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  1. That's a good idea. I have plenty of legacy blocks hanging around which I'm *fairly* sure aren't used anywhere, but don't want to delete just in case...
  2. I see what you're saying, and it might not always be ideal - but if they're just queued up for approval rather than published, there's scope for editing. And it's also about what people expect - if you specifically market it as 'here's our best posts, don't forget to check out the full discussion', for example, people know what they're getting. At least with my site, I think if I could get the most popular posts in front of people's noses, it'd be valuable. The occasional false positive when everyone upvotes a two word inside joke won't do much harm, and can be removed later or caught during an approval process. There's scope for bad actors to, eg, spam reputation to get their posts onto the social media feeds, but again, it's not necessarily the end of the world. No need to let the perfect be the enemy of the "really useful, and we could have had it years ago."
  3. While people are paying attention, can I point you towards this seminal 2017 post suggesting the use of reputation information to automate / semi-automate social media promotion. Take either the X top posts, or all posts with X+ reputation, and push those to social media, or load them up for promotion to await an admin edit / approval / rejection. In one fell swoop, you've automated getting the best of your site out into the wild.
  4. Excellent. I'm just going to keep going and we'll see how fast you can keep up. Next point: "Under first post" is not the ideal position, for the topic summary or ads, or anything. Regular member traffic is much more likely to be heading for a #comment-xxxx anchor tag and will skip right past the first post. If I remember correctly anything after the # in a url isn't available to the server, but if you could work round that and have that content appear *where the user is actually looking* it's a lot more likely to be seen.
  5. I like the new topic summary boxes, but have a few thoughts... "TOP POSTERS IN THIS TOPIC" - it's more likely people will want to read the posts, than the posters' profiles. If there's any way to bring together the posts someone has made (perhaps by minimising other posts?) that would be good, otherwise I'd have that link to the person's first / highest rated post in that topic. The "POPULAR POSTS" bit - I'm not sure how intuitive clicking on the date is. I'd make the post text snippet clickable (and perhaps that whole div, with the userphoto / name also going to the post, although I realise this would be inconsistent with behaviour elsewhere. POSTED IMAGES - I like this, but there's no way to get from the images to the associated post. I think there should be.
  6. The 'popular posts' bit in the new topic summaries are a step in the right direction. But there's so much more that could be done.
  7. I'm flogging a dead horse here, but... I still can't filter a post block by number of reactions.
  8. I'm keen to see Zapier available, but I'd imagine it's a pricing thing, as it isn't free at anything but the most basic level. This also makes me wary of using it - if IPB and Zapier can't agree on pricing at some point in the future, what happens to your automation?
  9. I actually came looking for it on a per-forum basis - I'd like to keep controversial or contentious topics in a separate forum, where users can only make one or two posts per day. In case you don't know, there is a per-usergroup daily post limit - not quite a flood control, as you could use up your quota all in a few minutes. But it'd help a bit, I'd imagine.
  10. Just to say, I'd *love* to see this based not on days, but on posts.
  11. As far as the software goes, this is one of my main concerns currently. Regardless of how genuinely important it is, the fact is that we're mostly getting traffic from Google, Google judges sites by speed, and when I go into Google's Webmaster Tools, I see thousands of pages it regards as too slow.
  12. I like this, but having it appear under the first post when not in the sidebar seems a mistake. Fine for a new topic, but once you're past the first page, it's going to get overlooked pretty quickly. I'd say bottom of page, or under the 'target' post - ie, the post that a 'read new' link takes you to. Put it where people will see it.
  13. I'd like to have this (and other stats) compiled into weekly emailed reports.
  14. The reactions info is woefully underused in general. I've been banging on about this for some time.
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