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  1. @Matt, do you have any deadline for the applications? Also, can you clarify what is meant by "part-time", is it strictly 4h per day or it can be 2h today, 10h tomorrow, etc? Vacation days, perks, etc. would also be appreciated to not waste both our and your time.
  2. Cool and creative app. Can you please share some screenshots from the admin panel/configuration screen as well?
  3. @Makoto, I am currently using AT&P and I want to upgrade to Radical Tags. As discussed previously with you, it is better to install Radical Tags on 4.4. migrate and upgrade to 4.5 after that. All good, however, I cannot download the 4.4 compatible version now. Please advise how to proceed.
  4. Would it be easy to migrate from Trophies & Medals or I need to recreate all the medals manually?
  5. Will there be any performance issues if we enable the random setting on a topic with thousands of images?
  6. Just keep your fingers crossed that one of the enterprise customers will request this, thats the way to get this implemented. A bit tongue in cheek, but lately I believe this is the main driver of IPS roadmap.
  7. Thanks. Its a test board that I migrated from AT&P after upgrade to 4.5, which as advised above is probably not ideal. I will let you know if I face the same issues once I upgrade prod.
  8. @Fosters, I would also like to request access to the 4.5 version. Thanks.
  9. Not sure if discussed above, but I am getting this error shown instead of one of my forum categories: [[Template forums/front/index/forumRow is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] With radical tags disabled there are no problems. Also, with AT&P one of the features was the ability to click on prefix and show all topics that are using this prefix. Is this available or there is another issue on my test install'?
  10. Don't count on your members to understand what is best for them in the long run. If this was possible, Facebook wouldn't exist today with all the Cambridge Analytica stuff. Hell, even Ashley Madison is still around. For your users tapatalk is convenient and they won't care that they are stealing content, revenue and are a major security risk to the forum. Ultimately, the damage tapatalk does to the community is much larger than the convenience gained by individual members. But as I said, this will be difficult/impossible to explain, so in the end you will have to put your foot down. You will p
  11. I have AT&P and going 4.5 I will definitely have to convert. What is the recommended way to do it: Install radical tags on 4.4, convert there, then upgrade to 4.5 or upgrade to 4.5, install radical tags and convert after that Is one better than the other?
  12. Does it work only for files, not possible for subscriptions and regular products?
  13. Are you sure the emails were targetting members of your board or it was spamming to random addresses? Check this link out:
  14. One of the new features I am most excited about is the ability to attach free stock images to the post. It took me a while to find that this is buried deep in "Other Media->Insert a stock photo". There is absolutely no way I can communicate that properly to my members and you know the saying (rephrasing/butchering it probably): "If you need to explain your user interface, you have a bad user interface". For all years since 4.x is live I never ever looked and used this menu and I believe neither most of my members. Can the options be spread throughout the upload bar instead:
  15. I always did it through ACP, but I belive you can still download previous versions locally. I know I have some zips lying around post 4.0.0...
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