the organization of the community - simple enough to be followed, not complicated enough to overwhelm them. I do have some paths to knowledge within my forums, if the newbie wants to put the effort to follow them. I think I got the newbie bases covered. Still...the reality is a little bit more complicated. If I have to dig deeper, I would say that most actively travelling people are a bit egocentric. These people have their own blogs, they are a bit stubborn in a sense that their way is the only correct way, they hardly accept different opinions, etc. Most of the time you won't find the people doing self-organized trip from Amazon river answering basic questions on Trip Advisor. I try to nurture these people as much as I can, because they really enrich each discussion they participate in - I do add badges to people with many visited countries, to people that often share their travels in trip reports, etc. But still I am sure that many of them feel the discussions are below their level. It is up to me to figure out if I need the grumpiest of them when I am certain they will never make it within a community anyway. They are lone wolves and have them at the expense of my sometimes basic but very enthusiastic newbies is not something I like. Anyway, its an additional complication, which comes with the travel niche, I am sure other niches have similar specifics. If I have to summarize it to one sentence, one should be careful to set the boundaries high enough, but still to make them jumpable. I think thats one of the axioms of gamification too - make the achievement hard enough so the person can feel a sense of accomplishment, but not impossible so he doesn't participate and give in easily. And one should be aware of the signals your community is giving - are the discussions too basic and thin to your liking - try to toughen up on newbies, because usually they are responsible for the thin discussions. Are the discussions too few with rarely a new member contributing - try to relax the atmosphere and make it less elitist. This should be actively controlled by the admin, but my experience is that many admins dont realize the importance of it and let it go with the flow. To lighten up a little bit in the end, sometimes no matter what you do the result is like this: https://xkcd.com/1726/
  5. Try to add <center> </center> around the {lang=...} part. Not sure it will work, try.
  6. Remove the checkbox from "All" on the second screenshot and you will be able to select the forums, which you want to include. Again, keep in mind that new forums will automatically be deselected, so if you want them included, you need to add them back to the stream.
  7. Can't you simply filter out the forum from the default unread content stream? Do not forget to update it after you add new forums though.
  8. You need to edit the following template: trophies->front->global->postbit Remove the following line: <legend class="ipsType_center"><a href="{$author->url()->setQueryString( 'tab', 'node_trophies_TrophiesAndMedals')}">{lang="profile_trophies_TrophiesAndMedals"}</a> </legend>
  9. You need to be careful with the height of the boundary, though. While jumping it might be satisfying and rewarding for the member that will feel accepted, at the same time failing to jump it might leave a lot of potential useful members out. An example from my real life experience: I have joined my first forum waaay back in 2001. Back then it was the most popular discussion option in a very specific niche - Formula 1 racing. We had real life meetings and parties, we had many internal jokes incomprehensible for outsiders, we developed strong relationships that last until today. However, entering our club wasn't easy - we really knew our stuff so newbies with basic questions or not well very well presented arguments were often ridiculed - not directly, sometimes with a joke only we can understand, but in the end it created a bit of a hostile, unwelcoming atmosphere for newbies. As it is natural through the years many of the regular members dropped out due to losing interest or other issues and there were no fresh members to replace them, because of the stuff explained in previous paragraph. So eventually the size of the community thinned out and it died. Now, 18 years later, I have met one of my best friends in this forum, including my life partner, however what is left of it is a facebook messenger chat with 5 people. The forum is still online, but this is its most recent posts list: So, yes, keeping the entry boundary high will result in a long term lasting friendships and really dedicated members. The higher the boundary, the tighter the friendships. However it will also be the most probable certain death of the community - sooner or later people within the borders will leave and the newer ones won't be able to jump high enough. So, it is an extremely delicate balance. I would argue it is probably the most important detail you need to figure out - how hard you want it to be for new members. Do you want to have facebook and twitter login available that will attract a lot of members, but many of them will post thin questions and the percentage of well defined meaningful discussions will drop. Or you want a steeper entry curve, which might lead to have very few really meaningful discussions, but you will eventually lose critical mass and the community will die. Unfortunately you can't have both. To find this balance you need to adhere to your mission statement. On my current forum, I am removing posts that are hostile towards newbies, even though some of them might be fair - a newbie asks a question that has been answered thousand of times, or a newbie asks 5 questions without contributing answers to other peoples questions, etc. This alienates the elders, some of them even might scream "censorship!" and leave, which will be a big overall loss to the community as most of them have invaluable knowledge. However, this is the path I have chosen and I am adhering to it. My niche is travel and I have decided that this is the mission statement of my forum - I want to make self organized travel more popular and reduce the monopoly of travel agencies that shoehorn all people in the same boiler plate travel programs and charge pretty penny for their easily replaceable services on top of that. This means that very often there are newbies that take their first self organized flight and will always ask question about cabin bags size or liquid limits. This definitely dilutes the the discussions, imagine that such basic topics are always popping up on latest list, instead a story from a long self-organized trip from a little known country like Uzbekistan. However, for me I have decided that I want to be newbie friendly instead of elitist. I want to have 10 people that will make their first self-organized trip to Rome (Rome is very easy to organize when you are in Europe - tons of cheap flights, concentrated and easy accessible main attractions, etc.), instead of 2 people that will discuss their Nepal trecks. In the long term, the Nepal guys are the ones that will contribute very unique and quality content to my community, but it doesn't help with the Rome guys who will book with travel agency if they can't find a place that will provide friendly answers to their basic questions. I do want to have it both, really, but it is hard and next to impossible to achieve. I do hope to realize a gamification idea I have, which will reward the quality and unique discussions more, I hope it will help. I am in the process of defining the project requirements and will post it here if we can community fund it. We'll see. Very interesting topic.
  10. Spoke too soon, with the plugin enabled memebers cannot react on Gallery albums.
  11. Very minor glitch on ACP side. When you customize prefixes imported from AT&P the default red background is added in the ACP visualization. The issue does not exist on the frontend as far as I can see, so it is really a minor issue:
  12. I am not able to edit my negative review anymore it seems. Anyway, after the fixes the app seems to work perfectly. I would update my review to 3* if I was able to. Deducing 2*, because the fixes were delayed for pretty long time.
  13. Bump this. One of the first things my members noticed and complained about after the new upgrade is the missing next unread content title.
  14. I think most of the discussion here is focused around Pages as an app, not pages as landing, ad, etc. I.e. most people hope for full IPS.Pages app functionality - databases, custom fields, view templates, etc. I think this clarification needs to be made to avoid someone purchasing your app and in result not receive what he is expecting.
  15. Just bought this. Can you please advise which is the compatible version for 4.3 or I can safely use the latest one? Also one suggestion. It will be great if topic moderators can have a postbit badge visible in the topics they moderate.
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