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  1. Seriously 😕 Custom member titles are part of the profile identify, please make sure there is an option we can preserve them somehow. I guess the query to copy them from member title to profile field shouldn't be overly complicated, can someone from the expirienced devs advise on that?
  2. - I also want to second the question for manual achievements - Is it possible that multiple points currencies are implemented? - we can have different counts for gallery, forums, etc.
  3. Going a step further, the invoice pdf can be sent as attachment via email, this is becoming a standard as it can be easily forwarded to the relevant department or event automated:
  4. Any idea how many of those are spam and how many legit accounts though?
  5. Any option to bulk send push or it is only tied to notifications?
  6. The writing has been on the wall for quite a while, so nothing surprising here. IPS could have definitely handled this more gracefully, but it is what it is. What I find disappointing are two main things: - The cloud pricing is extremely crude, based only on online users, which in itself is poorly defined metric. Can we block bad bots in the cloud? can we reduce the crawling rate for the good bots? Why no more flexible options instead of one monthly peak bumping your pricing for the entire month? Ability to stop the community instead of going automatically on a higher plan? Why not being able to remove apps to lower pricing instead of getting full package even for users who do not need it? And so on... - The performance of IPS community here is definitely nothing to write home about. My self hosted community feels snappier, even if I am using heavier theme, more apps and I am not super optimized and speed obsessed either. As an advertising for improved cloud performance, this community here does not do very good job. Right now it sounds like "Pay more to get less". Maybe IPS and @Jordan Invision can initiate a broader discussion regarding the cloud, so we do not hijack the Zapier thread.
  7. Might be slight off-topic, but what is the difference between Cloud and Enterprise customers? Is it possible to be an Enterprise customer and still be self hosted and not in the cloud?
  8. Just check the popularity on the point systems. There are a few on the marketplace (you hardly see any competition with multiple mods with the same purpose) and the one linked above has close to 300 purchases (very high for a paid addon) and its price tag is not insignificant. Seriously, you can hardly expect more definite proof on "generated enough interest". Now, if you are looking for a way to politely deny the request for the time being as the priorities are different, thats fine. But there is enough interest and it is proven, IPS don't need to wait for that.
  9. As you are English native it is understandable to have these questions, probably the reason IPS decided to "simplify" it by merging everything together. But for all users with translated communities the effect on this is huge. The main reasons are: 1. Much less effort in translating. Translating the software takes a lot of time and is mindbogglingly boring. Like really. Trust me. As most communities have only 1 or 2 people with ACP access and usually technically apt people have also reasonable English, it is not necessary to have the English in the backend as well. So reason number 1 - having the strings separate saves you a lot from translating strings that no end user will ever see. 2. Not sure how it is for other languages, but for mine, it is much easier to communicate technical terms in English. Sure, we do have localization on windows, android, all major pieces of software, but it is much easier for me to keep it in English as I have learned what this button does and what this label actually means in English. This brings two benefits: - first I know what IPS is talking about when they say for example "Admin control panel notifications are improved", if I have "admin control panel" and "notifications" in my language, it is more difficult for me to realize what they are saying. - I can easily communicate back to them using the same terms. If I have ACP translated, I will have to translate back when asking for support and the back translation won't always be accurate. For example "notifications" can be translated in my language and when I translate it back it might be "news" or something like that. If I raise a support ticket "My news are not working", you can see there will be tons of confusion and my example is extremely simple. Really, even with simple and mundane buttons like copy/paste/cancel, you might have issues once they are localized. Even if I had a free professional ACP translation provided to me for free, I would still prefer to keep it in English. Hope this clarifies it.
  10. The tool won't help much. Basically, yeah, you need to translate all if you want to be thorough. If you invest a little bit time in it sooner or later you will get a "feel" which strings are from frontend and which from the backend. For example all _menu_ strings are part of the ACP menu. With 4.0 IPS introduced a lot of changes to the translation tools, but most of them have been visual gimmicks with little practical usefulness (like the mentioned "View key words"). And they removed the separation of Admin CP/Frontend language strings. So one step forward, ten steps back. The ability to pluralize is the only amazing change I like.
  11. @Matt, do you have any deadline for the applications? Also, can you clarify what is meant by "part-time", is it strictly 4h per day or it can be 2h today, 10h tomorrow, etc? Vacation days, perks, etc. would also be appreciated to not waste both our and your time.
  12. Cool and creative app. Can you please share some screenshots from the admin panel/configuration screen as well?
  13. jair101

    Radical Tags

    @Makoto, I am currently using AT&P and I want to upgrade to Radical Tags. As discussed previously with you, it is better to install Radical Tags on 4.4. migrate and upgrade to 4.5 after that. All good, however, I cannot download the 4.4 compatible version now. Please advise how to proceed.
  14. jair101


    Would it be easy to migrate from Trophies & Medals or I need to recreate all the medals manually?
  15. Will there be any performance issues if we enable the random setting on a topic with thousands of images?
  16. Just keep your fingers crossed that one of the enterprise customers will request this, thats the way to get this implemented. A bit tongue in cheek, but lately I believe this is the main driver of IPS roadmap.
  17. jair101

    Radical Tags

    Thanks. Its a test board that I migrated from AT&P after upgrade to 4.5, which as advised above is probably not ideal. I will let you know if I face the same issues once I upgrade prod.
  18. @Fosters, I would also like to request access to the 4.5 version. Thanks.
  19. jair101

    Radical Tags

    Not sure if discussed above, but I am getting this error shown instead of one of my forum categories: [[Template forums/front/index/forumRow is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] With radical tags disabled there are no problems. Also, with AT&P one of the features was the ability to click on prefix and show all topics that are using this prefix. Is this available or there is another issue on my test install'?
  20. I assume it has to do with a question asked during the upgrade. Followers and followed content takes a lot of db space, so the question was whether you want to prune some of the data based on IPS defaults or you want to set the settings yourself. I assume you clicked through to do it the IPS way. If it is any consolation, the removed followers were probably inactive for very long on your board.
  21. jair101

    Radical Tags

    I have AT&P and going 4.5 I will definitely have to convert. What is the recommended way to do it: Install radical tags on 4.4, convert there, then upgrade to 4.5 or upgrade to 4.5, install radical tags and convert after that Is one better than the other?
  22. Does it work only for files, not possible for subscriptions and regular products?
  23. One of the new features I am most excited about is the ability to attach free stock images to the post. It took me a while to find that this is buried deep in "Other Media->Insert a stock photo". There is absolutely no way I can communicate that properly to my members and you know the saying (rephrasing/butchering it probably): "If you need to explain your user interface, you have a bad user interface". For all years since 4.x is live I never ever looked and used this menu and I believe neither most of my members. Can the options be spread throughout the upload bar instead:
  24. I always did it through ACP, but I belive you can still download previous versions locally. I know I have some zips lying around post 4.0.0...
  25. Well that means that without an active license you cant re-install your site if something happens...
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