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  1. I'm not sure we'll get anything different (except perhaps clearer language) without a significant reworking of how notifications work.
  2. Sounds like it's not so much 'unintended behaviour' as 'the only way to do things right now', but they're taking another look.
  3. It could be an oddity in my database, although... if both methods are the same... Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.
  4. Caution! The 'stop emails' options for members who aren't logged-in actually removes ALL notifications, including on-site. This caught me by surprise and I now have hundreds of topics I want on-site notifications for, which have been set to 'no notifications'. I've got a ticket in to see if this is intended behaviour.
  5. Ultimately I think we might want a log-in / register box there. We're going to see people with accounts using it incorrectly otherwise.
  6. Appreciated, but I'm not keen on third party add-ons, and would hope to avoid where a disappeared dev could cause major issues. In this case I'd likely just have a wide range of subscription prices.
  7. I don't have the commerce app, but from searching it looks like it's not currently possible to allow users to pay what they want for subscriptions. I think this'd be a nice addition. If you're running a fairly standard avatar / pm space / private forum deal to raise funds for your community, it'd be helpful to let folk who think it's worth a dollar pay a dollar, and those who think it's worth ten dollars pay ten dollars
  8. And combine that with like information. Imagine a single block containing all the posts, comments, review replies, etc, that have got over X likes.
  9. I was going to post a new topic about this, but figured I'd bump this. Here's what I wrote: Genuinely disappointed in the lack of engagement on this. If it's a dumb idea that has been rightfully ignored for 3.5 years, say so and I'll be quiet about it. If I've missed some new option in 4.4, I'll put my hands up and apologise. Edit: AND imagine how powerful this would be with social media promotion. Automatically (or automatically queue for admin approval) post to Twitter any post that gets X likes. The site would run itself!
  10. I choose to believe it's because they'll be doing this themselves now I've suggested it 😀
  11. That makes sense (and while I have you here, does this also fix the bug with club content showing in those blocks? I have a ticket open on that). However I think admin staff should have the option to see those posts, perhaps in the ModCP alongside hidden content. There could be useful content I want to approve even if it gets credited to 'guest', or I might spot an easily bannable spammer, stuff like that. And... it's my site, I like to be able to see what's going on.
  12. 1) how do you know? aren't these hidden until the user validates? 2) Does it make a difference to usual? It's the same captcha (do you have one?) and email validation process as before, just a bit more streamlined.
  13. I'm not a fan of recommending paid plugins for stuff that should be native, but I've got this installed and it works
  14. 1) I like it. 2) They end up doing the captcha on the post page, and the fill in your details page. That seems rude. 3) Would be helpful if language could be changed on the validation and details page: "Click the button below to validate your account and display your pending posts. " or similar 4) Eventually I think we should be collecting all details on the post page. You're already getting email address, you just need a username and password. Or even automatically generate those and send out an email with details? 5) Are there stats for us on how often this feature is being used? Can we see 'pending' posts anywhere? I'd like to keep an eye on them - if there's something really valuable, I might chase up a feckless register, for example.
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