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  1. New: Complete Your Profile

    So IPS should only make what people ask for? This is a company, not a democracy. .... I'm sure you employee... so.... Than for what they working? For money? or for customers? my English maybe wrong))
  2. New: Complete Your Profile

    And how many users ask for a reactions? And how many users ask for modern sidebar?
  3. New: Complete Your Profile

    I'm watching IPS from IconBoard))) I know this product and i am reading forums. and this product does not suit me. Cmon Adriano, u are most of who know this, marketplace is better way....)))) Its Lindy`s wrong way....
  4. New: Complete Your Profile

    IPS is behind by 2-3 years out of trends and introducing systems from which all either refused or are already using long time. I am looking all last news...Welcome to Internet IPS. Realy bored to waiting from you modern product. So many areas from Suite must be rewritten, but u not listening admins and introducing unusefull things.....incredible Sorry my English.
  5. New: Complete Your Profile

    wrong dev way IPS...
  6. Люди говорят "люблю тебя" разными способами:
    — "возьми мою картошку"
    — "оденься теплей"
    — "не трогай этого бомжа, он спидозный"

  7. 4.0 - IP.Downloads Submission

    "Sidebar" still on different sides... 1 app from right... 1 app from left...PM portal sidebar still on the left side like Downloads? Why? Have we got setting to change this? Sorry my English.
  8. IP.Board 3.3 Dev Update: Applications & Hooks Enhancements

    Grouping hooks by app or manualy would be nice....