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  1. Trophies and Medals - Supporttopic

    It might have been discussed before, but will it be possible to integrate the awarding with the group promotion feature by IPS? I.e., instead of changing groups to award trophy instead? Or, if it is easier, the promotion conditions could be duplicated, I am mainly interested in the "Members last visited" criteria. Related to this, what happens if a user is awarded a trophy, but at some point he stops satisfying the conditions. Is the trophy removed in this case or it is permanent?
  2. 4.3: REST API Enhancements

    Related to the permissions awareness, Is there any way to get number of unread topics/replies via Rest API?
  3. 4.3: Modernizing our Gallery

    Weird, I could have sworn that my website does not retain originals... Anyway, consider adding this option as a suggestion to save even more space. At least make it a separate storage method. We could store the originals on something cheap like Amazon Glacier, but have the resized images locally.
  4. 4.3: Modernizing our Gallery

    Sorry, this part got me a bit confused. 1. Since large is just shown when the user wants to view it explicitly, is it possible to disable it? Right now I have medium at 900px, and large at 901px, simply because I cannot disable it. This is a huge space waste. Which size is used in the lightbox? 2. So there is no option to disregard originals anymore? What will happen with the rebuild of gallery from 4.2 to 4.3 if we don't have the originals?
  5. 4.3: Sign in from other sites using OAuth

    Lets see if I understand this correctly. If I setup IPS as an Oath server I can login from a wordpress site and I will get access to some Rest API endpoints, which can make me, for example, setup different access features in a wordpress based on IPS member groups? Will it be possible to clone member database, lets say, for all IPS members to have a local account in wordpress too, so that after initial setup both sites can work independantly, i.e. if my IPS community is down, the users will still be able to login in wordpress?
  6. 4.3: Express yourself with Emoji

    Is the upgrader taking care of conversion to utfbm4? Up until now I was unable to convert via the link in ACP->Support and I wonder if I will be able to do it now.
  7. Does this replace the functionality offered by the two WP bridges on the marketplace? Or lets say...mostly replaces, because they have other features like API, Group sync, user import, etc.
  8. IPBWI for WordPress v4 - IPB/WP Single Sign On Bridge

    While the initial sticker shock might scare you, those who really need a good Wordpress bridge should not hesitate. The bridge works flawlessly and makes a very complicated issue on the outside look dead simple once you install the app. In my case it made a brand new woocommerce shop have as many registrations as my ips community. Something, which I was never going to achieve starting from 0. I really cannot put a price tag on this. The other reviews also mentioned it, but I feel the need to say it too - if you have any questions, the support offered by Matthias is sensational. I can highly recommend also two of the addons - the user import and group sync. It made the syncing of the userbase between IPS and WP much quicker and with the correct groups and permissions.
  9. Points Economy

    Out of all the point systems in the market this is the only one that has integration with commerce (at the time of writing the review). All admins who want to reward their members with real benefits will appreciate this. Please keep in mind that the app offers a very solid foundation, but it is up to you to customize it via the Rules application. If you need a standalone points app, you should probably buy some of the other apps on the marketplace. They will have some turnkey options to award points to your members. But if you require full flexibility to fine tune the point system on your community this app in combination with Rules is simply without alternative.
  10. (NB42) Enhanced Tags System

    Hi @newbie LAC, I will move my question here: Mainly if there are possible compatibility issues as it seems both his and your apps hook in to the same area. For example I want to use the prefix functionality from his app and the tagging from yours. Also, what happens if the app is disabled, will the tags remain?
  11. Trophies and Medals - Supporttopic

    @The Old Man, thank you for the very informative links about the gamification. Pretty interesting stuff. I think a well build dedicated gamification app can sell very well on the marketplace, right now we are gathering the pieces together from 4-5 different apps that are mostly limited or do not always talk well to each other if at all. Anyway, thank you again for the links.
  12. Reactions Per User Group

    Suggestion, would ti be hard to make this per user, rather then per group setting? Some of my users abuse reactions, for example they use "Funny" in a sarcastic way. I want to disable this reaction to them, something like "Ban from using reaction". But creating additional user groups only for this capability is not very practical.
  13. Post sorting in topics 1.0.0

    This looks like a nice feature for my premium group users! But I don't understand the filtering option, can you elaborate on it? Also, as far as I can see this is per topic setting, not a global one, right? I can have in one forum 5 topics with reversed order and the others with default?
  14. Font awesome 5.0

    Do you have any plans to integrate Font Awesome 5.0 with the suite?
  15. Please test search

    On a side note, showing file updates in the stream is awesome. Otherwise if you don't specifically follow the file you can miss important new features and patches in resources you already purchased. I just hope it won't be abused by devs with fake updates, just to bump constantly their files in the stream. I remember it was an issue for Wordpress.