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  1. I am also getting a paypal error trying to renew a plugin.
  2. Well, no need updating forums. No one uses those. Calendar is where it's at. Have you tried redownloading the full suite from your Client Area and uploading again?
  3. It's your community, and you know it best, yet I'd suggest this is a slippery slope and offers a false sense of security. How do you know that another trusted long term member won't get into a situation with another member, necessitating you to intervene between those two? Or, that this person's ISP will randomly allocate them a new address? Or that this person has a new address every few weeks through no action of their own? Perhaps the IP space they are connected from blocks a large segment of others interested in your community. I would argue that IP blocks are antiquated and should not be used via IPS software, yet in CIC, it may be your only tool available. This type of blocking should be happening at the firewall. Making spaces for more closed-knit interaction and giving members tools that empower them to be responsible for their online safety are far better directions to head. Consider using forums that are only available to long-term members, or clubs that members can decide who gets in and who does not. Give members the ability to change their display names. Link to resources that help users understand their role in being safe online.
  4. You might also consider having the member who is reporting this issue to you create a new account using a new pseudonym and retire the one that is the target of this individual. Also, consider enabling the 4.6 anonymity feature.
  5. It seems that if this is a concern for your community, you might consider registration (and being logged in) as a requirement to view content. While it's noble to want to prevent someone malicious from seeing content that another person is posting, you'll find that short of controlling who can register and who can see your content, you will not be able to achieve the level of restriction you're seeking otherwise.
  6. It would seem broken if I checked a "remember me" box that "forgot me" before I told it to. I get the ask here... perhaps "remember me for one week" or "remember me for 30 days" instead of "remember me until my cookie disappears," but what is the use case for this? Why do you need people to log in "more regularly?" Do you believe it to be more secure? Some other reason?
  7. We have had this happen in the past--accidental flagging of a long term member with tens of thousands of content items. This is an excellent suggestion. I believe we made a modification to do just this.
  8. Yes, this is one of its primary purposes. The data sent to IPS is used by other communities that have enabled the spam prevention service and have elected to use the return scores to address new account registrations.
  9. Devices instead of IP addresses would be better. I think I've seen a plugin/application that does this.
  10. You might want to log a support request to find out for certain, yet highly recommend you make it a non-issue by only conducting your migrations with copies as part of your plan to actually perform your go-live upgrade. This way, should things not go as expected, you can rest assured that your existing community is unaffected until you can resolve everything. This is how we handled our very large VB->IPS migration.
  11. To be safe, and to follow best practices, you'll want to do all of your testing with a copy of your production site, not touching your live VB5 site or using the live server in any way. Make a complete copy of your VB5 installation (database and files) and do your test migration with a copy, on a completely different server. You'll want to make sure you made a copy of your VB5 database and that the credentials used to access the copy of your VB5 database are different from your production database, just to make sure there's no way possible your tests will impact your live site. Good luck!
  12. How has the update worked on your test copy of your production site?
  13. There is insufficient limitation to prevent the viewing of details of a member and give them access within the ACP. We operate on the principle of least privilege, so knowing a member's name, e-mail address, etc. is not necessary to moderate the forums. And, there isn't the "disable for XXX days" type option we have for other actions, such as moderation, banning, etc.
  14. You definitely want to handle this externally from IPS. Look at either setting up a firewall or using a CDN in front of your install that prevents this from happening.
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