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  1. you should explore more than just your sites based on IPS
  2. this page looks like the Internet of 2000))) do u realy allow this gif-faeces whithout modern gif player on your site? third-party content server normally for you?
  3. Can you explain to me what will happen to my site content when GIPHY is dead? Google+ EOL next year...on a note Smiles loaded from other servers...How it will look when this servers will die or changed? I want to control all my content.
  4. 2018.... GIF Player? No way! We will take content from uncontrolled server. Well done.
  5. Simple style changes with poor settings you present like something awesome. And of course...new default covers... Good job IPS.
  6. So IPS should only make what people ask for? This is a company, not a democracy. .... I'm sure you employee... so.... Than for what they working? For money? or for customers? my English maybe wrong))
  7. And how many users ask for a reactions? And how many users ask for modern sidebar?
  8. I'm watching IPS from IconBoard))) I know this product and i am reading forums. and this product does not suit me. Cmon Adriano, u are most of who know this, marketplace is better way....)))) Its Lindy`s wrong way....
  9. IPS is behind by 2-3 years out of trends and introducing systems from which all either refused or are already using long time. I am looking all last news...Welcome to Internet IPS. Realy bored to waiting from you modern product. So many areas from Suite must be rewritten, but u not listening admins and introducing unusefull things.....incredible Sorry my English.
  10. Люди говорят "люблю тебя" разными способами:
    — "возьми мою картошку"
    — "оденься теплей"
    — "не трогай этого бомжа, он спидозный"

  11. "Sidebar" still on different sides... 1 app from right... 1 app from left...PM portal sidebar still on the left side like Downloads? Why? Have we got setting to change this? Sorry my English.
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