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  1. Don't count on your members to understand what is best for them in the long run. If this was possible, Facebook wouldn't exist today with all the Cambridge Analytica stuff. Hell, even Ashley Madison is still around. For your users tapatalk is convenient and they won't care that they are stealing content, revenue and are a major security risk to the forum. Ultimately, the damage tapatalk does to the community is much larger than the convenience gained by individual members. But as I said, this will be difficult/impossible to explain, so in the end you will have to put your foot down. You will p
  2. I have AT&P and going 4.5 I will definitely have to convert. What is the recommended way to do it: Install radical tags on 4.4, convert there, then upgrade to 4.5 or upgrade to 4.5, install radical tags and convert after that Is one better than the other?
  3. Does it work only for files, not possible for subscriptions and regular products?
  4. Are you sure the emails were targetting members of your board or it was spamming to random addresses? Check this link out:
  5. One of the new features I am most excited about is the ability to attach free stock images to the post. It took me a while to find that this is buried deep in "Other Media->Insert a stock photo". There is absolutely no way I can communicate that properly to my members and you know the saying (rephrasing/butchering it probably): "If you need to explain your user interface, you have a bad user interface". For all years since 4.x is live I never ever looked and used this menu and I believe neither most of my members. Can the options be spread throughout the upload bar instead:
  6. I always did it through ACP, but I belive you can still download previous versions locally. I know I have some zips lying around post 4.0.0...
  7. Well that means that without an active license you cant re-install your site if something happens...
  8. Is it going to require an active license?
  9. Yeap, it was Commerce related. I had booking.com in one of the descriptions of a premium subscriptions I sell. I removed it from there, the search was fixed after that. Sorry for wasting your time.
  10. Hm, it actually points to something related to Commerce... #0 ./mysite.com/public/applications/nexus/sources/Package/Package.php(531): IPS\nexus\_Package::priceFromData(12, Array, NULL, Object(IPS\nexus\Customer), 'BGN', false, false, false) #1 ./mysite.com/public/applications/nexus/sources/Package/Item.php(504): IPS\nexus\_Package::lowestPriceFromData(Object(IPS\nexus\Customer), 'BGN', 12, Array, NULL, Array, -1, NULL, false, NULL) #2 ./mysite.com/public/system/Content/Content.php(1616): IPS\nexus\Package\_Item::searchResultSnippet(Array, Array, Array, NULL, Array, NULL, 'expanded'
  11. I have one regexp configured on my community, it rewrites the links of booking.com. It looks like this: However when I try to search by booking.com in the search engine I receive the following: Is it possible that this app interferes with that? I tried disabling the regex, but the problem persisted. I suppose the search index needs to be regenerated to test that, which will take a while. If you have some reg ex defined on your test/dev board maybe try to search by domain to try to replicate the problem 🙂
  12. Featured topics should be the ones you want to focus some attention at. Yet, currently they are only highlighted briefly in topic list with a small icon and only if you create a dedicated feed for them. I use both of these in my community and the results are underwhelming. I want featured topics to be more prominent. It would be much more eye catching and attention grabbing if we can highlight the background of such topics in activity stream or maybe in topic list as well. Something like this (click on the link, attaching images is currently buggy):
  13. Kinda new to the entire Discord thing. Can anyone share what would be the use case for multiple magic invites? In my mind you either give access to them to certain member group or you don't. Why do we need multiple ones?
  14. Their history is quite shady. You can find most of their misgivings discussed on theadminzone.com - put a search for tapatalk there. I am not keeping up with them lately, but before that they did all these things you mention (forcing ads, presenting your content as theirs, overridding your registration so users join them instead of you) and quite a bit more.
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