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  1. Hopefully it is not a difficult change, but I hope you can add "Feature" to saved actions as well. Right now we have only pin/unpin, hide/unhide and lock/unlock. Even if you don't find it useful, I am sure the OCD inside of you is triggered by the missing Feanture/Unfeature :) "Add message" will also be useful there, but I am not trying to push my luck :)
  2. I am not sure I understand your question, sorry. My idea is if I have ForumA, ForumB, ForumC in each of them to have different widgets with different topics, coming from the relevant forum. So ForumA will have a sidebar topics widget containing TopicAA, TopicAB, TopicAC. ForumB will have sidebar topics widget with TopicBA, TopicBB, TopicBC and so on. Basically to use the widget for a replacement of pinned topics.
  3. Would it be possible implement the widget on a per forum basis? So that different topics can be chosen in each subforum.
  4. I would humbly suggest to reconsider this default for the search engine here. There is no one size fits all solution, obviously, but I think nowadays most people assume AND by default instead of OR. Google also does by AND by default and it is the search that the majority of population are using.
  5. By the way, @Matt. The search engine here has been quite a disaster lately. I meant to collect some examples, but you can start with a very simple one: Search by: search work (no quotes, no AND between them). Naturally, this topic is is the first 3 results - fair enough. However, the quality of the search results drastically declines after that. It seems that it shows results from either "search" or "work", but not both. Fair enough, repeat the same search with: search AND work , now it seems the most prominent found word is "and", which I believe should be ignored. For example this comes as a number 2 result: There is no "work" anywhere in this topic.
  6. Sadly, I think this is a pattern with Makoto. He has periods where he is very active, extremely helpful in all topics and when he is active it is obvious he is one of the most knowledgeable people about the IPS platform and server management. Sadly, these periods of activity are followed by total disappearance, which noone knows how long is it going to take. I am sure if he has the time he can make the app first class, but in the current state I wouldn't recommend buying it.
  7. I want to +1 that. There has been a delay with notifications with the IPS site for quite a while, now its getting worse. On my own community there are no such issue.
  8. So I am casually playing Candy Crush Soda Saga, procrastinating the migration of my community and what do I see as my next random challengers in a race: @bfarber, I vaguely remember you had similar profile pic here sometime ago. Is that correct? 🙂
  9. OK, Then a future suggestion to be able to remove bookmarks from the bookmarks panel as well :)
  10. It seems that members cannot delete bookmarks. Is this intentional?
  11. Interesting... Not the article itself, too much tinfoilhat-y for my liking, but more and more business and people are realizing that FB takes more then it gives back.
  12. @Lindy - maybe you can sent an extra email when the expiration time is approaching, one explicitly reminding to download what you have currently access to. Similar complaints have been occurring forever and while your explanation is logical, it doesn't really help as it is post-factum.
  13. Kind bump as my users also started to immediately revolt once I upgraded to 4.4.4.
  14. So glad to hear that. I am limping since the rules app has been killed, keep my fingers crossed for something similar provided by IPS or at least to make it easier for external devs. As far as I know they still can't handle properly events caused by reactions and this can be huge.
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