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Jordan Miller

No-code automation with Zapier

Invision Community customers can create automated workflows between Invision Community and over 3,000 other apps including Google Documents, MailChimp, Facebook and Twitter with just a few clicks.

If you haven’t integrated your Invision Community with Zapier yet, you’re leaving organic growth on the table!


It’s been a wild year, so we’d like to refresh your memory regarding the very powerful Invision and Zapier marriage (hey, remember when weddings were a thing?). 

Zapier is a service that allows you to connect over 3,000 web apps. 

Last year, Invision Community released the 4.5 update, and with it a beta service of Zapier integration.

Zapier is the first smart community enhancement available for Cloud and Enterprise Community customers exclusively.

It’s worth it’s weight in gold. Or, crypto? However we quantify value these days, Invision Community and Zapier together creates real value and has the potential to elevate your community (and bottom line). 

If you haven’t yet set up Zapier, you can follow our guide to creating your first ‘Zap’ with Invision Community.

As @Matt previously mentioned in our announcement post, the Invision and Zapier integration can communicate with some of the Internet’s most wide-reaching platforms, including Google Docs, Twitter, Facebook, Slack, Trello, Facebook Ads, ActiveCampaign, Zendesk, Asana, Salesforce, Hubspot, Discord, Stripe and more.

There are three key items we want to highlight:

  • Triggers
  • Actions
  • Self-integration

Triggers: Invision → Zapier


A “trigger” takes place when there’s a specified signal in your community. For instance, a member registering or a topic being posted. 

A trigger can be sent to Zapier to then run actions in other apps.

Here are a few examples:

  • When a member registers, add their email to a Mailchimp list.
  • When a moderator posts a topic in a news forum, share it on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms.
  • When a member posts something that requires moderator approval, send a message to a Slack channel for your moderators.

Actions: Zapier → Invision


An “action” is similar to a “trigger” in that there’s movement, but it happens by setting up an action in Zapier first which then tells your community to perform X action. 

Whereas a “trigger” happens by setting up an action in your Invision community first, which then tells Zapier to perform X action.

Here are some examples to wrap your mind around:

  • When you add an event in a Google Calendar, create a Calendar Event on your community.
  • When you receive an email to a feedback email address, create a topic on your community in a forum for moderators.
  • When you create a task in Trello, add a record to a Pages Database on your community.
  • When a new member registers, add them to your mailing list via MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, etc.

Self-integrated: Invision → Invision


We also included a self-integrated option that allows community owners to connect an Invision Community trigger to an Invision Community action. For example: when a member registers, create a topic in a welcome forum.

In a nutshell:

Triggers = Invision talks to → Zapier, then Zapier takes action.

Actions = Zapier talks to → Invision, then Invision takes action.

Self-integrated = Your Invision community talks to → your Invision community, then your Invision community takes action.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below! I’m here to help you transform your Invision community into an engaging and efficient world with automated systems powered by Zapier. 

Already on Zapier? What’s been your experience? Sound off and let us know what features you’ve utilized thus far and which triggers or actions you’d like to see for the future.


Recommended Comments

35 minutes ago, Telemacus2 said:

I'm unsure about the meaning of this sentence "available for Cloud and Enterprise Community customers exclusively". 

Arent the vast majority of ipb license holders non cloud or enterprise customers?  



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I'm keen to see Zapier available, but I'd imagine it's a pricing thing, as it isn't free at anything but the most basic level. This also makes me wary of using it - if IPB and Zapier can't agree on pricing at some point in the future, what happens to your automation?

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Thats a great notice and it is necesary to conectivity but is not available any update for on-premise licensing. Why we can not have this app? If this app needs more hosting resources will be a self problem and you can recomended a minum hosting settings for that. So will be our responsability to set this minimun settings to run correctly this zapier app or others future apps. All hosting providers are constantly upgrading your systems, so isn't any problem.

Edited by Optimvs
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14 hours ago, jair101 said:

Might be slight off-topic, but what is the difference between Cloud and Enterprise customers? Is it possible to be an Enterprise customer and still be self hosted and not in the cloud?

No, our Enterprise plans are only cloud-based. We do offer some custom services outside of Enterprise plans (SSO, conversions, etc.) but those would not be considered part of our Enterprise offering.

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I've been with you since the days of Ikonboard, so you I love you. However, I'm starting to grow concerned after reading that IPS have made a specific, conscious decision to start restricting features (albeit with the first) to cloud-hosted SAAS customers. It's perhaps akin the to the controversial Marketplace changes. As a multi-license customer, I'm saddened that there is a visible "It's our way, or the highway" style approach that seems to be increasing these days.

This statement feels like it could be the start of a paradigm shift, and if so, one that I'm concerned is edging gradually towards a pretty slippery slope. I'm concerned that a moment of realisation will inevitably follow such a shift, where more of the latest, long awaited or most requested features could no longer be available to self-hosted clients.

I realise with SAAS you have more or even total overall control of the environment which is good from a support perspective, and it's been stated that if you could have a do-over with today's tech, SAAS would be the way to go from the outset.

SAAS certainly has its benefits, to both sides of the provider/customer fence, don't get me wrong, but I still find the cloud-hosted IPS on offer here (which as your main showcase, it should be super slick, speedier than The Flash using a bathroom and instantly responsive), to be more sluggish and generally slower than many self-hosted sites I come across; even though I'm using a 40Mbps fibre connection (thanks rip off, overselling BT, I'm still paying for that 80Mbps Infinity 2 connection, you know... yeah, that's right, you hear me!).

And then there's this risk, it does happen...


On the way to the point where more features are restricted, how many restricted features will it take before self-hosted clients begin to feel like they are getting the light version or feel less valued. The software is expensive (aside from a couple of the recurring add-ons which a fairly priced), self-hosted clients money is of course just as good as that of SAAS clients, and after all, wasn't it the self-hosted user base that helped get IPS to where it is today? So I would ask IPS to at least consider this approach and also, if you propose removing lesser used large features from products (like Commerce) that's fine but please don't forget to reduce the price accordingly.

Thanks for listening.

Edited by The Old Man
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The writing has been on the wall for quite a while, so nothing surprising here. IPS could have definitely handled this more gracefully, but it is what it is. What I find disappointing are two main things:

- The cloud pricing is extremely crude, based only on online users, which in itself is poorly defined metric. Can we block bad bots in the cloud? can we reduce the crawling rate for the good bots? Why no more flexible options instead of one monthly peak bumping your pricing for the entire month? Ability to stop the community instead of going automatically on a higher plan? Why not being able to remove apps to lower pricing instead of getting full package even for users who do not need it? And so on...

- The performance of IPS community here is definitely nothing to write home about. My self hosted community feels snappier, even if I am using heavier theme, more apps and I am not super optimized and speed obsessed either. As an advertising for improved cloud performance, this community here does not do very good job. Right now it sounds like "Pay more to get less".

Maybe IPS and @Jordan Invision can initiate a broader discussion regarding the cloud, so we do not hijack the Zapier thread. 

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On 2/17/2021 at 3:51 PM, AlexWebsites said:

This is a bit of a slap in the face to self hosted clients. Nothing to celebrate here. 👎

AGREE.  I self host because I can tune my server for heavy use loads (as said above, not just user count) and customize our site which is MUCH MORE than just the forums.  Hosting w/ IPB would be impossible for my broader site, of which the forums is an integral part.

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Zapier is the first smart community enhancement available for Cloud and Enterprise Community customers exclusively.

Instead of just saying it's a bad course of action (which it most definitely is, don't get me wrong, but just complaining about it is pointless) I would like to ask why you guys chose to go that route. Maybe after hearing the answer to that we could agree with you, or think about a way to make it work for self hosted websites as well. 

Edited by Pavel Chernitsky
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12 minutes ago, Pavel Chernitsky said:

Instead of just saying it's a bad course of action (which it most definitely is, don't get me wrong, but just complaining about it is pointless) I would like to ask why you guys chose to go that route. Maybe after hearing the answer to that we could agree with you, or think about a way to make it work for self hosted websites as well. 


... which is funny because all I hear (from CiC people when I have to support them) is that their hosting is painfully slow and very limited. 

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17 minutes ago, Adriano Faria said:

... which is funny because all I hear (from CiC people when I have to support them) is that their hosting is painfully slow and very limited. 

This, like someone wrote in the post you linked to, sounds more like marketing than an actual reason. The point I'm getting at is that telling your customers "you won't be able to do it" in terms of implementing code/apps/tech is kind of patronizing and really a bad business decision.

We, for example, chose to go for a self hosted site because our traffic blows even the highest tier of the CiC out of the water, and it's specifically specified, as the FIRST selling point of the CiC, that this hosting plan is "Suited for personal and small business", and we're neither. maybe it should be replaced with "Suited for people who actually want to get all the features".

Sarcasm aside, I genuinely would like to know what prevents this from being offered to self-hosted clients (given, of course, said client gets/buys/registers/whatever "a zapier").

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