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Community Answers

  1. What headers are you getting in return? Have you seen this? https://invisioncommunity.com/developers/rest-api
  2. And then do the thing it warns you about at the bottom :)
  3. You would create a table for your application and include the memberID as one of the columns. Do you need to join the core_members table for any reason?
  4. Not natively, however you can look at ETL software or MySQL Workbench possibly to import values into a database table into MySQL directly. Unless you know what you're doing and exactly what the software expects, this is not advised.
  5. That's just nonsense. New host time. 🙂
  6. __ / \ /|oo \ (_| /_) _`@/_ \ _ | | \ \\ | (*) | \ )) ______ |__U__| / \// / FIDO \ _//|| _\ / (________) (_/(_|(____/
  7. What other options does that web thing give you? What are all the values in the drop down "When to run" and "Minutes"? Can you edit /etc/crontab on your server via SSH?
  8. MySQL is happy spitting out blobs all day long if provisioned correctly and in tandem with caching, even better. James, you may want to consider that these images can be put on a filesystem other than the one hosting your IPS files and served out from a subdomain or similar. To do so, It's not very well documented or as apparent as it could be in the help guides. However, it sounds like your process could generate the preview image, put it on that separate filesystem, and then insert the path into the database instead of the blob itself (if that's your preferred method). You can create a filesystem storage configuration, turn on "use custom url." Consider setting up a subdomain like preview-images.example.com, that lives on another server you maintain for serving out these images and is then cached by your CDN. What I'd suggest instead, however, is that you transition this task to use the IPS API for Downloads instead. This way you only need to grant API access to your process, the files can be stored on your filesystem, and your script doesn't need access to the web server's filesystem to do so. https://invisioncommunity.com/developers/rest-api?endpoint=downloads/files/POSTitem Are screenshots not editable though via API? What nonsense is that?
  9. We've used this configuration in the past (with vBulletin) when we had multiple front end servers and relied on the database to serve out certain images. It simplified the backup process for user generated things, and made it so we could spin up web servers easily without having to move files between multiple filesystems. We have a new approach now, yet I think if an administrator (for whatever reason) sets images to be stored in the database, it makes sense to serve them with a URL absent a query string.
  10. My read of this setting is that it will run once an hour, at :01 after the hour (12:01, 1:01, 2:01, 3:01, etc.). To have cron working correctly, it needs to run much more frequently than that. You'd need to select all the values in the list (assuming 00 - 59), or some other option in that drop down that is a shortcut for doing the same.
  11. There are two places to look: ACP > Members > Member Settings > Ban Settings What do you have in the non-registerable names tab? And: What do you have in ACP > Members > Member Settings > Profiles > Profile Settings under allowed characters in display names?
  12. I'm trying to sort out what that web interface is doing, but I don't think you have it just right. You want the job to run every minute, not just at :01 past the hour. If that "when to run" box or the "selected minutes" have an option that says "run every minute" or similar you want to select that. If not, you want to select every option in the box with the :01 selected.
  13. Cloudflare Polish is activated for your site, and your logo is being served from Cloudflare's cache. Your image is being converted into a webp file for those browsers that support webp, and the original format you used was a JPEG image. JPEG is really only good for things like photographs and is rarely an appropriate format for something like a logo. You'd want to use a transparent PNG file or similar until something svg or webp is supported natively by IPS. You have some options. You can turn off the Polish feature entirely on Cloudflare or use a page rule to make an exception for your logo. You will need to clear the cache for your image from Cloudflare though to see any changes. Documentation: https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000607372-Using-Cloudflare-Polish-to-compress-images See the headers associated with your logo image, as served from carnity.com: cf-bgj: imgq:100,h2pri cf-cache-status: HIT cf-polished: origFmt=jpeg, origSize=13060 content-disposition: inline; filename="1802184490_Carnitylogoapr2021.webp" content-length: 9220 content-type: image/webp
  14. I think it may be your jpg quality settings. What happens if you upload in png format? Never mind. I see that you're using Cloudflare. You'll need to check your settings there.
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