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  1. It sounds very good in theory, but my real life experience is slightly different. From the deletion request I get: - about 80% are of people that never posted and I have no idea why they want their profile deleted - about 10% are fully convinced and there is nothing you can do to change their mind - about 10% are salvageable. I put 100% of my efforts in these requests and sometimes I win. There is absolutely no way I will put the same amount of time and energy for the other 90%.
  2. As the title says. I think it will be beneficial to add the status of the item - pinned, featured, locked, hidden, etc as an option in activity stream filter. Right now we can filter by tag, but in many cases this is not sufficient. The option can be added right here:
  3. Just a general question for people in the know. When an app accesses a web content, does it count as a page view, unique user, etc in, for example, google analytics? I suppose it is done via the REST API interface, but I am not sure if pageview is registered in this case.
  4. How does organizing a competition works? For example, I want to run a competition for June, does it mean that entries are accepted only until end of May, then no additional submissions can be added? Or it is on an "always open" basis and on a 30th of June we can submit an entry that can win theoretically the entire competition? I posted earlier about some anonimizing options, I suppose these are not implemented yet.
  5. jair101


    I can echo only what the other reviews and opentype's marketplace submissions state - his work is fast, competent and of high quality. I am very pleased he agreed to help me with a pages template on an area of my website I did not want compromises with. The communication was easy and straight to the point. Highly recommended.
  6. Thanks, Rikki, thats reassuring! My point was simply that tapatalk did a lot of shady stuff and I wanted to make sure, you are not following in their footsteps. It is easy to say - if you don't like the app, then remove it, but it is not as simple as that. Many users are getting used to tapatalk and they don't care it is more or less a trojan horse in your community. If those users are a very vocal minority/majority the entire community can be held as a hostage to them. For me, if I make the app avaialble, I want to make sure it will stay available for the foreseeable future, thats why I asked slightly paranoid questions 🙂
  7. Do you intend (long term) to copy some of the tapatalk features and behavior? Most importantly - will the owners of the community still own all member registrations, posts made from the app only and so on? Do you see tapatalk as a competitor? As the app will be free and ignoring the agreements with the large companies for the time being, do you have any plans to monetize the app on your end? Or the development and support is expected to be funded only from the license sale and renewal?
  8. Hopefully it is not a difficult change, but I hope you can add "Feature" to saved actions as well. Right now we have only pin/unpin, hide/unhide and lock/unlock. Even if you don't find it useful, I am sure the OCD inside of you is triggered by the missing Feanture/Unfeature :) "Add message" will also be useful there, but I am not trying to push my luck :)
  9. I am not sure I understand your question, sorry. My idea is if I have ForumA, ForumB, ForumC in each of them to have different widgets with different topics, coming from the relevant forum. So ForumA will have a sidebar topics widget containing TopicAA, TopicAB, TopicAC. ForumB will have sidebar topics widget with TopicBA, TopicBB, TopicBC and so on. Basically to use the widget for a replacement of pinned topics.
  10. Would it be possible implement the widget on a per forum basis? So that different topics can be chosen in each subforum.
  11. I would humbly suggest to reconsider this default for the search engine here. There is no one size fits all solution, obviously, but I think nowadays most people assume AND by default instead of OR. Google also does by AND by default and it is the search that the majority of population are using.
  12. By the way, @Matt. The search engine here has been quite a disaster lately. I meant to collect some examples, but you can start with a very simple one: Search by: search work (no quotes, no AND between them). Naturally, this topic is is the first 3 results - fair enough. However, the quality of the search results drastically declines after that. It seems that it shows results from either "search" or "work", but not both. Fair enough, repeat the same search with: search AND work , now it seems the most prominent found word is "and", which I believe should be ignored. For example this comes as a number 2 result: There is no "work" anywhere in this topic.
  13. Sadly, I think this is a pattern with Makoto. He has periods where he is very active, extremely helpful in all topics and when he is active it is obvious he is one of the most knowledgeable people about the IPS platform and server management. Sadly, these periods of activity are followed by total disappearance, which noone knows how long is it going to take. I am sure if he has the time he can make the app first class, but in the current state I wouldn't recommend buying it.
  14. I want to +1 that. There has been a delay with notifications with the IPS site for quite a while, now its getting worse. On my own community there are no such issue.
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