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Posting flood control delay

R. Seoul

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This is currently a global setting, but I would like to see it as a group setting. I want to have different member groups (New Members, Junior Members, Full Members) with high delay for New Members and low delay for Full Members. The only thing I can do is enable/disable it completely for groups, which isn't suitable.

We have a busy forum with thousands of new posts per day, and unfortunately the nature of our content is such that we attract a lot of idiots. This setting would help us a lot. We implemented it ourselves on IPB 1.3, but lost it during the upgrade to IPS3.

I imagine it would be quite simple to implement as a standard feature in IPS4?

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I actually came looking for it on a per-forum basis - I'd like to keep controversial or contentious topics in a separate forum, where users can only make one or two posts per day. 

In case you don't know, there is a per-usergroup daily post limit - not quite a flood control, as you could use up your quota all in a few minutes. But it'd help a bit, I'd imagine. 

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