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  1. 4.2.6 - Is Redis now the better option?

    Well noone dares to post even a basic practical information, so I figured I might start. I have 0 experience with redis, so it is a bit of shooting in the dark, no guidelines by all means, I just hope that by posting some numbers I will provoke other, more knowledgeable people to share. My community is around 300k posts, 8k members and about 100-150 people online. It is running on 4core/6GB RAM vps with plenty of resources left. Redis has been running for a few hours. I made these settings: maxmemory 200mb maxmemory-policy allkeys-lru maxmemory-samples 10 All seems fine now, in fact memory consumption is close to 20mb, so I guess not that much is needed overall. The hits/miss stats look fine to me for a cache started from scratch: keyspace_hits:616880 keyspace_misses:6731 I wonder if the fact that worst run took 61x longer should worry me. redis-cli --intrinsic-latency 10 Max latency so far: 4 microseconds. Max latency so far: 7 microseconds. Max latency so far: 35 microseconds. Max latency so far: 36 microseconds. Max latency so far: 47 microseconds. Max latency so far: 51 microseconds. Max latency so far: 68 microseconds. Max latency so far: 72 microseconds. Max latency so far: 114 microseconds. Max latency so far: 118 microseconds. Max latency so far: 136 microseconds. Max latency so far: 197 microseconds. 3091951 total runs (avg latency: 3.2342 microseconds / 3234.20 nanoseconds per run). Worst run took 61x longer than the average latency. Two questions that I am very much interested in finding an answer: - Does it make sense to create a master/slave replication? - Is IPS utilizing only the LRU cache functionalities or other stuff, like php sessions, can also be cached?
  2. Dismissable annoucements

    You can do the last ones with Rules app to send mass notifications or PMs. But yeah, I believe such functionality should be core, at the very least to have the option to dismiss the announcements.
  3. Please test search

    From initial impression search looks good, but I have noticed that in Activity Stream, there are repeated items. My settings are on show "Items only":
  4. 4.2.6 - Is Redis now the better option?

    Some rough guidelines to using Redis with IPS will be appreciated. Either by IPS or by some helpful admin.
  5. I believe jpegoptim has a fixed setting for compression, while those services use other algorithms - they check when the image quality starts to degrade above the visual threshold and then stop. One image can be barely processed, while another is reduced heavily. Don't think jpegoptim works this way.
  6. I also suggested integrating with similar services (the api of tinypng is kinda expensive), hopefully either IPS or third party developer will listen.
  7. Eager for more of IPS!

    And what was the result of this discussion? You don't think you will get away this easy, don't you?
  8. Is there an issue with the support workload lately? I have a ticket opened for 8 days without a reply, only thing that changed is that it moved to Tier II support. My previous tickets were also delayed (not as much though) which is unusual.
  9. During the week reply within 24h is normal, more in the weekend. Although in the last few weeks replies have been slower, I am waiting for a reply since Monday, but I saw that my ticket is escalated to Tier II, so there is some movement there.
  10. Meganecrobump! When multiple choice is selected, then the percentage calculation should be as part of number of voters, not number of votes. So if you have one question with 2 options and all voters vote for both of them, then the results should be 100% for each option, not 50%. Actually, it sounds like a bug to me, but it is likely to disregarded if I submit it as it seems like the workload of the support is higher then usual at the moment.
  11. IPS 4.2 observations

    Sorry to bother you again @Lindy, but this comment really bugs me. There is another aspect I haven't touched - the loyalty programs. Pretty much all airline, hotel chain, rental car company, bank and credit card have some kind of loyalty scheme where you collect points which you can exchange for tangible and intangible goods. You also have it in Best Buy: Macy's: Starbucks: and many, many more. If you believe developer resources are better spent elsewhere, that's fair. But virtual currencies are not niche, both in e-commerce and retail.
  12. IPS 4.2 observations

    Thats the system we are talking about. It provides some integration with commerce, but it is barely viable (not Kevin's fault as far as I know, he said that even the current integration is a small miracle). For example, you can't list the prices in points, you can't have points only store and you cant show the amount of points that are going to be deducted before checkout.
  13. IPS 4.2 observations

    Fair enough. But I can argue whether this is rather niche. Point systems have been around since forever as an option to improve dedication and reward members for their contributions. But what can you do if you collect zillion points? Almost nothing, you get the warm feeling that you are on top of some leaderboard and thats it. At the same time we have Commerce, whose integration with downloads can provide excellent options to exchange those points for something valuable - it might be digital download or physical product, you name it. But no, you can't do it. We have the various point/awards systems, which are very good at providing the members with virtual points, we have commerce which is very good at providing products, but it is impossible to link them together. If I am the only one that can see the enormous potential of such integration (much bigger potential then reputation and the leaderboard), so be it. If the ability to reward your good members with something meaningful is niche, I have nothing to add. Obviously my suggestion is not applicable for paypal, stripe, 2checkout, etc. The solution here is that if I disable the address field, then commerce will disable these payment gateways. Problem solved - no chargebacks, no support work for you and integrity of the software is not compromised as this way we won't be able to use the popular gateways. You already do that, if I add a currency, which Paypal does not support, it is not available as a payment gateway. Please consider doing the same for when we ignore the address field. You argue that again this is very niche, but in-store pick up is very popular in USA as well, while cash on delivery is most popular in many countries and I am not speaking about third world. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cash_on_delivery Thanks for the offer, I will probably post another topic, I don't think you will be able to give me useful suggestions considering my store is not in English and there are various workarounds I had to implement to get around the restrictions we are discussing here. But really appreciate it.
  14. IPS 4.2 observations

    Hi @Lindy, Thank you for taking more involved interest in this. I fully agree that often the best solutions are the simplest ones. Speaking of which, in your post there are about 10 mentions of invoices. I do have a fair experience as a user with e-commerce and saas services, but I cannot think of another place where there are expiring invoices, renewing invoices, etc. You simply add a product to a cart or subscribe to monthly services and thats it. I cannot think of another e-commerce (being for physical or digital products) where I had to deal with invoices as a customer. Invoice in my mind is something for the accountant, not for me I suppose pretty much the same process goes everywhere, but for some reason with other e-commerce platforms it is transparent for me. So to summarize - if we want the thing as simple as possible, there is something to be done for the renewing, expiring and overly confusing invoices and transactions. I do want to repeat two additional suggestions that are very much in tone with your keep it simple principle: 1. Give us the ability to use made up currencies. You think that by limiting us to real currency you make it simple for us, but it is quite the opposite, many points systems on the marketplace cannot integrate well with commerce, because of this restriction. 2. Give us the ability to customize shipping options for physical products (custom fields are excellent for that) without asking specifically for customer address. I know that again you want to make it simple for us to not forget where to deliver the product (DUH!), but again - there are valid use cases where you can ship physical product without the need to know the customer's home address. Many of the users are reluctant to add their home address in an online community and in result they don't buy the product. It is annoying, especially when you can order the thing to be delivered at your local post office, incredibly simple and easy for both user and admin and it keeps the privacy of the user intact. It is true that the same people have no problems sharing their home address with amazon and even some no name stores. But the thing is, they don't participate in discussions there, they don't have an online persona visible for others, online persona that many of them want to keep separate from the physical one. This makes them very reluctant to share physical address on an online community, even if it is in private with the admin only. To summarize - users home address should be asked as an absolutely last resort and should not be slapped to every physical purchase out of supposed convenience. In my community I do have repeated requests by people asking how to buy stuff from the shop. And these are people that are usually very proficient at booking airline tickets, hotels, rentalcars, etc. - process that is usually much more involved then buying a t-shirt. If such kind of people cannot figure out how to use Commerce it says quite a lot about your trying to keep things simple approach.
  15. Gallery Improvements

    Frequently raised concern, it is definitely not your dim members You need this: It is beyond me why third party mod is needed to fix such an obvious shortcoming.