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  1. CoffeeCake's post in Inserted link re-directs to forum home, security feature ? was marked as the answer   
    The hostname of the link you posted contains an underscore. Underscores are not supposed to be used in hostnames and violate the RFCs for valid hostnames. My guess would be that CKEditor is doing something with this link.
    Posting it here as a test. Test link
  2. CoffeeCake's post in Can Mods/Admins Create Inbox Folders to Sort PMs? was marked as the answer   
    You can create a new folder by clicking on the "Inbox" label and then the "add folder" option. I don't think this is configurable per usergroup--anyone with PM access can do this.

  3. CoffeeCake's post in Google Analytics Code and Pageviews problem was marked as the answer   
    Select "Google Analytics" in the section in which you provided a screen shot, and insert the tracking code (beginning with UA-XXXXXXXX). Don't touch anything else on that page. If you do that, Google Analytics will work exactly as you expect regardless of your theme settings.
    If you are using Google Analytics 4 (formerly App+ Web), this will not work. IPS does not support that natively in 4.5 as of today.
    If you want to include scripts for other services in addition to Google Analytics, or that are not Google Analytics or Matomo, you will need to create a custom plugin that does so or edit your templates as those providers instruct you to do.
    If you do anything other than the above (i.e. choose the Other box), and don't know what you're doing, you're going to end up with unexpected results, as you are currently seeing.
  4. CoffeeCake's post in Is it possible to change the Invoice Number used in Nexus? was marked as the answer   
    This is probably an incrementing ID, controlled by MySQL.
    If so, you can run the following operation on whatever the invoice table is:
    ALTER TABLE wherever_invoices_live AUTO_INCREMENT = 999999; Where 999999 is the number you'd like to start from.
    Backup everything first. Then back it up again. Just in case.
  5. CoffeeCake's post in "Server time may be inaccurate" warning in ACP was marked as the answer   
    This means that the actual clock on your server appears to have drifted (in other words, it's 5:01 pm UTC right now, but your server's clock may be set to 5:45 pm or 4:30 pm, etc.). Make sure you are running something like NTP on your server.
    This message is not regarding your timezone.
  6. CoffeeCake's post in How to change admin template files? was marked as the answer   
    It is not possible to override the template in the Admin CP as of 4.5. Instead, you'd need to explore making changes via plugin or application instead.
  7. CoffeeCake's post in Custom conversion from mysql database to IPB database was marked as the answer   
    Well, it is possible to move data from one data source to the IPS MySQL database as the final destination. Whether or not the IPS Pages database feature has the necessary featureset to support whatever it is you're converting remains to be seen.
    You can create a custom conversion, or use an ETL tool independent from IPS to move the data from one place to another, as is appropriate, and make any transformations that might be necessary.
  8. CoffeeCake's post in Thousands separator are missing since 4.5 was marked as the answer   
    Adjust the locale. See:
  9. CoffeeCake's post in When does the column on the right show up? was marked as the answer   
    This is configured in ACP > Forums > Settings under Topic Summary Settings. Configuration options are the number of pages in a thread (or always show), and whether or not it's a mobile or desktop viewport size.
  10. CoffeeCake's post in Send and Receive Emails to my Google Chrome account was marked as the answer   
    Hi Bob,
    I think you're asking how to forward mail sent to bob@home2000.com to a Gmail account (just for illustrative purposes, I'll pretend your Gmail address is bobsnow@gmail.com).
    In order to do this, you'll need to first determine what your MX (mail exchange) DNS records are set to. Looking at your domain records, it appears that your domain is currently set to use SiteGround as your mail provider. You'll need to work with them to set a forwarding address that will take received e-mail and forward it to your Gmail account.
    Alternatively, if SiteGround provides you a way to access e-mail via POP3 or IMAP, you may be able to connect to your SiteGround account via Gmail's built in email checker. For instructions on how to set that up, see: https://support.google.com/mail/answer/21289?hl=en
    All of this would happen outside of the context of your IPB installation. Your best bet is to reach out to SiteGround for assistance on accessing your mail via IMAP or POP3. You can then use those instructions to set up your Gmail account per the link above.
  11. CoffeeCake's post in Migration from VB 4 - redirect existing blogs and articles was marked as the answer   
    Just adding an (completely untested, good luck, YMMV) nginx and apache example to get you going.
    RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} b=([0-9]+) [NC] RewriteRule ^/blog/entry.php$ /entries/%1? [R=301,L] Nginx:
    if ($request_uri ~ ^/blog/entry\.php\?b=([0-9]+)) { return 301 /entries/$1; }  
  12. CoffeeCake's post in How remap convertion id's (Xenforo 2 to IPS transfer) was marked as the answer   
    I assume you're talking about making sure that URLs in your Xenforo install will end up redirecting to the correct place in IPS. For example, https://example.com/community/threads/how-to-remap-conversion-ids-xenforo-2-to-ips-transfer.123456/. In this case, XF thread ID 123456 will redirect to wherever the thread ended up after your conversion. It might be something completely different like example.com/forums/topic/345678-how-to-remap-conversion-ids-xenforo-2-to-ips-transfer/.
    This is handled by the conversion scripts that will be a part of your install, even after the conversion is complete. The logic is hardcoded and not handled by the furl system. See /applications/convert/sources/Software/Forums/Xenforo.php and look for the checkRedirects() method to see how forum URLs are handled. There are similar methods in core for things like member profiles, etc.
    IPS will see the URL pattern that matches Xenforo and automatically redirect to wherever the content ended up post conversion. IDs will likely be different for everything, but as you found in those tables, a one-to-one conversion is stored to do the translations.
  13. CoffeeCake's post in Guest can see clubs members profiles was marked as the answer   
    Disable guest access in the permission settings (lock icon) in ACP > System > Applications > Core > Profiles
  14. CoffeeCake's post in Getting the edit/report button from under the three dot menu was marked as the answer   
    Presumably the above link will work at some point. Again, no idea. First try. 🙂
  15. CoffeeCake's post in Broken links due to ?do=email&comment=47180, etc was marked as the answer   
    @Graeme S. you could rewrite the URL at your web server to remove the do=email bit. That's probably an artifact of the previous "e-mail this page" functionality that was found to be used by spammers and subsequently removed in an update to 4.4.x. You'd want to throw a permanent redirect in your rewrite to make sure that spiders don't see it as duplicate content.
    All that said--where are you seeing these addresses pop up? If in your error logs, it's not real humans and may be indicative of attempts to find and exploit unpatched IPS installs.
  16. CoffeeCake's post in quick way to list members who... was marked as the answer   
    I don't believe this is accessible in the ACP, yet after making backups of your backups and running this entirely at your own risk, you could use something like the following SQL query to return the results you're looking for:
    SELECT substring_index(clm.`login_classname`,'\\', -1) AS LoginMethod ,count(1) AS NumberOfMembersLinked FROM `core_login_links` cll INNER JOIN `core_login_methods` clm ON clm.`login_id` = cll.`token_login_method` WHERE cll.`token_linked` = 1 /* Only those who have successfully linked */ GROUP BY substring_index(clm.`login_classname`,'\\', -1)  
  17. CoffeeCake's post in Creating an OAuth2 plugin for a third party application was marked as the answer   
    @bfarber: Yes, I'm doing an OAuth2 request. Ultimately, if I understand the workflow correctly, application redirects to oauth/authorize, user logs in, redirected back to application, which creates an access token (hitting oauth/token) and then application requests /api/core/me to get id/username/email, etc. for the authenticated user.
    After much debugging and injecting outputs through both IPS and the third party application, I found that the post for the token call was failing because I had defined the token URI as example.com/oauth/token instead of example.com/oauth/token/. I'm not sure if this is a peculiarity of nginx and my web server configuration with php-fpm, but when I added the trailing slash, the script would receive the post request with the expected variables. Prior to that, the script would only see the post request with no elements provided.
    Now, I'm at the point where the token is given, yet the third-party application is complaining that the id is not being sent from the call to /api/core/me which has the token in the Authentication header. Further along the chain, yet still not quite there. Working on adding debug code to IPS to see exactly what's being returned by /api/core/me.
  18. CoffeeCake's post in Login page with IPS credentials was marked as the answer   
    Have you considered OAuth? Check this guide for a bit more info and context:
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